I shaved my hair the shortest it has ever been and took some epic portrait photos

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I posted recently about how I've been considering having a bald head. I've still yet to go completely smooth up top, but I did just shave my hair down to the shortest length that it has ever been in my life.

The most I've done in the past is used clippers with a 1 guard. This time I used the same clippers, but with no guard at all. It allowed me to basically shave it down to my skin. I was surprised at how easy it was and how much I enjoyed the look. It's also just so nice to not have hair up there to deal with.

I went on about my day, but later that evening decided it was time to take some photos to record the instance. So I got out my tripod and a few of my trust Lume Cube lights and then got to work.

I only have so many spots to take photos in my little apartment. This time I sat on my cozy blue couch and just started striking some random poses. I love how they all turned out.

The colorful lighting and images in the background keep things interesting. Then, of course, there is my and all of my glory. Tattoos and eyes like I'm lucky enough to have both stand out so much in photographs like these.

This is one of the first times I've looked at one of my photos and thought, wow I'm actually starting to look like I go to the gym a little bit. My traps are popping out nicely in that first photo and my arms are getting thick as fuck. I love it so much and it makes me want to just take photos all of the time now.

For now, this is what I've got. I did finally order something to allow me to shave my head bald. I ended up going with the Baldie Pro by Groomie. It was comparable to the $100 models from other brands, yet only cost me $30. I will receive a fresh blade in the mail every 60 days for only $20 each time. This means that I should be able to easily keep a nice smooth head all of the time.

I can't believe I'm finally going full Kratos and getting the bald head and big beard look going. It's pretty epic and I can't wait to see how it feels once I get to test the new device out. I'll be sure to post more photos once I finally go totally hairless for the first time in my life.

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Still like a badass viking.

Now I just need Norse sigils tattooed all over my head to really become a modern-day Viking.

I like the photo with your tongue out man haha it looks crazy. I also like the design of your room, I think this style looks great on you man.

I agree, I do look rather insane there. It's just my silly personality spilling out of me though. I appreciate it bro!

Looking like a don on your own ;) Beard really suits you man.

Your new looks so beautiful and handsome. All your pictures are very nice and look very good but the last one is the one I like the best.

Shorter now than when I met you!!!

I forgot I was buzzing back then too. About to be bald sometime this weekend. New high score is incoming.


I already thought that with that bald head and beard you looked like a pardon of some game, but when you commented that you looked like Kratos you saved me from trying to remember who, but you look a lot like him, you just need the red stripe on your face, because you even have muscles, they are not from the gym, but you have them hahaha.

I admire Kratos and his badassness. It's an honor to look anything like that character.

Looks good. Suits you. 👍🏻

Thank you. I will be experimenting with the new skull shaver this weekend and will be sure to share how I look completely bald.

You look really good; as you write in a previous answer only the Norse seal tattoos are missing and you will be a modern viking!

Beautiful photos, I love the lights and colors.

It's something worth considering, although I imagine head tattoos must be torturous.
Without the lighting, these photos would be bland.

Yes but in fact I was joking about Tattoos.

I have several and I'm a tattoo lover but I think it's really complicated to get them on my head for many reasons, personally I think it's one of the few places I wouldn't tattoo eh eh!

I'm certainly hesitant.

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This photo looks epic. I like the new haircut, I think it suits you and goes with your modern Viking style.

Much appreciated my friend. I am excited to see how I look completely bald. I’ll be testing that out this weekend finally.

They all are great, but the b&w one is really awesome!

Something about a black and white photo just adds another layer of impressiveness.

You missed a spot 😆..


Whole lot of pubes for one face.



It suits you perfectly. !PIZZA

LOoks good!


I see you survived the shaver!

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