Thanks so much, during the warmer months i mostly go out for sunrise walks as I did today, but when it gets cold and close to freezing in the morning then I go for day or sunset walks

I go out in the mornings for at least 5 days a week, baring when it's pouring too hard. Then I do with jogging inside. I used to be regular with badminton spending 3-4 hours in the morning during my college/uni days. I was part of the national inter-varsity badminton team during my engineering college days.

Thats impressive the time you put into badminton, and also you were in the varsity team

Inter-varsity team! That team consists of the best 10 players from all universities of India (a national level player) although I did not make it to the National team as I opted for business school and then got busy with my career.

Wow even more impressive I must say especially when India is so strong in badminton