Summer is over, but not everywhere...


How are you?
I started to wear jacket in the morning as it is getting cold here in Slovenia. Afternoons are still quite OK, so we can enjoy in some sun rays. But summer is definitely over and I already miss it. I had a great time this summer.
As summer is my favourite time of the year I wish it would last longer. I remember how I "extended" it twice with visiting Seychelles where climate is always amazing for a nice seaside vacations.
It was in September 2016 and May 2017 again. That was amazing additional month of summer...







@ewkaw thank you for continuous support and wish you a good curation % on this one ;)

You're very welcome :)

Top class photographs 🙂
Awesome collections 👍

Thanks man...
I would say destination did almost everything here.
Seychelles are simply paradise on Earth.

kaj naj rečem? I ja bi na Sejšele 😎 !BEER

Jaz pa ne...
Če verjameš v Božička :)

Hehe, ne samo v Božička, tudi v Dedka Mraza in zelene možičke 😎

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Awesome shots. I wish I was there right now...


Thanks mate!
Who doesn't wish that :)

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Oh my...How I would enjoy lying on this sunny beach ! 😍 It's just as cold in France as in Slovenia I think 😁

I would say we are in about the shame sh**.
Haha, well it is not that bad, I like our four seasons. But I always miss summer too :)

I have nothing against autumn, quite the contrary, this is my favourite season ! but I have to admit that this year is not as beautiful as we were accustomed to in october, a bit more cold and less sunny, but maybe the next weeks will be a bit more sweet, so that we can even more enjoy the beauty of this flamboyant season ! 😊


Yes, autumn can be amazing.
This whole year is strange... You know why...
Now Slovenia started to close a bit, we were doing very well through the summer, but last couple of week it is disaster. November is coming which is known to be very foggy and grey here in Ljubljana, so not the best times ahead of us.
But I will take a look at sunny Seychelles from time to time and everything will be forgoten :)

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I will make sure i enjoy summer over this side of the world for you it's our turn now...hehe 😎

I will share some snowy photo to counter, but hopefully not yet :)

Always love looking at snowy photos ..Cheers 😎

Wow! That gorgeous water and sunset!!! These are some really nice and clear captures.

I love it, but wish it would be easier to get there :)
Thanks for stopping by!

Awesome photos unfortunately we can not control mother nature hope it doesn't get to cold for you , here in Thailand it's always almost one temperature all the time , i wouldn't mind a little cool weather for a 😎

I could tell that you wouldn't mind slightly colder weater from time to time. When we have some summer heat waves I wish there would be winter at that time :) humans are had to please 😅