CryptoFitChallenge2022: 3 Days to Go. Meet Our Trainers: Wil Metcalfe

in Actifit9 months ago

It's getting closer! 3 Days to the start of our Actifit & @Appics #CryptoFitChallenge2022 for this year!

Taking part is veryyy easy. Do it at your own time, your own leisure, but hey we want it to be fun and healthy!

Post your activity via actifit app and appics app. And be ready to grab your rewards 🤑
For full details about the contest and how to take part, check the full announcement post here:

As part of introducing our trainers, many of you still remember him from last year, he's the guy behind @beachready, @comet.ranker and many other fitness and crypto initiatives. Nonother than our coach @wil.metcalfe, professional coach and fitness trainer.

He prepared a cool intro video, check it out below

Let's goooo 🏋️‍♂️🏃💪🏃‍♀️


@wil.metcalfe I want to start jogging and running tomorrow. I pray that God will help me.


...and one more thing... shift from "I want to" to "I will"! Charge your WIL 😉 with your words and you will get unstoppable results! 🙌



You know it! I hope you join @peerfaizan1! 🙌