Two dark, rainy days of street photography

Good day from Belgrade! I have for you more street photography - shots from two different days, one that happened few weeks ago and the other from the beginning of the year which I somehow forgot to post. You can even see slight difference in how I edited the photos.

I'd like to believe I've improved in that regard as I quite like the look on my recent photos (first half of the post). Now I aim for a bit warmer look, with toned down colors and less sharpening to create a moody atmosphere (editing process coming soon).

As always one camera, one lens. I usually start my walk with a few test shots to get in the zone and relax. Otherwise, I could walk around for hours and not take a single photograph. The more you shoot, easier it gets to see new compositions. However, I'm not the one to take hundreds of photos on each day, usually I end up with maybe 30, with 5 to 10 decent ones worth sharing. I also never shoot in burst mode. Having to go through hundreds of shots in post-processing is exhausting and time consuming so I make my job easier by being selective in the field. Many times I'll frame the composition, see that some x-factor is missing and then just move on without taking the shot.

Prepare for some vibrant red umbrellas. It's hard to avoid those when photographing on a rainy day. I hope you enjoy these photos taken with Fuji X-Pro2 and 35mm lens.

















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Whoa, this are perfection! Love it. My favorite is the second photo and that, is it a sunrise or sunset? That with a silhouette, it is beautiful ✨🤩.

The one with the silhouettes is a sunset. Thank you very much! :)

Awesome work . I really love the silhouette farming picture .

Thank you very much! That one is my favorite as well. :)

Great work, I like the 9th photo. New follower here!

That one clearly stands out. :) Thank you!

Thanks for sharing buddy I love street photos.

Glad you enjoyed!

Beautiful pictures, some vibe totall vintage !

Thank you, glad you liked the photos!

Excellent! Love it. You really have the talent in capturing nice shots. Congratulations 👏

Thank you very much!

You're welcome.

Lights, Camera, Action.
Where's the light ?

Looking at these street photographs and one of the best I admired some much is the photo of a lady on red umbrella and close to a red car and the red light from the blue car and the red traffic light complimented it making it a great capture and possibly an award winning photo which really has a thousand words. Great job you presented.

I want to visit Belgrade so bad!
I will get there soon, I hope. I really want to see the Vinča museum.

The weapon does not make the hunter. What a great talent you do have!

Thank you very much for sharing this awesome work with us all.


- EvM


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Ufff mi bro muy brutal el post, las fotografías excelentes

Woww, this is something that we want I'm glad that you share those The colours are pretty each and every images buddy.🙂

There are some nice shots here!
Girls without umbrellas at the crossing, and this one, are my faves.


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