Reliving memories from my last travel

Hello again dear hivean friends!

What is going on? It is Friday already, so in some part of the World people already started their weekend, on the other side they are still sleeping, and somewhere in the Middle, I am counting my hours till end of work and start of weekend full of fun.

I have a family celebration tomorrow, so that will be fun and I am expecting some more fun stuff happening on the sports court! European championship just started yesterday and our national team opened it with hard earned, but well deserved victory against Lithuania. Our team played well and I am really looking forward to next matches. Through the weekend we will play against Bosnia and Hungary, which both shouldn’t be as close games as it was the one yesterday, but you never know. Basketball is not the only sports event, I am looking at, as there is volleyball World Championship going on as well! Oh and it is going on (partially) in Slovenia, which is amazing and I am sure that is the biggest sports event we can host due to being a small nation. Our team is doing great job there as well since they beat Germany and Cameroon in the group stage and lost to France 3-2. Well, in Round of 16, we are matching with Germany again! We blew them out 3-0 in the first game, but it is going all from the beginning again. I still believe our team is stronger, so it will be a fun weekend.

Well after watching Eurobasket yesterday, I kind of remembered how nice it was watching Luka Dončič playing live and I really missed basketball, so I can’t wait that the season begins. Based on that, I also relived my last travel to US, where I was visiting state of Texas with main purpose of visit, to see Luka Playing for the Mavs, but that evolved pretty nicely and I got a great travel experience out of it. I already shared 5 parts of my travel story, but I have material for about 5 more and hopefully I will manage to author next one in about a week! Till then, I would like to offer you a short recap of what I shared in first 5 parts in a photo story.


























DSC05299 (2).JPG





These swamp forests are incredible. I would like to see that too before I pass away.

Wow, wow...
Slow down...
I am sure you can visit if there is a will. It is called Caddo lake and I wrote a bit more about it here -

Wish you all the best and that you will be able to fulfil your wish!

I hope, but there are many places on my bucketlist already :)

Enjoy your weekend of sporting, may the best team win!

Nice highly prized/priced longhorn cattle rustle through the street, auction would be interesting to see.

Photographs in swamp land you visited always look spooky, mysterious yet fun.


Best team = our team :)

Well, I don't know much about cattle so I would reather sit out on the auction...

Have a great day!

I know nothing about cattle but enjoyed the spirited auction action in farming districts.

Hello dear friend @crazy-andy good day
Ho there is nothing more beautiful than spending the weekend accompanied by our loved ones, and much more enjoying the sport of our national team
It is good to know that you will enjoy a lot of sports all weekend, here we are waiting for the night to watch boxing and tomorrow the formula one races, and on Sunday the local soccer championships and motorcycle races
Excellent shots of your last trip
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid weekend

Hi there,
Well, I see you had a busy sports weekend yourself as well. It was like half successful weekend for us. We lost a basketball match yesterday, but won volleyball match.
Hope we will have much more fun watching sports in the following week as well.
Have a great Monday!

How do you create that long exposure waterfall picture? I tried it but didn't turn out quite how I wanted. Any tips?

Hey Mac,
Well, it is all based on the settings and tripod is a must as it has to be completely steady. You can not do it without tripod, well at least I can't. Otherwise it is no rocket science. If you want to know anything in particular feel free to reach out.

Oh! the tripod seems to be crucial. The night before visiting the waterfall I was researching how to but I hesitated thinking tripod wasn't important. Learned my lesson!

Great photos of the rodeo and the swamp in here Andy.
All strength to your team!


Rodeo was crazy, swamp was peaceful. Nice combination!
Have a great week!

Like I said, a great post mate!
You also have a great week.


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Lovely photos and memories. The skyscraper is way to big for me.

Good luck to our sports teams.

@tipu curate

Skyscraper is not that big and the feeling is much better than on Eiffel Tower for example :)

Well, can we say we are partly satisfied with our sports teams? The most important matches are yet to come...

Very partly satisfied !LOLZ

Yesterday's match against Bosnia was a welcome warning to be polite...


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Great show there, there is so much beauty to be enjoyed all the time, I feel comfortable in this photo :)

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Awesome pictures!
Good luck to your team :) and have a wonderful time tomorrow with your family.

Thank you and thank you and thank you.
Have a good one!

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Hey @crazy-andy, here is a little bit of BEER from @papilloncharity for you. Enjoy it!

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un pantano como este es lo que necesito

On that photos there is actually a lake. But yes, it looks pretty dope.
I am glad you enjoyed the photos!