My first Snowshoe Hike and Patterns in the Snow

A year ago, I did my first snowshoe hike with a friend in the German region called 'Allgäu'. For starters, it was a not too hard hike and despite the harsh daylight, the view and scenery was beautiful.




On top of that, there were some really interesting patterns in the snow. I suspect they were shaped from wind but I'm not an expert on this. If you have another suggestions, I would love to read it in the comments!





As a matter of fact, I plan on doing another snowshoe hike next weekend if the weather goes along. Finger's crossed!

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@generikat recently shared her own snowshoe story, too! Your mountains resemble those I see here in the western USA, although I am not in the most extreme terrain, so yours definitely look more impressive than my typical sight!

Damn, I wish I had a hot tub at the end of this hike, too :D I haven't been to the mountains in the US so I can't compare very well. Of course, I would really like to go and explore them!

I love the fourth picture, the texture is really awesome ! Looks like whipped cream or something :)

Thanks, Dan! Haha I call this picture "creamy snow" haha so definitely agree!

Wow, the patterns and textures in the snow in these shots are incredible! I'd guess they are shaped by the wind as well, just gorgeous!

Thank you so much, Jess!

Wow, awesome colors and patterns. Would have loved to hike there too!

Thank you, Thijs!

Those ripples in the snow look incredible! If it was in black and white I would have guessed it was cooled lava

Thanks, Kieran! Yeah, it's very weird and I definitely agree it has some similarity to lava

Definitely a bit fan of the patterns. Even on days with harsh light there's usually something to be found.

I'm glad you like them, Tristan! Yeah, that's why my camera is always with me, even on those days haha

Beautiful shots florian, I love that 4th one with the patters😍

Thank you, Blake!

Stunning landscape photography. I like the detail shot. The lines in the snow… looks like it was the wind that created them. 😊

Thanks! Yeah I also think wind is the most probable :)

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Absolutely amazing pictures, looks like an amazing escape 🙏🏼