Some are lazy, others are not...

Dear Hive community,

Hope you are all well and are already looking forward towards the weekend.

I have to admit, I am somehow lazy last couple of weeks. I don’t know is it the coming spring that makes me tired or I am simply lazy. My status is the same in real life and in hive life as well. You can see that I post only once a week and also my curation is not that high and efficient any more. Hope, I will get an inspiration to be more creative and productive on both fields of life soon.

Today I am sharing with you guys who are much more productive and hard working as myself lately. They are all working in tough environment so they get to some money of goods for living. I am talking about people from Indonesia who are working either on rice fields or some other plantations. If I only think about how much work is necessary to get my daily meal of rice on the plate… Life is a complex thing.
Below, I am sharing some of the photos that I captured back in 2017 on my trip around the beautiful country of Indonesia.

What is your mood folks? Anyone else lazy past couple of days or even weeks? See you around…













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These photos are striking my friend, first I want to tell you that in the photographic field I loved them and secondly what these images represent. Many people have no idea of what agriculture, planting and harvesting is... It is a very hard job, and to think that many of us just go to the market and get it so easy.

I have friends who work in the harvest of rice, potatoes, etc. The experience they tell me is amazing because of the type of work. By the way, my mood is going very well but at night it changes after coming home from work 😅 hope you are well!

I am glad you like my photos. I can agree with you that both are nice, the landscape and story behind.
Not to speak about how greateful can we be that someone is doing the hard work of harvesting and they are doing it for low income that we can buy low in the supermarkets. That is how the World works...

Have a good one!

That's right @crazy-andy hope you have a nice day 🙂

Hello dear friend @crazy-andy good afternoon
What beautiful photographs, this is a place that I would like to know; excellent shots

The body is very intelligent, it knows when it needs a break or an inspiration, you will see that you will soon return to your excellent level, perhaps you are incubating a cold.

I have been a farmer since I was a child, I know how hard it is to work the land; right now we are preparing the ground for the next planting season

I appreciate you sharing these beautiful collection of images

enjoy the weekend

Happy to hear you like my work over and over again.
Appreciate your support and talking with you over Hive.
I am feeling well othrwise and now that we have nicer weather I also have more energy.
Wish you good luck with planting. It is not the same food if you harvest it yourself or go to a supermarket and just buy it.

👋 here here...lazy / uninspired as well 😅 . You are not alone with this lol. I think it is the times we live in. They make me tired and less creative. But thanks for reminding me to get my shit together somehow lol. Have a good one!

Very good point with finding a reason in "the times we live in". I agree that life now makes us less creative as we get a lot served on a plate just in front of us.

I for myself can say that having a realistic view on what is happening in the world right now occupies my brain a lot. The space for true joyful creativity is overshadowed by recent happenings in Europe. You gotta focus on how to get by in any way these days and that's when creativity fades a bit. The future has never been more uncertain and unfortunately things won't be great in the near future.

But I'm trying to balance myself a bit...Joy is always helpful when it comes to it ;). You'll find your ways back to creativity as well...just go with the flow.


When I saw this photo, I was reminded of my rural life. This is how we lived. Cities never get to see such beauty. Look at the great sacrifice these people are making. Cultivated paddy fields, banana trees What a beautiful environment. This is a soothing color to say green.

I also visited my grandparents when I was little and we had like a small field to work at. It was never that much as I saw during my Indonesian visit, but I it recalled my memories.

Wow. The green there is so saturated!
It always amazes me how people there are poorer than us and look much happier. I have an idea about that, though, I work a lot in the garden recently ;)


I couldn't agree more with your statement about happiness. Visiting Africa was eye opening experience for me. It was not much different in Indonesia either.
Good luck with your garden!

Thank you :)


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@crazy-andy! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @lightcaptured. (3/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Indonesia is my country sir, i love how the way you sharing these beautiful photos :)
this reminds me in my grandma village, there are many beautiful landscape and ricefields same as in this photo. Loved it !😍

I am happy to "inspire" people. Indonesia is a great country to visit. I hope people there are doing good these days.
Have a nice day ahead!

This is the magic of photography, in capturing in essence the circumstances and of course the routine happenings of people, as is the case of your photographs in this post.

Wow, these are some very kind words. I appreciate it very much.
I am proud on these photography set as well. I think there is a good story behind them.

I love the first snap. All of the photos you shared made me realize that Indonesia's way of earning is the same (in terms of farming) as ours here in the Philippines. Have a nice day ahead.

Well, I will have to visit Philippines once, that is for sure. Can't wait for that moment to come. I will proudly share photos from there as well!

That's great, I am also looking forward to those photos. Have a nice day ahead.

Beautiful moment captured. I too been feeling lazy this couple of weeks and hoping to get back on track soon. All the best to you and have a great weekend ahead 😁💪

Well I am already feeling better, more productive. Hope you are too!

Dealing with the soil is one of the most difficult professions. I hope each of them are people who can get their money's worth.

You can't have 100% influence on nature and soil. So there is much that can get wrong. So respect to all of them.

Another amazing post, @crazy-andy ! Your photos bring emotion to the readers! I’m looking forward to your next post !

Wow that are some strong words! Thank you!
I will do my best to continue doing that and next post is comming probably later today.

Lovely shots! Now that winter is ending and spring is here I find myself finally not being quite as lazy, it's the winter that always gets me. (I hate the cold)

I have to start running again. Probably that will be a kick in my ass. See you around!

The beautiful moments you find and very beautiful scenery like this 🤗🤗

Thank you for taking your time and stopping by.

:) 🤗🤗


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Amazing place for taking some photos. It is always nice to see how other cultures live and produce food. When traveling, I always try to find places like this.

Just change the nickname to lazy-andy and that's it :) Just kidding. However, I would love to curate. Do you have any contact I can reach about this?

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Laziness is sometimes useful, I think that each of us is sometimes prone to laziness. This is fine. At least I am the same. Sometimes there are days when me feel like doing nothing, I call it "Seal Day".
Amazing photos, I won't be mistaken if I call them "juicy". I miss green colors in everyday life. Outside the window grayness, but it's temporary. Despite the fact that these people work hard, they are happy and smiling. Atmospheric and "live" photos, as always. Thanks for sharing.