From One Generation To Another

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I wonder sometimes, about my father and grand-father or simply about anyone from their time. Specifically the men, of my age perhaps. Usually asking to myself, how exactly did a man of my age from back then live life and view the world through their eyes? Every so often trying to visualize their lifestyles, priorities, beliefs and many more.


Now, I surely have asked my elders about their past and experiences a few times. Most of them being relatives, the usual uncles and aunts. Then of course both of my grandmothers, always hearing stories from them about my grandads. A lot of stories, quite a few tales, yet it all remained quite foggy for the majority of my life. Perhaps my questions weren't so "specific", it surely is possible. I was quite young back then, full of curiosity and always ready to shoot one question after the other. Not even realizing if I am actually capable of comprehending such answers. Hence, there surely were chances of me asking some puzzling and ambiguous questions.

Yet, at present time, I believe that I do have a slight understanding and a few answers to my very own questions. Questions that are probably a decade old, some dating back by two decades even, I guess.

As I grew older and started paying "proper" attention, I began to realize quite a few things. The answers we usually seek are somewhat all around us and are quite simple too. Thing is, these answers usually tend to be obscure because our minds are simply not ready. Our minds are not yet capable of comprehending such answers. Yet, with time and surely at the right time, we will get our answers. It's just a matter of patience and a bit of "maturing" maybe? And when it's finally the "right time", all you need to do is ask and keep on asking. Just remember to be "conscious", sentient, while keeping your ears and inner eye wide open.

Now, even though I can't pin point someone's exact lifestyle, mindset or beliefs. Because chances are that this someone was my age close to about fifty to a hundred years ago. Yet, there are some things, some answers I have found, that seem quite sufficient in my eyes. Answers that probably I myself have "mustered" up from these mere two decades of my life.

The way I see it, the previous and much older generation has spent WAY too much time worrying about "society" and what "society" has to say. Then reality, what life and the future holds along the way. Whereas the present/younger generation has deeply held on to their own methods of escape from reality and society. Usually escaping to a space which only they understand and value, a place where the past, present nor future holds any power. They tend to choose peace of mind over any DAMN thing. The current generation tends to live life quite adaptively, "YOLO" as they say. Usually choosing not to stress much about the future, yet sometimes surely dwelling in the past, like any other generation of human beings.

Yet, I would say the present matters to the current generation more than anything. They choose to live life in the present, it is usually what really matters to them. They are in no hurry, nor is life a race to them. Every single soul choosing and investing into their interests, hobbies and line of work, while setting their own pace upon everything they do. Stressing less about the past and the future, because one is long gone and the other you don't have a single clue about. In the end, this moment, the present is all they have, all they care and worry about. Whatever the future may hold, they'll try their level best to pave the way and YOLO through it all. 🖤🥀


This world is always changing its' color. People of our age may find difficult to understand the time of our parents. Our parents found it difficult to understand their parents. This is how it works. In my eyes, generation gap is vibrant. This makes the world meaningful. It always leaves us in bucket full of questions about the lives. But as you have said, when we put our attention to those questions and look around of us then we will understand the answers of our questions.

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Indeed brother 🥃