Last few days before harvest

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My bubblegum is just about ready for harvest. The last two weeks, this plant has really begun to fatten up and get some really great looking buds.

I am hoping that by Friday, there will be some amber colored trichomes and it will be ready to go. My last bubblegum harvest was done just a little bit too early and didn't have any amber trichomes, which resulted in more of a head high, so once this plant start showing some amber in it, it will be ready to go.

The trichomes are milky, which lets me know that the plant is at optimum THC levels. I really enjoy this strain because it is perfect for dealing with pain and has some really great sedating effects to melt stresses away. When it has more of the amber trichomes, this strain gives you a really strong body buzz.

I am looking forward to finishing this grow and taking a month or so off. Growing can become a full time job because there is always something to do in the grow room to make sure things are going as good as possible. I am going to be taking the time between this grow and the next one to brush up on PH levels so I can ensure my soil is at the best levels to make my buds the best as possible.

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Looking great bro,

Growing can become a full time job because there is always something to do in the grow room to make sure things are going as good as possible.

That's how I feel about it too. I'm constantly thinking about my plants, and find myself randomly doing things and coming up with new ideas, tending to them round the clock..

It's definitely like a full time job, and it's difficult to even explain the thought process involved, only growers can relate!

Keep up the great work man!

Thanks man. I have been learning a lot with my past couple grows and I am looking forward to my next ones.

gorgeous ganja! thanks for sharing… its beauty with us. 💗

Growing is indeed a tough job that requires a lot of care.

The pictures tell that you are caring for your plants quite well

Thank you. I have been learning a lot with each grow and really looking forward to seeing how good my next grows will be.

The photos are amazing. I hope the harvest will be as you wish and it takes you as high as you want 🌿.

Thanks man. I am pretty excited about this strain and really looking forward to increasing my stores of it.

Between chewing gum and glue it's sticky. Growing cannabis can become obsessive at times. It's good to take a break from time to time.

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Taking a break is a great time to learn and clean things up for the next grow.

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