Time Flies!

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It feels like an eternity when I am waiting for something to take place. Suppose I am waiting for travel to start with, got a fixed date, and also done with the preparations. I will be finding myself in a restless situation that time isn't moving, the schedule isn't coming towards. And when it arrives it goes like a zippy, you will be like "it's gone."

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In our religion, we cherish the month of Ramadan, we keep waiting for this holy month throughout the whole year. Today I got the news of its around 2 months away from now. So the whole Muslim world will be waiting for its arrival, the days are hard to pass while counting its journey towards us. As of my checking it's approximately 72 days away. This will feel like a long time as we are expecting this holy month with great enthusiasm, it brings one of the biggest Islamic festivals.

But when it comes it goes in the blink of an eye. Trust me, those thirty days of Ramadan go too fast, and then comes our Eid, and it also vanishes. We get into the flow and don't even realize how fast everything is moving, how fast our Ramadan days are going, we are devoted to the plans around Ramadan and Eid that take away all our counting moves very fast.

You know it's 20th January, I still remember the night of January 7 and the morning of January 8. From the moment I left my mom at the hospital, it was feeling like the clock has stopped or it had gone super slow. The night wasn't very long from the other nights statistically but to me, it was like an eternity to pass. Even the moments she was in the operation theater the clock stopped again, time wasn't moving at all for us, we were restless on how things are going and someone will inform us. And look, she came back and more than 10 days have passed. Compared to those two days, these ten days have passed way faster. I can say, how time flies! Wait a minute, now I am waiting here to see like before, fit and fine, but she is taking time in this matter. If I start thinking about this my clock starts to slow down once again, it feels like the flow of time has gone into the slow-motion mood once again.

This is time, sometimes it moves way faster than our expectations and sometimes slows down than a tortoise. And we do feel sad or regret the both of them, hehe lol. We regret the happy moments that feel like gone too fast, should've lasted a bit longer. And our bad times kinda love us, it feels like it sticks to us for the lifetime, the clock of time breaks down at their arrival.

Whatever the situation, time moves on, waits for none. In one way or the other, it needs to pass. After a certain period when we would look back at a bigger picture, everything shall give us the feeling of how fast time flies.


You're right my friend. It was the same when we were waiting for Christmas to arrive. In a blink of an eye it a came and then all the celebrations came with it and then like wind in the night it just blew away.
It's nice to see that Ramadan is not too far away. I can't wait to wish my muslim friends well and wish them well during those season.

You're right, time slows down too sometimes. There was a time when I was waiting to get some money. I was broke and hopeless, then I got through to a friend who said he was going to send me something the next day. At that moment, time started to move so slow. It actually felt like time had stopped

Great post. Thanks for sharing ✅❤️

Yeah, the most waited occasions go in a zippy, hehe.
Thank you for stopping by and sharing your valuable opinion.

Of course time flies, it really waits for no whether or not we realize it. Sometimes to I find myself thinking that the time is sow when I have something important that I want to accomplish but looking at the real perspective, time runs fast just like it always has been.

It's hard to catch on to it. If done properly we will be able to bring the best out of us.

Absolutely 💯

That is one thing about life, the things we love so much, are not always enough, but if you asked me, I would tell you to take it gently and not putting too much pressure on it, so that you can get enough of the awaited day when it comes, happy Ramadan in advance, to you dear friend.

Thanks for the precious advice and the best wish.

You are welcome dear

Desperately waiting for Ramadan since December. The countdown already started. When we are desperately waiting, time seems to slow down. However, when we are in rush or are busy, time flies quite immediately.

January is almost finished and April is not very far from here. Get prepared.
Thank you for stopping by.

You're most welcome, I enjoy reading your posts.