Hive PH 3rd Year Anniversary Blogging Contest

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Yesterday, we silently celebrated our 3rd year anniversary!

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This celebration will last until March end, posting information about the community, a scavenger hunt and a special Friday game night on the discord server. Hope you'll be looking forward to the posts and pakulo of the community this week!



This will be a blogging contest about your testimonials and experiences being a HivePH community member. It doesn't matter if you're in the community for too long or too short, I'm pretty sure you can say something about being a Hive PH member, right?

How is Hive PH and how do you feel about being a member of this community?
Do you think it is important to be in the Hive PH community? Why do you think so?
What benefits do you get being a member?
Do you feel happy being in Hive PH? Do you have regrets being in Hive PH?
What did the community do that had great impact on you?
What are the things you are looking forward to being in Hive PH?
What can the community do more? What suggestions can you give to the community?
Are you willing to invite your friends to the community?
Do you think you will stay in the community for a long time?

These are just some of the questions that you can answer in your post. It's just a suggestion. You may opt not to answer the suggested questions, as long as your post contains your testimonial about being in Hive PH.


Contest Rules

The rules are pretty simple:

  1. Use the tag/s provided below.
  2. 300-word count minimum.
  3. No plagiarism.
  4. Content must be in Filipino and/or English.
  5. Share your entry as a comment in this post.
  6. You don't need to be a Filipino to join this contest. Everybody is welcome to join!

Topic tag: #GanitoKamiSaHivePH

Deadline of this contest is on April 1, 2023 12 noon PH time.

The winner will receive 10 HIVE and 5 chaos legion packs. PIZZA tokens will be distributed as consolation prizes. Anniversary kasi kaya naparami than usual yung prizes.

We want to know what you think! So don't forget to submit your entries soon!

Click on the banner to join the Hive PH discord server. Special thanks to sensiblecast for this awesome images.

Countdown terminated on Apr 1, 2023, 4:00 AM

Parang sure akong sasali ako Dito, hiveph is not just only about blogging for me..b

 last year  

Yey! Abangan ko entry mo lhes~

Happy 3rd anniversary Hive, sasali ako, pwede ko ba sagutan lahat ng suggested questions? hahaha, it's nice to be part of a community that welcomes me, di ko akalain na 3 years na pala si Hive PH sana tumagal pa at maging marami pa ang members.

 last year  

Go lang, sagutin mo na lahat, kasama na ung nanliligaw sayo kung meron man hahahaha

hahaha kung meron lang eh, de joke lng dapat ako manligaw lalake ako eh hahaha, happy anniversary senyo ate, napost kona entry ko HAHA.

 last year  

Bilis naman!! Lapag mo link ng post mo dito sa post ni hiveph 😆

Oh I'm sorry, I almost forget to drop my participation here.

Ito pala Ang aking entry for this hive ph anniversary blogging contest:

Thanks for reading.

Happy Anniversary @hiveph, continue what your doing and may you help more Filipinos in knowing more about this platform. God Bless!

 last year  

My entry ┌|o^▽^o|┘♪

The Guide Through My Journey Here on Hive

Sana all my entry agad, hahahaha

 last year  

Ohoooo, Happy 3rd Anniversary HivePH! I will surely join on this one UwU.

Happy 3rd anniversary, @hiveph! I had been inactive in the community, but I will always be thankful for this community and people behind sustaining the community in the last three years. Wishing and praying for the best!

Balik ka na @juecoree. Miss ka na ng community. 😎 !PIZZA

From time to time, I visit the community discord, but I'm still in silent mode. I will once things are sort out in my life. @juanvegetarian, good to hear from you. I hope your doing well.

Good to know that you're still here. Okay lang mag-silent mode muna. Andito lang kami. Keep safe, bro.

Sayang naman, kakapaspk ko lang kasi sa Hive and community..

Pwede mo i-blog kung paano ka naging member. How was the experience so far? At, meron ka bang expectations from the community? 😎😎😎

Oh I see, sige sige, thank you. I will try to jump in..

Great! Looking forward to it.

Happy 3rd anniversary! As always, MABUHAY!

 last year  

Happy Anniversary @hiveph community! <3

Happy Anniversary HivePh!!!🥰🥰🥰🎉🎉🎉

Happy 3rd anniversary @hiveph! God bless and more power to this beautiful community!☺️

Happy Anniversary @hiveph ♥️


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Happy 3rd Anniversary Hiveph! Cheers to more years. I'm thankful to become part of this community.

Happy third year anniversary Hive-ph.
More power and God bless.

Happy 3rd Anniversary HivePH! Dropping my link for the blogging contest:

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Hive PH. Here’s my entry for blogging contest:
Have a great day ahead, everyone. ❤️