Qatar World Cup 2022 - SemiFinals First Game Done 🏟⚽️🥅 Second SemiFinals Tomorrow🤩🤑🏃

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Qatar World Cup 2022 - SemiFinals First Game Done 🏟⚽️🥅

We are approaching the end of Qatar world cup, and only a few competing teams are still around! 2 Matches to go!

Today marked the first game in semifinals, with Argentina playing against Croatia.
The result came not much of a surprise, with Argentina proving to be the better team today, winning 3-0.

Congrats Argentina, they will be heading to the finals. Hard luck Croatia!

Out of all the correct participants, we selected random winners, one for each match!
Congrats to: @Ahmad03220058 on twitter (@chiuzzu81)

Second SemiFinals Tomorrow🤩🤑🏃

The second and last game in Semifinals is scheduled tomorrow and features France x Morocco.

The rules are the same, guess the winner of the game(s) prior to the game start, to be eligible to win 100 AFIT! You can guess 1 or all games of the day. The more you guess correctly, the more eligible you are to win!

You can leave a comment under this post, or go and engage with the community, chat about the game and the anticipation on twitter or telegram. Just make sure to bring your guess to our attention prior to the game!!

Who are you rooting for? Looking forward to your guesses!
Let's gooo! ⚽️



Am predicting a draw, then a win for Morocco on penalties.

Morocco wins


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Maroco win