Some patients visited me and reminded me how blessed I am! Alhamdulillah!!

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Let us know about some patients I consulted today in my chamber. These will remind us, who are healthy at this point, how blessed we are now!

The first patient was an Indian gentleman. He can with a painful left index finger. It was an infection. There was a collection of small amounts of pus at one side of the nail. I performed a minor procedure to clear the pus.

A 50-year-old lady came with pain in her whole abdomen. She was suffering from pain for the last 7 days. She did some blood and urine investigations elsewhere. According to her, the reports were normal (they didn't bring those reports). The medications prescribed from that clinic didn't help. I had no options other than referring her to the higher Centre.

Another 58-year-old Omani, a marble company employee came to take sick leave paper. He complained of having lower back pain and pain in his upper and lower limbs. Without doctors documents, he couldn't take a day off. I gave him sick leave paper along with medications. I am not sure if he bought those from the pharmacy or not.

A Bangladeshi patient came from a place that is more than 100 km away from my clinic. He travelled this long distance so that he could talk and explain his symptoms in his mother tongue.

A nearby shopkeeper came to me which a cut injury to his scalp. It was quite big. Although it wasn't deep, it needed to stitch.

Yesterday one Bangladeshi visited with a large boil type lesion in the front part of his neck/throat (over Adam's apple). I gave an antibiotic. Today he returned with a deteriorating condition. High fever and pain in the throat while eating. Looks like there was a pus collection under the skin. I referred him to a surgeon. I also asked him to see an ENT doctor to check inside of the throat.

A 30-year-old Omani lady came with abdominal pain and diarrhoea. She was also having a delayed menstrual period. I check the serum pregnancy test (she also wanted it) and it was positive. I congratulate her. I gave her a few medicines for her pain and diarrhoea.

A 50-year-old Omani lady with 15 years plus diabetes visited me with the complaint of pain and a burning sensation in her soles. Her diabetes wasn't controlled with oral meds and insulin. Her soles problem was nothing but a complication of long-standing poorly/uncontrolled diabetes. It is called peripheral neuropathy. I gave her some medicine to help her with the symptoms. But I asked her to review her diabetes medicines with the doctors who prescribed those.

On one side, all these patients with various illnesses. On another side, I am healthy, physically and mentally. Alhamdulillah.

How about you?

I got a win today. Yay

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hello dear friend @hafiz34 good afternoon
It is very true what you say, there we can appreciate what it is to be healthy and healthy
So my mother told us, you want to know how blessed you are, you visit hospitals
stay safe and take care dear friend

Your mother was a wise lady. She gave you the right advice.


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Alhamdolillah for our health. We should make use of it before we lose it inshaAllah.

Yes, we should. May Allah grant us a healthy life, always.









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Reading about all the unhealthy people who you were (and were not) able to help has sure had an effect on me. Thank you for telling us these real life medical stories as they help all of us to elevate the importance of my health, fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and even community too!

I am so proud of all that you have achieved (even in one short and packed day in the clinic!). These are certainly NOT easy days to deal with and yet there you are... You are a steady rock in the community doing whatever it takes to help people get and stay healthy individually and as a community as well.

Thank you for all that you are doing @hafiz34.

As well...

Thank you for continuing to make the #Win Initiative a part of your day.

It's been a real honor getting to know you by the @Actifit Reports you post!

In health and fitness,

P.S. I have an announcement coming out later today about @AdventureReady, @BeachReady, and the #Win, #AutomaticWin, and #miniCHALLENGE health & fitness initiatives. I'll be posting the notification directly to your latest @Actifit Report. Just an FYI.

Thank you.

And, I will look forward to your announcement, In Sha Allah.


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