Photography contest: Animals (25 photos)

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Things after HF are slowly getting back to normal here and more people are back active posting as well. Now we are waiting only that price of Hive raise a bit in these uncertain times where our World find itself. Anyway I am stacking my Hive to catch 10.000 mark as soon as possible :)
What helps me with growth? My photography at first place...
I find myself perfect community to share my work in Photography Lovers. I am also curating there for OCD as some of you probably already know. I am happy to see more and more people are posting into this community and beside some pro work we see a lot of amateur photography which tells the story behind. Not only top quality image posts are being curated, but we are definitelly looking for more of them so we can read the story behind better.
Some of you already noticed and many of those already entered to the Photography Lovers Contest. I can say that time came for one of my favourite themes - Animals. Contest is run weekly and the head organiser behind it is well known hivean Wes - @derangedvisions. You know him as a great photographer probably, so he also post some of his photos which reflects the weekly theme.
Advantage of this contest is that we have two tiers, proffessional and amateur. So everybody can win, not only people who are known to share best photography here on Hive.
Prizepool is decent and it might raise in the future, mainly due to ability to tip. I will definitely add my part at it.
To conclude I would invite you to participate at the following link where you can also read about all details.

I will be participating with this post, but not directly as I will have a judging role, so it is pointless to try and grab contest rewards.

Well you have a lot of possibilites with animal photography right? Animals are all around us. Doesn't matter if you are living in Africa, Asia, city, cuntryside, by the sea, at the desert... I have traveled through quite some places in my life and everywhere I met some animals. Some destinations were choosen by its animals presence, at some other destinations I met animals not planned, just by the way.
I would hardly pick one photo to enter the contest if I had to. As usually I ask you for help here, which is your favourite of photos below?
And I need to add one more thing, all animals were wild animals. That is important to highlight as in my opinion adds to the whole story.

South America 2018






Iceland 2017


USA 2014


a 11o.jpg

a 152.JPG

Namibia 2015


g 335.JPG

g 455.JPG

g 869.JPG

South African Republic 2016

jar1 61.JPG

jar1 90.JPG

jar1 169.JPG


Seychelles 2016

jar1 211.JPG

Indonesia 2017





Ethiopia 2020




Don't forget to make your entry!


Amazing photos from everywhere. Congrats!

Thanks man, but not from everywhere...
I left Slovenia out. Now I will have to do another post with Slovenian animals as well.
I just have to take care, not to be outside after 9 pm :)

Spectacular collection. I think you beat me in all - the diversity of the species as well as the quality and the number of the photos :) Would be very hard for me to pick a favorite, I love them all :)

@tipu curate

Hey man thanks for your support once again.
I would disagree that I beat you all around. You had more exclusive species that is for sure.
Anyway most important is that we all are sharing our work with one another.
See you soon with next theme.

Absolutely amazing shots and lovely animal. You are truly a professional photographer Andy and yea you are lucky to see many those pretty animals. I love all your photos, hard to get the most favourite pic here, well, if I have to I will pick th pic of horse 🙂

Nice to see you around my blog again.
I am not a pro, not even close... But would be happy to be, travel around and making photography for living sound great to me.
I am lucky there I can agree :)
Thanks for your opinion about horse photo.

Hello @crazy-andy! Selecting my favorite photo in your collection is a tough choice as all of them are gorgeous! And since you mentioned that these were all wild animals, that puts you in a risky situation as a photographer. Your life is at stake and it’s certainly a daring endeavor when it comes to capturing stunning photographs of animals in their natural environments. So I’d like to give you a well-deserved pat on the back for an achievement well done.

Nevertheless, my personal favorite is the Orangutan (Indonesia 2017) because of how you took the perfect shot of the emotional state of the face. I’d probably entitle that picture as the “Thinking Ape” due to the animal’s meditative pose.

I am always happy to see you commenting as you really put added value with your comments.
Wildlife photography is tough many times as you don't even know if you will spot an animal or not. You can search for a leopard a year :)
At the end you have to be prepared. Sometimes you have only a second to make a click and animal is gone in the wild.

Orangutans are awesome. I am a true monkey lover so I have great memories on that day.
I am not that good with words, so I would pay you just to help me title my work :)

My pleasure, always glad and ready to help you out my friend! 😊

Beautiful collections of photographs. Yes after the HF time was slow and had issues with the apps I used. Slowly finding ways and settling here. Awesome photographs again 🙂

We will go through it...
And thanks again!

Great collection. You are a lucky person ... to see and photograph so many different animals. I understand how difficult it really is. Wild animals are definitely different from studio models in makeup. Here you need to have the skills of a real hunter and a skilled photographer.
It is difficult to choose the best photo, they are all good. Maybe # 1 USA 2014 :-)
Отличная коллекция. Вы счастливый человек... видеть и снимать столько разных животных. Я понимаю, как это сложно на самом деле. Дикие животные определённо отличаются от студийных моделей в макияже. Здесь надо иметь навыки настоящего охотника и умелого фотографа.
Трудно выбрать лучшую фотографию, они все хороши. Может быть #1 USA 2014 :-)

Thank you for stopping by and taking your time to write a constructive comment :)
I admit I am lucky to encounter all these animals. It is an amazing experience...
You described perfectly what wildlife photography is to me. Hunting animals with camera. You have to be prepared, always...
Still you can not do any harm, just click click click and something good will come out :)
Interesting choice for your favourite photography. All eyes see it differently.

I love to roam the wild. But mostly I am collecting. Mushrooms, berries, any unusual roots and branches. I rarely get to see wild animals. Perhaps birds or amphibians. There are animals in our forests, but they are very careful and hide. And sometimes you don't have a camera with you.
The toad is very photogenic. Maybe not everyone is pleased to take it in hand. But for photography it is not necessary :D

Я люблю бродить по дикой природе. Но в основном я занимаюсь собирательством. Грибы, ягоды, какие-нибудь необычные корни и ветки. Мне редко удаётся увидеть диких животных. Разве что птицы или земноводные. В наших лесах звери есть, но они очень осторожны и прячутся. А иногда с собой нет камеры.
Жаба очень фотогенична. Может быть её не всем приятно брать в руки. Но для фотографии это не обязательно :)

In local wood here in Slovenia it is also hard to spot some animals, so I don't have any decent photo from here. I am also not dedicating much time to it.
But Africa for example is diffrent story. At least for me, safari was top attraction there :)

I agree that for a European, Africa is primarily a safari. Animals are a little accustomed to human attention and they feel protected. Some may even pose. But we must not forget that these are still wild animals and there may be surprises. Take care of yourself:)

Согласен, для европейца Африка - это прежде всего сафари. Животные немного привыкли к вниманию человека и они чувствуют себя защищённо. Некоторые могут даже позировать. Но нельзя забывать, что это всё же дикие животные и могут быть сюрпризы. Береги себя :)

Have you written a book or something where I can find all your stories and pictures of yours?

To choose my favorite image, I have to apologize, you gave too small space for me to do that. I can't help anything. I've flipped back and forth from top to bottom and vice versa to pick my favorite, and it turns out not one, almost all. Thank you so much for this terrific delight.

Ehhh, I am not much of a writer :)
You would jist have to follow me here on Hive and put all together :)
I am glad you like my work and I appreciate your kind words.
See you soon in another adventure!

I just became curious about your whole adventure. I'm a Wallace fan! 🙂

Another great collection of animals how awesome to be able to see all them and be able to photograph them a great adventure 👍

Now you already know what to expect from me :)
Landscape, wildlife, people, water...

And i do enjoy them all hopefully when we can travel again i would love to go and see some of them places for my self 👍