I need to get a longer lens

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200mm just isn't cutting it


A few months ago, I bought the Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 lens and while the lens is amazing for somethings, it isn't that great for wildlife photography. 200mm just isnt long enough to get some nice up close shots of birds and other animals.


Harley loves watching the birds fly around the yard as well. I bet he wishes he was fast enough to catch them. Every now and then a bird will freeze and die and then I have to try and get it away from Harley and Titus before they devour it and have diarrhea for the next couple days.


I want to get the Tamron 150-600mm lens. The downside of that lens is that it only opens up to f/5. So I would need to bump up the ISO to be able to get those fast shutterspeeds to catch birds in flight.


I had the Tamron 150-600mm while I was on safari and it worked great. If I had that for this shot, I would have been able to zoom in a lot more and get some decent shots of the birds. Instead they look like specs in the sky. I thought this picture was still pretty cool though because the construction looks pretty weird.



This shot of a bird flying with a berry in its mouth would look so cool if I were able to get a closer shot of it. These birds are so fast though and it is nearly impossible to get closer to them before they get spooked and fly off.


I think I was about 15-20 feet away from this bird in this picture. I still had to crop in quite a bit to be able to see detail.


I am hoping that crypto does well this year so I can get that lens. It would be so fun to go out and get some super close shots of birds and other wildlife. My daughter and I are planning on taking a trip to Oregon this summer and I want to get that lens before the trip because we will be going on kayak trips and the area we are planning is known for some great bald eagle sightings.


What is your favorite wildlife lens? I would love to have the Canon 600mm f/4, but that one comes with a $13,000 price tag. Canon does offer a 400mm f/2.8 for a thousand dollars less or the f/4 version for about $7000. Wildlife photography can get super expensive, but if crypto has a good year in 2023, I think I am going to be updating some of my gear. Good glass is worth it if you use it.


Beautiful images, great toning. The picture of "specs" is the best, by the way, imo. If you had a more powerful telephoto lens, it could happen you only had a not that interesting flock of crows. But I understand what you are talking about.

I have a (budget) Nikkor 70-300mm, and this is usually not enough for birds. Birds aren't my favorite subject but I sometimes feel upset when I see colorful tropical birds flying out of my reach.

I am hoping that crypto does well this year so I can get that lens. It would be so fun...

I have the same feeling but about other lens. Any one of 35mm. I have 50mm but... I want one which gives a classical street photography look. Probably, this is partly because I want just to try a new lens - I haven't had a new one for a long while.

A 35mm lens is perfect for street photography. That is one thing I am hopi if to do more of once it warms up a bit more here. I hate being cold.

Forget the lens… you should just go all out and get the Penuma procedure 😂🤣🍆

All jokes aside, dope shots as always man!

lol. I had to look it up to see what that was. That's something I will probably get in about twenty years so I can still be cool. The real question is, why are you already researching it?

I can’t believe it’s even a thing. Podcasts bro, they teach my everything. This one I listen to is always talking about some crazy stuff like that.

People are weird man and do all sorts of crazy things.

bruh 13k for a camera lens is something I can never imagine buying. Hope cryptos have a good year to see you shoot even more amazing photos :)

It is a lot, but I am a photographer and it's just part of the job. It's better to invest in quality glass than it is camera bodies because the bodies become outdated, but good glass can last for decades.

Wow! It's really expensive to take good pictures, man! 13k dollars is not something everyone can afford. Especially for only 1 lens. Of course, in the hands of a good photographer like you, I think it will work wonders. The construction looks like a greenhouse in a sci-fi movie where people take refuge.

While it is an expensive lens, it will provide a great opportunity for some amazing wildlife shots. One of these days I will be able to get it.

That Tamron 150-600 sounds like the most versatile. I just love my 200-600 Sony lens. Another option that I use a lot is a good Tele-Converter. I have both a 1.4x and a 2x TC. They don't seem to lose any quality, but you do lose a stop of light for the 1.4 and 2 stops for the 2x, but these are comparatively inexpensive options. The 2x is really too much light loss for the 200-600 lens, unless shooting in extreme bright light, but I've had good luck using the 1.4 on it and use the 2x on my 100-400 lens to get that extra reach when the big lens not handy. They are light and very easy to drop in your pack or even pocket for that quick reach. Plus Topaz De-Noise and even Photoshop nowadays can work wonders on reducing noise on some of those noisy high ISO shots when needed.

The Tamron lens is great, but would be unusable with the teleconverter. When I used it in Africa, it was hard to get clear shots while zoomed all the way in because it closes down to f/6. It is a good budget telephoto lens tho.

Awesome shots
Your right 200 isn’t enough for birds and wildlife but longer zooms are so expensive

One of these days I am hoping to get a super nice wildlife lens.

Let’s hope hive rises and helps you get one
I have a Sony 200-600 an awesome lens

your dogs are very photogenic, they seem to know that you are capturing them with the camera, soo stylish haha

Thanks. They are goof balls.

The photos are beautiful. Dear friend, in my opinion, for professional wildlife photography, you should really spend money on equipment. In fact, drones can be very useful. Telephoto lenses with low focal length or fixed lenses can be very useful.

Just look at the way Harley is looking at the bird, he wishes the bird can get more closer, our dog those days like playing with our birds and they won't harm each other.

Crypto will do well so that you get a better lens and certain I will also benefits of crypto does well.

Harley would most likely just chase the birds, but Titus would try and catch them in the air and eat them if he could.

Why is Titus like that? unfortunately Titus can't catch them lol.

It's in his nature. He is pretty much a wolf.

Wow really?

Welcome to my world. Currently I only have a 50mm, men I'm dying for a longer lens too. I want the canon 70-300 mm

My daughter has that lens and it works really good on her crop sensor camera body.

The way we see new technology is coming out everyday and people want the next best thing in technology like saying if you could shoot a camera lens better than that. All these pictures looks so beautiful and amazing. I really like it. Going to the snowy area and standing on top of the snow to take pictures of all these birds is its own fun. Thanks for sharing.

You can still try to find a 3/4 frame camera and your 200mm will be almost 400mm. It will be probably a cheaper option than a new telephoto lens tho. Funny, I am also hoping for a successful Hive run in 2024 so I can finally go on full frame and change glass. Birds are tricky for sure. But when you catch one in flight and the photo is sharp it gives that amazing feel. Little proud moment and wonder how in the hell they caught anything like this in the back days without AF and 900 points of focusing. 😨