Seaside, here we come!

Dear Hive nation,

Hope you are having a wonderful week and that you enjoyed Easter holidays, or you are still expecting them to come probably next week. Well, I have luck to celebrate both Easters, Christian and Orthodox, since my wife’s roots are from Serbia and she kept this religion. Not bad to celebrate a lot with good company and food, I have to admit that. In Slovenia we also celebrating three other holidays around first of May and many of Slovenians go on a short vacation at that period. At this date usually we step well in the spring and sometimes there can be some summer impact as well, especially if you decide to go and visit the seaside. That is just what we will do this year! Last year, we couldn’t go in that period since my wife was literally in a labour room and following that we can gladly show the beauties to another family member and that is our little princess, Anja. We are going to Poreč, Croatia right after “second” Easter, on Monday 25th and will be staying there for five nights, including for Anja’s birthday on the following Friday. We won’t be doing any celebration there, but we will return home and have it in a family circle, hopefully blessed with good, warm, sunny weather that will allow us to show some BBQ skills, I learned in US. Haha.
That is, what you can expect from us in the following days. And most likely I will do some photos as well, meaning I will have something new to share with you here on Hive. Hopefully before that, by the end of the week, I will manage to put together third part of my travel story. I can’t promise, but I will do my best.

For today, I will leave you to enjoy in some of my seaside moments. For sure, the best combination is with sun going down…
Can’t wait!


















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Enjoy your holiday in Croatia and take a lot of cool photos there for us! :D It´s been ages since my last visit to your southern neighbors :)

I will do my best :)
And it is about time to visit us and our neighbors again!

Hello dear friend @crazy-andy good day
You are very right, when we celebrate, or share with the people we love, they are always welcome. happy extraordinary holy week
It is good that on the next May holiday you have the opportunity to visit the beach
Enjoy your girl's birthday a lot and have a good barbecue.
How incredible the images you share, I loved those of the houses in front of the beach with their backs to the mountains, how beautiful it must be to live there

I appreciate that you let us know these beautiful images
Have a beautiful day

Thank you for all the encouraging words.
It is great that we can get together like we use to before Covid times. Hopefully pandemic won't come back at its full strenght.
I am really looking forward to all that awaits me in the following 10 days.
And if I touch my photos shared in this post, you are right, it really have to be special feeling living in that kind of enovirement with that view. Not for everyday, but as a holiday home I would love it!
Have a good one...

I really enjoyed your travel story. But the most interesting thing is when Easter you can gather in the family circle. it was incredible. I'm waiting for the next story.🤩

Great, I am enjoying holidays as well.
Have a good one and thank you for your support.

With pleasure my Brother.

I wish you a great time in Croatia. As always, the images in this post are spectacular. I'm looking forward to the next pictures. have a nice day

Awesome, thank you very much for your kind words!
Will definitelly try to share one more before my short vacations...

It looks to me that Easter was too fast to pass by. It was all good here anyway. I am still looking at the beauty of these seaside images. They really are all good to share.

I still have some leftover food from Easter :)
All seaside places have its own charm. Today I shared two different destinations, where both are very different, but both beautiful. Hopefully I will be able to share the third option which will be Adriatic Sea in a week or two.

Wow. These are absolutely beautiful shots.
Enjoy your trio to Croatia. Can't wait to see more of your amazing photography.

Thank you for the compliment.
I will try to enjoy as much as possible. It will be more of a family getaway, but I count there will be time for some nice photos as well...

hi mr @crazy-andi, the picture you share is very beautiful. I really enjoyed them one by one. You are very good at taking pictures from various angles. I wish I could be like you. i will learn how to like you .. thanks for sharing. very nice days

It is more of that landscape is nice and I just went there and took some clicks. But most importantly you, my dear followers are satisfied :)

that's right.. if you visit Indonesia, don't forget to visit SABANG which is located at the end of the province of Aceh. I think you like it very much 😄😄☺️☺️

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For me, it is better that we live all together. She was born in Slovenia and she is Slovenian, but some traditions remain with her from her parents and grandparents. It is also great to do a visits of her family.

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Thank you and happy Easter!