📸 Sunday Photo Walk in the Eggener Valley

In the southern Markgräflerland there are many beautiful places that invite to spend time in nature. During all seasons. Great wine and food add their part in making the tri-border area a popular tourist destination. However, the region is also densely populated. Highway and railroad have to share a narrow strip between the Rhine and the foothills of the Black Forest.

Therefore, on most excursions, one cannot avoid being relatively close to some sort of traffic. Not so in the Eggener Valley. The flat and wide valley stretches on one of the few areas where one can stay away from busy roads and rails.

The valley is a visitor magnet especially in spring during the cherry blossom. There is even a blossom hotline (Blütentelefon), were one can check the bloom forecast to not miss the best time. But also during winter, the secluded valley has its unique charm, especially when the weather is right.

So let's visit the Eggener Valley for a little Sunday walk!

At the entrance to the valley. In the geological sense not an actual valley since it wasn't shaped through erosion but through the milling and grinding of a long gone glacier moraine.

Some of the many cherry trees in the valley. Still in their winter rest.

Through the trees the view on the landmark mountain of the valley, the 1165 m high Hochblauen. In the warmer season a popular launch site for hang and paragliders.

Towards the end of the valley. Far back on the horizon, the distant view on the two Roche-Towers. Basel's tallest buildings. Can you spot them?
The view back into the valley. The little castle to the left on the mountain ridge is the Sausenburg which I visited a couple of years ago. You can have a closer look on the medieval fortress and catch some summer vibes in a previous post of mine here.
Thanks for following along and see you back next time 👋


Photos recorded by myself with an iPhone 13 Pro


Wow, that's a great picture and the snow even gave it a very lovely look.... Keep the great work

What a beautiful snowy landscape. I love it🙂

This is actually really beautiful. The thing is we always fly through Germany to get to Austria or Switzerland but looking at these snaps that doenst do it justice. Thanks for reminding me to take a look closer by. And the big question ofcourse..how is the food there?

The food is awesome, at least if you like a hearty kitchen. And the wine is great too. Simple, solid and just tasty. Depending on where you usually go to in Switzerland, it a stone‘s throw from Basel. Cheers!

Haha yeah heavy foods as if it is neverending winter. But rhats why im asking..it is so close and we always race by. Such a good place for a couple of days!

And gooood snow

Snow really adds beauty to a scenery !

Absolutely, especially if untouched!

I got jealous I need to find some snow now 😂

Looks like a great place , if yu have a wooden cabin and a cozy fire 🔥

Oh yes. Although, it's the kind of region where you can't even pick up an old branch without a forester coming out from behind a tree intervening. :D

These are stunning photographs of such beautiful places. It's still winter wonderland over there and I love how the cherry trees look like during their winter rest. I imagine they will turn colorful in the next seasons.

Far back on the horizon, the distant view on the two Roche-Towers. Basel's tallest buildings. Can you spot them?

If you didn't say, I would not have noticed them myself :)

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Thank you! Yes, the colors will be very different in a couple of months already.

You caught the ice crystals on the snow (second frame) ☁️

Beautiful ⭐️

The snow in the ground makes it more beautiful to see. The tall trees looks so amazing and the whole place is so relaxing

Yes, very calm and relaxing.

Looks so clean and open, I bet the air most be great, I love winter but have never been in a place with snow, hope one day in a few years travel north to a place with this kind of view, thx for sharing ✌️

Wow that is a true winter wonderland there! Love how the snow reflects the sun. I have not been yet to Markgräflerland but it is definitely on my bucket list now.
Greetings from Austria (no snow in Vienna)
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Definitely worth a visit. It's far from Vienna though. Which in turn is on a top spot of my bucket list.

Well make sure to come on the first Thursday of the month when you travel to Vienna. You can be part of the #hiveviennameetup

This is a very exciting journey and an amazing landscape. I hope the cherry trees spread beauty soon.

Looking at the current temperatures I suspect the blooming will start sooner than usual.

Really beautiful photos. I enjoyed so much.

Lovely Sunday walk! On this part of the globe, we didn't get to enjoy too much sun during the winter until today in the morning when we finally felt warming up a bit outside. 🙏🏻


The place is so relaxing and I always dream of touching a real snow, hehe. Honestly, I have not experienced winter because we only have two seasons here, rainy and sunny. By the way, you really have excellent photography. I genuinely love the shots my friend. Have a nice day and take care. !PIZZA

Schnee, sowas kennen wir hier Norden von Deutschland gar nicht mehr. Sehr schöne Fotos, vielen Dank fürs Zeigen


Hornet on Tour

Gerne! Auch im Norden wird es (irgendwann) wieder schneien :)

Your photos are simply impressive!
I imagine how beautiful it is in reality.

Thanks for the mood :-)

All these photos were taken with an IOS? At first I thought you were using a digital camera.

The photos look amazing and this spot looks a great spot for sight-seeing.

Yes, all photos shot with an iPhone 13.

That's great

Is this in Finland or Norway? Beautiful places =)

📷 Amazing photos

Soo beautiful .. wawooo 🤩

Beautiful in white, pretty cool! ❤️

Amazing nature with outstanding shots

Great winter pics! 😎👍!CTP

Beauty, they snow has a Unique charm! Thanks for sharing ✌🏼 hugs from Venezuela

these are some stunning shots!

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Hermosuras de paisajes, hijos de nuestro planeta tierra, acá en mi pais solo hay nieve en una parte de una ciudad, pero en Maracaibo solo hay sol, sol, sol, es muy bonito además que esas tierras de Alemania tienen mucha historia que contar. Gracias por tus fotos tan bonitas verdaderamente encantadoras gracias. 👍

the 4th picture from above is quite so beautiful sir @shaka, you are lucky enough to be able to enjoy this beautiful view.

Wow beautiful pictures, I would like to go there one day


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@shaka could you ship some snow to me over here please🙃

Nice shots @shaka

Here, have some more:


Thanks for stopping by!

Hehehehe well received 😃

Whats better than walking through the snowy fields?!
I would love to see the valley covered in Flowers too tough!:)

Nice winter weather

Wao simplemente hermoso, la nieve parece de cristal

walking in touch with nature should give you peace, you are very lucky, I loved the Sunday walk

Wow, these are breathtaking pictures, truly a picturesque location.

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Beautiful captures, I love the landscapes that unfold in the snow. Seeing the bushes among the snow and how the reflections of the sun give warmth to such cold days.

This place is so beautiful and I am sure that you had a great time there.
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Hi there you have captured the winter splendor so beautifully with a mobile camera I am sure many readers aspiring to take beautiful pictures like these would be inspired to buy the iPhone 13 Pro after reading your post.
I wonder how the cherry tries would look in their full splendor when spring sets in.
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Beautiful photography 😍🙂