Street photography on a cold, November day

Good day from cold Belgrade! I got the time yesterday to go out and walk around the city looking for interesting things and moments to photograph. I've had less chances and desire to do that lately. Holiday atmosphere is already starting to show, people are dressed well, the buildings look magnificent under the dark clouds and soon the Christmas lights will decorate the streets.

You can see in the photos how the blue tinted facades from the gloomy weather contrast the orange/red highlights from shop windows, car lights and clothing details. A classic combination that always works, giving photos a cinematic, movie look.

It's important to take time when doing street photography - walking slowly and making sure to look everywhere, even behind oneself, then stopping when the opportunity presents itself. It's probably the most common mistake I see in street photography - rushing too much, walking too fast.

By looking at the photos, I see that on average I'll wait 5-10 minutes at the particular spot once I find it promising. Whether that's because of interesting light, background or subject, it's a very small chance that everything will be perfect the moment you walk in. Sticking around and working the scene for a few minutes is a good way to make sure you grabbed the best photo. And it's always better to have couple of great photos instead of bunch of snapshots. In street photography especially - quality outweighs the quantity by a large margin.

Photos are taken with Fuji X-Pro2 + 35mm F/2. Hope you enjoy.













You make rush-hours and city-centers (I usually dont like eighter of it) look good!!:)
(I especially love the one of the people through the window of the bus)

Normally I feel the same way, but I brighten up after I capture some captivating moments like these. :) Thanks!

Those are really awesome street photographys!! i love this style of photo!

you did it very very good man! i also liked the edition of the colors, really great!

Glad you liked it, mate! Thank you!

Awesome photos i really enjoyed them!

Thank you very much!