🏝 Fuerteventura - A Photo Diary 📸 Day 4

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Check out the previous reports of my Fuerteventura photo diary here (Day 1), here (Day 2) and here (Day 3)

The destination for my next island tour was Betancuria, in my view the most beautiful village on Fuerteventura. It is located in a hilly area pretty much at the center of the island. Founded in the late 15th century it served as capital for the Canary Islands but later for Fuerteventura only. In 1834 it had to make way for the new island capital of Antigua. Today the church Santa Maria de Betancuria is one of the cities' main attractions and a lot of cafes, shops and restaurants have been opened to accommodate the many tourists who stroll through the picturesque alleys.

To get there I had to cross the mountain range of the north island, so I was able to capture some nice panoramas first.

But see for yourself:

This is Fuerte!

This pano is facing north to where I came from in the morning. If you look closely you can see the ocean to both sides of the island. To the left the open atlantic side (windward side), to the right the Africa facing side with the coast of Morocco in 100 km eastward distance (leeward side).





Arriving in Betancuria with the typical terraced cultivation.

Some clouds are coming up providing welcome shade.

Santa Maria de Betancuria

The entire old town has formed around the church.

A beautiful cactus garden with many different species.

The fruits of these cacti are edible.


A long dried up stream.

I hope you enjoyed this photo tour to the old capital Betancuria!

Thanks for following along and see you back next time 👋.


Photos recorded by myself with an iPhone 13 Pro. All rights reserved.


I can't help but think that the panoramic shots with the first, vague glimpse of Fuerte seem almost like an unreal landscape, reserved only for the creatures and plants that enjoy this kind of nature.

Then, the closer you bring me to “civilisation”, the closer you bring me to the vastness of Mexico, where Emiliano Zapata is preparing to fight for the rights of his countrymen.

It appears that the cameraman and the director have just had a little siesta?

Yes, images can really take you away!

I can perfectly resonate with these kind of associations. It's an environment to let the mind flow.

did you try the fruits?

No, I didn't want to just pick one off and didn't see these offered anywhere else. I heard one can make a nice cake with it.

Great photos. I bet is hot as hell over there.

Not that hot actually. It's more the typical oceanic climate. The sun is very strong but the air temperature remains moderate. Pretty windy though and sometimes humid.

These photos are beautiful☺️☺️ I love every slide

Un lugar realmente hermoso, hasta el cielo se ve espectacular 😍

Amazing Photos


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Wow, amazing amazing photos, this location is looking like ladakh region in India.

Beautiful view. The flowers ans trees are so healthy even though it looks like the weather there is hot. Nice shots

Que lindas fotos me encantan

Thank you so much for touring us. I thought it was in Egypt because it look like. I'm so curious about the taste of the edible fruit of cacti. Maybe it is challenging to pick.

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Wuao @shaka, que paisajes y tomas más espectaculares.

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. !PGM

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Amazing photography 😍😍 beautiful view 🤩

The picture is really brilliant.

excellent photographs. Greetings

¡WoW! Qué fotos tan hermosas! Me encantaron todas 😍 nuestro planeta es perfecto.

Incredible place and Incredible photographs

the atmosphere is very beautiful with some date palms.

Muy desertico para mi gusta pero se parece a algun lugar de españa cerca del mar