Moody Blues

The Moody Blues

This post is of a few shots taken on an early morning walk along the coast here in New Bedford, it was a moody morning with some dark clouds in the sky, most of these shots are before the sun rose

Yesterday was a mono day, today breaking in with a few colors but more subdued colors.

These shots are all long exposures to capture what little light was there, you may remember a while back I mentioned I slipped and fell, well this first shot if the one I took after that fall
there is a a little rock wall/slope from the spot I parked my car down to the edge of the water, which was slippery and wet and my feet went out from under me, but I got back up for this viewpoint and shot.
The water was so clear that morning

Moody blues.jpg

Sony A7iii 17mm F8 30 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

And this is looking the other way at the hurricane Barrier wall and the lights reflected on the water, the long exposure of 39 Seconds, giving the water the almost mirror like look

Moody blues-2.jpg

Sony A7iii 17mm F8 39 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

And looking out over the pier, after this shot I carefully made my way up the slippery rocks and haven't been back down to that spot again since, and incase your wondering, I didnt do to much damage to myself, a couple of twisted fingers, and a gouge out of my arm which are all good now, but I did save my camera from any damage as I fell :)

Moody blues-3.jpg

Sony A7iii 28mm F8 31 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

Looking out over the pier, the white lines on the water is a fishing boat heading out, being a 15 second exposure all we see of it is the lights moving along.

Moody blues-4.jpg

Sony A7iii 25mm F8 15 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

I took a walk along the Walk on top of the Hurricane Barrier and the sun was coming up, giving a nice glow on the horizon

Moody blues-5.jpg

Sony A7iii 25mm F8 3.2 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

It may not be the most picturesque view when there is just a glow on the horizon and dark skies above, but I enjoy any sunrise I see, the fresh air makes the view seem special anytime

Moody blues-6.jpg

Sony A7iii 25mm F8 5Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.

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I can't decide today and so all photos are my favourites 😃 I love the colours and the long exposures of the water 😍

!BEER and !WINE - both make a nice dinner with !PIZZA :)

Thanks 🙏
You know I love the blue hour ore sunrise

!PIZZA and !BEER - sounds like a nice dinner :)

Yep, I know you love this time of the day and it's my favourite time too 😃

!PIZZA and !BEER - sounds like a nice dinner :)

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Awesome shots. There really is something about that blue/orange contrast that just pleases the eye. On a side note, I got to see The Moody Blues in concert about 17 years ago. It was a fantastic show!

Thanks and cool you got to see them must have been awesome

Those are amazing photos and especially the last two orange exposures lovely.

Thanks kindly your support is appreciated

Have a great day

Wow!!! Your title for your pictures is also awesome. ❤️ really gorgeous!
Simply breathtaking and so peaceful. Thank you for sharing my dear sweet friend @tattoodjay. God bless you long.

👍🙂👍Thanks kindly your support is appreciated

Have a great day

Love that time of the morning its a photography world at that time.

Ohh yes indeed I love my morning walks I will miss them over winter

Me too yeah winter will be a bummer you will have to do laps around the lounge room 🤣

I do that but getting my steps in at the mall they open at 8 for walkers and at 10 the shops open.

Ah that's very handy then good on them letting you do that.

In the colder states most malls do that it’s great they do

Hey that is a really good idea 😁

Yeah I am glad they do and I can my daily steps in over winter

Thanks kindly your support is appreciated

Have a great day

Wow slipper rocks in early morning light, well camera was saved not so much yourself, good to hear you up and on the go again JJ.

Exceptional lighting with lighting as always!


It could have been worse I got up and kept walking and shooting only when I got back to the car did I realize I had cut my arm and blood was running down hand covered in blood
Dang blood thinners

Have a great day

Never good slipping like that, lucky nothing too serious being out on your own early mornings.

Still captured amazing photography!

It was a while back and all good now :)

Have a great day

👍 No more slippery rocks when out doing photography, we don't bounce like we used to!

I am being more careful these days


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They are too brutal photos, I would say that they are really works of art. I loved all the photos because of the way they look, but the one that attracted me the most was the second one, the colors of the light bulbs reflected in the sea make the photo have a special touch...

Good job without a doubt. Regards

Thanks that’s so kind if you and was truly appreciated

I am honestly lost for words touched and motivated by such kind feedback

wow looks fantastic, like somewhere on another planet
morning? what time is it? so dark yet

These were all taken before sunrise

I'm delighted that you know how to take such great photos and that you share them with us 🙏 Bummer to hear about your fall but glad you're recovering!

Thanks kindly your support is appreciated

Have a great day

You took one for the team with the slipper rocks, gotta sacrifice a bit to get a great shot! Lol. Thankfully you and the camera are okay! Some incredible pictures as always.

Lol yeah it’s all good

Have a great day

Well those are some amazing shots that you clicked 😀. what place is that ??

Thanks kindly your support is appreciated

These are mostly along the coast and harbor walk here in New Bedford MA

Have a great day