Fado for the first time

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We are on the road right now, driving from south to north of Portugal, and the scenery I see now is what you see in the cover photo. Well, we passed that exact spot, and until I finish writing this post it will probably be different... Unless I am having some superpowers to put the thoughts from my mind into written form in a few seconds.

...Miss Time saying something like tick-tock, tick-tock...

No, I don't have that ability, and already some time passed since the first photo landscape. We stopped to rest and saw some beautiful cliffs (note to myself: no spoilers!!!) and continued our trip. In the meantime, we are listening to the radio and at the moment I have taken the first photo we have been singing along with the song Sweet Dreams. More good music came (and still is coming) mainly from the time we were young(er). Also, one Portuguese song that I haven't heard before but my friend who is travelling with us now said that it's fado.

I am a musician, so maybe it's not a thing a should brag about not knowing what fado is. But it's the truth, fado is the type of music I have heard for the first time just a few days ago while having lunch in one restaurant. We were in Lisbon, having an improvised walk in the city centre. Knowing from experience that restaurants in some European countries close in the early afternoon and don't open until the evening, we searched for a place to have lunch. Google maps - option to show restaurants: several small places in one narrow street. All full of people. Just in one of them, there was one free table, the waiter brought another one as we were five peeps.


It was also the first time I had lunch in that tiny space. Believe me, very very tiny, just tables with chairs around and full of people. We found ourselves in a very friendly ambience and the super nice waiter added a few jokes while explaining to us the type of food. We ordered also a bottle of wine to accompany the traditional Portuguese fish dishes and then I paid attention to the music. It was fado. My very first encounter with this musical genre.

I felt it like music that sings about passion, maybe some pain or fate, but I don't understand the language so I might be completely wrong. These songs are accompanied by guitar and give a melancholic, sentimental feeling. For knowing more about this genre I would need to do deeper research but sometimes we don't need to know a lot of technical details. It was just the experience that had to be lived and felt.

I usually don't do this, taking photos of the food we order, but somehow the phone camera captured the food. One of these plates was mine and the other one was consumed by @ewkaw!
I almost couldn't finish the plate as it was too much, a lot of food - these were big plates. And the wine was also good, making a perfect match to this whole different and special experience that we lived that day.



Having the first contact with fado, experiencing the traditional Portuguese music and cuisine, meeting dear people... I couldn't ask for more! (I could, as it was almost meeting @blackdaisyft too, but we didn't make it this time... too busy touristic schedule is to be blamed 😉).
Anyway, if you visit one day Lisbon and want to eat cod fish or other traditional Portuguese dishes, listen to fado and have a similar experience, I can just recommend doing it without thinking it twice.

P.S. You guess, the landscape from the beginning of the post is not the same anymore. Several hours passed since I started this post, and I am not on the road anymore. This was a day full of new, different adventures!



Ohh the tiny tables :) The waiter really made it it all more fun.
I am so glad you guys enjoyed it!

We did 😇
I have never eaten so much bacalhau as during these few days 😂😂😂

I do not see any wine there....😜
Not sure would I survive small eating space, but you were more lucky with service this time.:D
According to THAT time, THERE.

You don't see the wine as it disappeared 🤣

We were indeed well served, no forgotten meals or similar... ;)

I'm so glad you found a house of Fado 😁😁😁 I knew you would love it, it's so sentimental and very cultural to us Portuguese. The feeling of saudade is always very present 😊 I did a post on Three Tune Tuesday once on my early days, sharing a bit of fado and some songs in case you wanna take a look 😆.

I couldn't ask for more! (I could, as it was almost meeting @blackdaisyft too, but we didn't make it this time... too busy touristic schedule is to be blamed 😉).

Ohhh it was bad timing for me as well, during the week always busy with work 🙈 although I'm glad it was due to good reasons and you got to visit a few beautiful places in Lisbon 😍 Soon there will be another opportunities, I'm sure!

Thank you for tagging me and for sharing your experience in my home country ❤️

Much !LUV

I am listening now to the song Ó gente da minha Terra from your post. Wow, so beautiful and I also checked the live version (more wows!!!) I have goosebumps 😌... I already want to go back to Lisbon!!! Thank you for letting me know about that post yours and those songs! 🤗

That view of those wonderful Portuguese forests brought me memories. What a sweet and reasonably priced country this is. Amazing cities too. Pity it's so far from me, I'd love to go back anytime.

I was sure you drove through Portugal too. 🏍️
There are some parts that have resemblance with Slovenia but then, in the next moment you can finish on the edge of a cliff or passing rivers like Tajo or Douro. Indeed, it's very nice and the people are friendly. A lot of tourists in Lisbon and Porto, but in these places the prices are not that cheap hehe. However, it's the experience, we live once 😉 and I hope you can get back somewhere soon 🏍️🏍️🏍️

Okay and thanks a million, it´s 11 in the morning and you have me longing for Wine Portuguese cuisine and Fado. Did you know that this lady is singing Fado in the 2nd language of the Netherlands Fries.

that album Sielesalt is awesome, but maybe just because it was my introduction to fado.

We are in Porto now and it's raining like crazy 😓 so I am longing too for that Lisbon weather we had and wine (oops, had one yesterday evening 😂) and fado restaurant. Will check out the lady you shared, thanks :))

hmmm I don't know if I should say this, but I know I've heard fado, but I'm so ashamed to say that I don't remember it, I should search on youtube again to get the vibe.
It sounds fantastic that you are in Portugal, what a great way to spend the holidays!

It was absolutely great to go to Portugal to spend the holidays, we are so glad we did this trip. Well, I didn't know what fado was either, so no worries. Now, while I am listening to it I can recall the feeling, the tunes and some songs, it is just that I didn't know it was called fado.

Gastronomy and music, both are wonderful ways to get inside and try to understand the culture of other regions, a way to live through them those sensations of the local citizen.

I'm glad that for some reason you took pictures of what you ate that day, nice memories are created this way, and in a more functional sense you give me ideas for an upcoming visit I'm planning to the Portuguese capital hahaha.

I would love to know if you remember the name of the place or some information to locate it, it would be interesting to relive that experience hahaha.

I hope it goes well the rest of the road and that you continue to enjoy the music not only from the knowledge that you should handle, but from the heart as in this opportunity.

We were lucky to taste the real cuisine and music and traditions. Well, I guess it is the thing to spend a few days in one city to get to the good places and meet the real feeling about that place. It was one of the small typical Portuguese restaurants in the centre, but you can also check this link and choose when you visit Lisbon.
We had a nice but different cuisine and music experience in Porto, but the weather turned very bad so didn't stay there for longer, just one day.

Enjoying food while listening to music seems to be very pleasant, yaa although there are only tables and chairs in a small place, at least the food does not have a small portion either🤭😅

Hahaha, no small portions :D

Wonderful experience. I have had the opportunity to play with Portuguese groups and their music is simple but very pleasant, and Fado is a beauty, there is one called "Cancion do mar" and that song is very beautiful. Extraordinary experience your trip.

Seems that it was just me who as a pianist didn't have the opportunity to play/meet fado. Thank you for the suggestion, I will check out that song. I listened to María la Portuguesa 🎶

It sounds like so much fun, delicious food, wine and fado… wonderful. Perfect combo.
Also that you could meet up with others 😉😎
Great trip further 👋🏻

We really had a great time, as you say a perfect combo. Lisbon was beautiful and so sunny for days :)
However, we arrived home today, the weather turned really bad yesterday morning in Porto, and we brought that rain with us on the road to Spain too hehe

So good to hear @mipiano 😊
I will have to visit Lisbon one day… it has been so long on my list.
Aawww sorry to hear from the bad weather. Looks like it was everywhere bad weather.
Rest up a bit. Have a wonderful evening and a great start of the new week. 👋🏻😊
Do you still have a few days off?

Yeah, when you can, visit it, it was so nice. Well, maybe we had just a lot of luck, as the weather was beautiful, for January. calm and sunny.
We left for Porto and it no more sun, just crazy rain hahaha

Do you still have a few days off?

No, I didn't have free days anymore, I started to work on Monday so a full week of work already passed ...

I will, it’s still on our list 😁
The weather is everywhere rather mild for January.
Not where I am hahaha here about 30 cm of snow ⛄️

Wow… that’s a shame, hope you still got a bit of rest to catch up.
Enjoy your evening and speak (hopefully) soon.

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Amazing view 😍

Indeed 😊

Lucky you, to be always in a trip. Never heard of that genre, perhaps it isn't on the mainstream yet.

Well, fado dates back to the beginning of the nineteenth century. I left one link in the post for those who want to take a look :)

Trip - no, not always, but we started the year with this one and we are still not at home. But I have to go back to work next week so soon this journey will have to finish.

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