My travels in photography through years

Hi there,

I was thinking about theme for today's post for a while and couldn't think of anything good. I would ask you dear hivean friends to suggest a topic for post in the next days. I have quite a lot of photos in archive, so I hope I will manage to find good ones for the theme you like.

Today I decided to share one photo from each bigger travel in the past years.

Lower Yellowstone Falls, USA, 2014

g 456.JPG
Lioness with cub, Etosha NP, Namibia, 2015

1 88.jpg
Sheik Bin Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi, 2016

jar1 170.JPG
Hippo, Wetlands, St. Lucia, South Africa, 2016

Kelimutu, Flores, Indonesia, 2017

Anse Georgette, Seychelles, 2017

Aurora Borealis, Iceland, 2017

a 144.JPG
Grand Canyon, USA, 2018

Atacama Altiplano, Chile, 2018

Karo people, Omo Valley, Ethiopia, 2020

Kirkjufellsfoss, Iceland, 2020


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Thank you @ackhoo!
Always nice to see you around :)

You're welcome! Good to see you and your posts too!

Nice collection of shots mate. I would love to get to Ethiopia

Words comming from a photographer your level have additional weight :)

Great photos. The Abu Dhabi one is my favorite, but hopefully one day I'll be able to shoot a waterfall like in the last pic myself as well.

I would say Abu Dhabi is at the end of them in my ranking. But that makes photography so interesting.

Each place is special and it is hard to choose one to do it again. Well I already did some places twice :)
I would porbably go to Namibia again...

Wow that is quite an impressive collection of places you have traveled. How are you able to travel so much?

I can not complain :)
Well I don't know. I like travelling and from young age I tried to travel as much as possible. From the student years...
Usually I try to do one big travel and one medium travel per year.
Now times and focus is a little different with having a family, but travel is not totally crossed over :)

That is great. So fun for you to be able to explore so much of the world.

Dang! These are fantastic shots! I really like that Hippo and the Northern Lights. They are all stunning in their own way! =) I always like insects. That wouldn't be a bad theme to explore.

Hehe, thank you.
Hippo is nice as it is not easy to catch him out of water. Wildlife photography is special. Nothern Lights are story for itself. Usually a dream for every photographer.
Hmmm insects... Now you gave me some work. I will really have to dig into my archive and hope to find something good :)

I had a feeling insects would be challenging. I bet there are some great stories behind these images.... and yes, hippos aren't often out of the water. You might just have to go find some new bugs to capture if all else fails! hahaha

It is already starting to get hot for me... What shall I do... I don't have anything good about insects...

You have an amazing collection of stunning photos! In today’s digital world, these precious visual treasures keep the travel memories alive. My suggestions for themes or topics that you can post about would include photos about culture (showing people in their local wardrobe and doing their traditions), culinary delights (traditional food and drinks), art pieces (sculptures and statues), and cars plus other exotic vehicles. Hope that helps. 😊

Times now allows us a lot and we can really be thankful to all we have.
Hey you have some great suggestions!
Keep following in the next weeks as well and you will see some photos from your suggested themes.
Thank you for your help and support!

My pleasure! And all the best to you!

inspiring on so many levels

Thanks mate!
Always nice to hear that you are inspiring someone :)

Amazing collection. I like the idea of the chronological order, I might do a similar post if you don´t mind :)

Sure, feel free!
It is a nice way to express your travel memories.

I love to go to chilli :D Love it!

I can recommend all these destinations :)
Chile and Iceland are photography paradise...

yes i have been to Iceland! It was awesome. In december there is a solar eclips in Chile :p That realy somthing i want to see sometime.

Ohhh nice.
Combine solar eclips with amazing Chile just calls for ann unforgettable travel experience :)

I think you have te have an unforgettable big bank account to :D :p

Sensational travel photos i love Aurora Borealis, Iceland, 2017 i am yet till see that in real life hopefully one day.

It is special. Everyone saw a waterfall or a horse, but Aurora Borealis is something else :)
Wish you good luck with catching it!

I really do wish to see a Aurora some day 😊

Wow! Great travel photos. Inspiring!

Even more great memories behind them :)