People photography to end the week

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Hi guys!

Hope you are having nice time for the weekend...
I have been to Thermal SPA here in Slovenia with my family ober the weekend. This time, no photos to share as we mainly enjoy in water paradise indoor and just relaxed a bit.

But back in 2017 it was whole different while I was traveling through Indonesia. One of the places I stopped was also island Flores which has a lot to offer. Beside volcano Kelimutu which I shared couple of days ago I met a lot of great people there. They were all very kind and I did quite a lot of photos with them. Interesting people with interesting culture.

I am sharing 10 photos with you today and hope you will like my work!












Manually curated by ackhoo from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

I would luuuurrrrve to excel at people photography! :)

People photography is great and interesting. But not like a photo shooting, it is far better to meet new cultures and take some photos to document it :)

Beautiful faces 👍 nice collection. Good to see everyone posing for your camera 🙂

They were all kind to pose for me.
It is nice hanging with them as well. Meeting cultures is as good as discovering nature...

Normal people with normal lives ;)

Great photos ;)


And thank you for stopping by...

I love your photography is beautiful by nature.

Yes actually nature in some form. We are more used to landscapes, but people are also part of nature.
I am glad you liked my work!

Great photos and nice models. Thx

You are welcome!
Thank you for stopping by...

Awesome photos @crazy-andy i love Asia cultures and the people they are so kind and helpful 👍

Totally agree!

👍 👍 👍 😊

Amazing peoplephotography you have here which all have a story by just looking at them well done my friend 🙂

True, true...
Amazing experience meeting them and communicating in all sorts of way :)

It sure would have been lucky you to have had all these experiences 👍