not sure what I watched.

I dunno man I had a song in my head same time I was trying to respond. Wires got crossed or some shit and that's what happens.

Nice post.

it went hard tho

I can't help it. Ask PROF what's up. Dude acts like he could use a place like this.

Hello sir, I'm sorry if my comment is not related to the topic of your post, I just want to get guidance from the big person in this hive community. and I see that you're a whale here, that's why I wanted to ask.

do i have to ask permission if i want to use hive logo in my coffee shop for hive promotion. this is an example of what i want to do later. use hive logo in coffee shop and also in coffee cup


IMG20220608013058 (1).jpg

You don't need to ask anyone permission. 🙂 We all are owners of Hive and are free to promote it.

glad to hear that, then I will start making coffee cups with hive logo
thanks for telling me

there is a ton of free to use logos etc. feel free to use them!

okay sir... then i will start to making a new cup coffee and banner with hive logo

I hope many will see and watch it and also have a lot of positive feedback

Initially, I thought of just leaving a short and simple comment that answered a few of your questions raised in the video. But as I progressed through the video and listened to the rest of your reflections, I realized that this post prolly deserved a more complete response and in-depth opinion. And that was exactly what I did writing an entire post.

And trying to preserve the same air of suspense and introspection that you chose as the animated background image to ambient your video during your speech. With the mist moving, the burning bonfire, the smoke, the mountains, the trees and all that. It was then that it occurred to me dropping a comment right here that potentially can answer all your unknowns through an outlandish animated image that you will have to «click on» if you really want to get the answers you are looking for. };)

¿Let's see if I've been effective?




that the coins right?

Some of the things you said in the discussion are very similar to the current market👌

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I did not know about #threespeak until @mcsamm took me through. I am excited hive have such a great video platform to share content. Thanks to you for the great work here on the hive ecosystem sir.

I'm sure you're in to do more on the blockchain. Let's join hands to transform lives in Ghana with hive. A lot of attention is generated lately on the numerous activities we're up to. The blockchain is indeed the new technology

Excellent brother hive is a family that continues to grow