My Actifit Report Card: September 21 2023

in Actifit3 months ago

Hi to all my actifiters friends around the world, how are you doing today? I am hoping that you are all healthy and fine. Today i want to share my activity.
Same as usual in the morning routine preparing and delivering my wife and my son to school after that i am returned home and starting discipline again to do morning walk. But this time i am walking in the next neighborhood to refresh my eyes and not getting bored.

While i am walking i taking picture plant around that still blooming maybe it caused by the dry season that took long enough. Usually around this month the rain is started. But this year maybe the rain will come late due the El Nino . And today is very very hot even hought still morning.

I know sharing this picture is very bad and i am ashamed with my country and city looks but yeah honestly that is my country. Many people not realized that throw garbage in river is very bad for environment and for the future yet they are still throwing garbage in river. Although many people that living around my neighborhood is educated enough. And i confused why the government just not looking down and not doing anything with this situation. I am participating by not throwing garbage everywhere and just can teaching my son that is bad for the future. So my son did not throwing garbage except in garbage can. So maybe in the future thrash will be depleted.
And in next neighborhood they will opening new neighboor.

And i can guess the traffic will be more terrifying than now. Hopefully the developer know and thinking the resolution for making new road to adjustung the traffic.

Nothing good in next neighborhood so i dont have any picture in it. So i am just do morning walk, and i afraid they called security if i take picture in that area. The neighborhood is very strict. After returned home i am trying new colouring on my work but yet the sales still going down and it is not good. But i am cannot surrender now. I still need fight to get more sales. After doing research on my work i am pick up my son and doing lunch as usual and then accompany my son playing

Not long after that my son complaining the weather so hot so he need ice cream and yeah the weather is not friendly. It is very hot today. So i decided to mini mart near my home to buy some ice cream and i am buying coffe.

After returned home my son eating ice cream as fast as BMW in split second the ice cream is gone. And he is happy

After that i am just playing with my kid and i am continue searching in online market how to regain my sales. Still doing some research and finding opportunity until time to picking up my wife. After pick up my wife and returned home. As usual i am taking shower and playing NFT games. Eating dinner and go to sleep.thats all my activity today. Hope you enjoying it and do more activity to get more healthier.
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Daily Activity, House Chores, Photowalking, Stretching, Walking
180 cm
80 kg
Body Fat


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