Seneca Saying | Stoic Belief for a Sensible Life

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What's Good Hivers!


If a Man knows not which port he sails, No wind is favorable -Seneca

Here's what I know

This saying by Seneca tells about how a person can be more of himself. We live in the era where everything is in a fast pace moving world, because of technology all advancement is all in place, after the pandemic, especially in the Philippines, we saw how much people can be progressive and regressive during the worst time of the world. Creation, businesses, was created. These people are those who knows what is and what will be, In short, they know where they're going.

Everyone, has there own idea and plans to progress in life, maybe in business, in career, maybe you want to create your own podcast or youtube channel. One thing is definite, action must takes place, execution is vital. This is almost as creating something out of nothing kinda thing. From your mind and manifesting to reality through our action.

Reflection for you to take

So have you asked your self? What do you really want to do? Who you really want to be? Do you know what you really want to become? Do you have your plans plotted out? Do you know when to execute?

With this it can help you understand your self, and hopefully act on your plans. No one will tell you to act or make you act but ourselves.

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"Live the life you Love, Love the Life you Live" - Bob Marley


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