Dance of shadows | Street photography

It was an early morning in the city, around 7:30 when I arrived and the sun was just rising and casting its light through the buildings. I begin by finding one of these patches of light where the contrast is strong. Next is waiting for the right subject to step into the light. Such technique really makes a subject pop from the image while the background area remains dark. It's a good way to remove the distractions that could be lying behind.

I try different angles, shooting with the light or against the light, close to the ground or above my head. Once I've tried enough at one spot I move to the next. By this time a different area will receive a good lighting. It's important to act fast - this beautiful, sporadic morning light doesn't last long, it quickly becomes even throughout the street and my interest is gone.

I also try to compose in the frame eye-catching architecture of the buildings and street lights and avoid what does not look good as much as possible.

After about an hour of shooting I went to the fortress to do my morning Qi Gong practice. It is much more enjoyable to practice while in such a beautiful and historically significant place, overlooking the city, than in the comforts of my home.

Took a few captures on my way back but at that point the light was already too harsh so I packed the camera and ended my photo walk. Thanks for looking! Equipment: Fuji X-Pro2 + 35mm F/2.


These are so cool. You can really see the movement with the shadows.

Yes! Not my favorite style visually, but you've got to work with the conditions you have. :)

Hi @alcibiades

I love the contrast in your photos and the cat and dog was perfectly timed. I've never been one to try street photography because I'm not great photographing people, but maybe I need to take some of your pointers and give it a try.

I would recommend street photography to anyone as it will train you to get better at any other style. On the streets everything is about noticing the right moments, being efficient and quick, while unobtrusive. Skills every photographer profits from. Thanks, Emma!

What I really like about it is that it's candid - it's not posed, it's totally spontaneous and I like the style you achieve. I'll have to practice a lot.
Thanks for writing back and for the encouragement, I'm going to give it a go in the next couple days and see what I come up with 😁

Indeed, you never know what results you're gonna get so it's best to go out with an open mind. And have fun. :)

The way how you did photos with shadow falling on people and street, it is interesting to see how htey are partially highlighted and partially compeltey in shadows. Beautifully done, maybe because of city and buildings it make it possible to make it this way.

Yes, the light only partially gets through the buildings which makes it possible to photograph like this. Especially early in the morning and late in the afternoon when the sun is low on the horizon.

Svaka cast za fotke! Skroooooz smo u drugom fazonu ti i ja, sto se fotografije tice. :D

Hvala puno! Ne bih rekao da se toliko razlikujemo - mozda drugacije teme, ali slican pristup. :)