Thanks so much for the mention...

And this is a really nice read.
Never knew that we could be more specific with our thoughts and emotions.
Thanks for the enlightenment.
I should be writing something related to this pretty soon.

My pleasure, glad you appreciated it. Yes, there are degrees of specificity/generality in everything, looking forward to what you write! 🙏

Thanks for the tag sir, I'll head over and read through

Hooray! 🙏

Thank you for the tag.

It's amazing how the dynamic of LOA is and how the wisdom comes to you so naturally. I'm literally in awe.

My pleasure, and I'm grateful for your kind words. Some things 'come naturally' to us, while other things 'take more practice', but all is at our fingertips if we apply ourselves, right? :) 🙏

Yeah, right.