The Amazing Beaches of Puerto Rico: Photo Contest Entry

in Photography Lovers14 days ago (edited)

Hello Hiveians!

I can't even remember the last time I took part in a photo contest on here, but I saw that there was a Beach themed contest that just started and I have too many amazing beach photos from my semi recent adventure to Puerto Rico!

So in this I won't be going into as much detail about the photos or the places seeing as I already did my write ups on these before that you can find and read on my feed, just have a look for Puerto Rico posts!

With that said, let's get into it!

The first set of photos I'll share are actually from one of the top 10 beaches in the world! It's Flamanco beach on Culebra, a small island off the main island of Puerto Rico. Since I was there during the pandemic, access to the beach was very limited and we didn't have much time there anyways. I hope to get back and really enjoy it, but here's some of the shots I managed to get there.

Sean_Gold_December 08, 2020_77006.jpg

Sean_Gold_December 08, 2020_76501.jpg

Sean_Gold_December 08, 2020_75569.jpg

Sean_Gold_December 08, 2020_75536.jpg

Sean_Gold_December 08, 2020_75572.jpg

I wish I could have gone at sunset or sunrise or just spent more time there, but I'm glad I got to visit at all considering the pandemic. But I did get to visit a beach at sunrise on Culebra on the other side of island! Here's some shots from that amazing morning!

Sean_Gold_December 08, 2020_77459.jpg

Sean_Gold_December 08, 2020_76497.jpg

Sean_Gold_December 08, 2020_75558.jpg

And then I threw the drone up too to grab a few shots!

Sean_Gold_December 08, 2020_77209.jpg

Sean_Gold_December 08, 2020_77295.jpg

Sean_Gold_December 08, 2020_77237.jpg

Sean_Gold_December 08, 2020_77293.jpg

Sean_Gold_December 08, 2020_77210.jpg

And after such an amazing sunrise, we decided we should come back for the night time view at the same beach, and it did not disappoint!

Sean_Gold_December 07, 2020_77413.jpg

Sean_Gold_December 07, 2020_77408.jpg

Sean_Gold_December 07, 2020_77412.jpg

Sean_Gold_December 07, 2020_77415.jpg

After a day and a half on Culebra it was back to the main island, and more incredible beaches! Here's a beach we visited after we finished hiking El Yunque!

Sean_Gold_December 09, 2020_76231.jpg

Sean_Gold_December 09, 2020_76875.jpg

Sean_Gold_December 09, 2020_77509.jpg

Sean_Gold_December 09, 2020_77519.jpg

And here's a beach that I found literally last second on Google Maps, while we were driving the entire coast of Puerto Rico, and what a gem it was!


Sean_Gold_December 10, 2020_76830.jpg

Sean_Gold_December 10, 2020_77205.jpg

And then on the opposite coast we heard about another amazing beach called Survival Beach, because it's not easy to get to, but well worth it!


Sean_Gold_December 11, 2020_76563.jpg

Sean_Gold_December 11, 2020_76250.jpg

And then possibly my favorite beach to photograph, at least with the drone was this amazing cove beach! How amazing is this place?!?!

Sean_Gold_December 11, 2020_77222.jpg

Sean_Gold_December 11, 2020_77243.jpg

And while maybe not the most traditional type of beach, here's one last one of this rocky beach area with amazing waves and jungle in the back!

Sean_Gold_December 13, 2020_76679.jpg

Well, those are some of my favorite beaches I visited in Puerto Rico, which is amazing that all these amazing places are on such a small island! I hope you enjoyed the images, and that they inspire you to discover some amazing beaches where you live! I've always loved beaches, I snorkel and free dive often, so I'd spend the entire day at the beach, from laying in the sun to chasing fish off the coast. Beaches are truly a natural treasure that we need to protect and preserve, by not dumping our garbage into the oceans or on our beaches. Always pick up after yourself and leave these gems clean and pristine!

Til next time,

Sean Gold


Wow, those images are so good! Amazing work. :)
I just posted some Puerto Rico photos on my Hive blog.
Thanks for sharing these!

Thank you! Puerto Rico is truly an amazing place! Hope to go back soon! Glad you enjoyed! :)

Truly a paradise! Thank you! Glad you enjoyed!

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Thanks for taking part in my #BeachWednesday contest - seems you might be one of the top 3 winners that will receive some good vote as prize - give your payout here quite stunning we might consider to vote a different post for your prize (just in case you get problems when folks disagree with the rewards on here - if you want the vote here let me know though :-)!)

Thank you! I agree, probably a different post would be better. I'll reply when I make another post soon if that's alright. Thanks again for a great contest!

Damn! This is a badass post! Every single shot is incredible. The quality of the photography here is impeccable! My hat (if i was wearing one) is off to you as i have never said that to any post here so far! Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing here in the community your amazing photography!

Thank you so much for the kind words! That really means a lot! Another reminder of why I enjoy this community so much and the people in it! Glad you enjoyed and will be trying to keep the posts coming!

You are most welcome =) Glad to have you in our awesome community!

waoo it looks amazing😊

Thank you, it was amazing! Hope to go back! Glad you enjoyed!

The drone shots were a beauty, but the night photos..... Were the top beauty! Those stars and that sky.... Lovely place! Going out on a beach must feel very relaxing with this sort of landscapes. A mini heaven on Earth

Thank you! And yeah, places like this are amazing at night! With low light pollution, you really get to see the stars! It's unreal! Glad you enjoyed!

What beautiful shots and what a beautiful place! You really enhanced my afternoon closed in my office ;)

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed and glad I could share this beautiful place with you!

The pictures! Wow! I gasped at each and every shot. wonderful post.
Great job, keep flourishing!

Thank you for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed!

God when he created the universe, he made spectacular places. How much beauty can be appreciated in the creative work

It truly is an amazing and beautiful world, if only we take the time to realize and enjoy it! Hope you enjoyed!

your photos are spectacular! I love the night shots best, absolutely stunning with the starry skies. great work and good luck on your contest! :)

Night photos are usually my favorite too, especially in a place like this! Thanks for luck and glad you enjoyed!

Wow, Great photos and Nature. Thank you for sharing these beauties with us. :)

Thank you, and my pleasure! Glad you enjoyed!

Simply wonderful, I am impressed with so much beauty, thank you for sharing.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed!

What a beautiful landscape, wonderful view, thank you for sharing. :)

Thank you! Puerto Rico is truly an amazing place! Glad you enjoyed!

woooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!! still really hard for me to believe that this are photos of a place that exists not some... Great shots @seangold, still got tears in my eyes as I type. Nice finesse with the night shots, oh love the stars. I'm most def. visiting this place some day if possible.

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed so much! And I hope you do get to visit Puerto Rico some day!

I really hope too.

Wow! Just stunning! Sooo beautiful🌊⛱🌴🐠

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed!

What a spectacular place and you captured it so well love every photo well done man 👍

Thank you brother! Glad you enjoyed!

Definitely amazing work 👍

A paradise on earth and a great photographer, amazing, thanks for sharing!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed!

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Nice moment...

Great post mate, I love the edit of you pictures!

Fuck yea these shots are epic. What kind of camera did you shoot with?