Thursday Random animals I have come across on walks

Random animals I have come across on walks

Good Morning

For all those in the United States Happy Thanksgiving

on a recent walk around the trail at the Acushnet sawmill here in New Bedford this was in early afternoon the sun was out but it was still pretty cool so not many people were there, but as I came around one corner I came across a couple of ladies and this cute little dog which ran up by the feet and was looking up at me, so I snapped a quick shot or two

The cold wasn't bothering him at all even with his short legs and being so close to the ground, and he was bouncing up and down and all around and was so cute.


Sony A7iv 50mm F11 1/2125 Sec ISO 2000
Click here to view larger

I wanted to slip him into a post so had to look for some photos to go with it so I looked through my photos to see what I could add to this post and found this little colorful bird I saw on a visit to the Zoo a few weeks ago


Sony A7iv 240mm F6.3 1/60 Sec ISO 3200
Click here to view larger

And here we have a swan on Golden Pond, OK the river at the Sawmill but with some golden light, Swans are such beautiful birds arent they the way they glide along the water


Sony A7iv 400mm F10 1/160 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

And next up while walking alongside the Hurricane Barrier wall I came across this Ibis, standing there quietly enjoying the view, and i of course loved the reflection.

I often see the alongside the water in this spot, and they look so beautiful in flight


Sony A7iv 371mm F6.3 1/3200 Sec ISO 1250
Click here to view larger

I did say I took a shot or two of this cute little dog so finishing off with another photo of him


Sony A7iv 174mm F11 1/125 Sec ISO 1250
Click here to view larger

And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.

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Very beautiful photos!

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Happy Thanksgiving :) Animals really do make walks more fun 🙌 The dog looks like a great walking partner :) ...

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Thanks the dog sure seemed ot be enjoying his walk

True, swan is a beautiful bird and you captured it amazingly. The vibrant of the colors are so amazing . By the way, glad to know you're doing some walks now despite the cold weather .

Thanks for your visit
Taking a break from walking unless its a warmer day till I have the CT scan and see whats going on

Cute puppy and It's cute eyes 😍 as always awesome photographs you’ve captured and shared. Happy thanksgivings 🌷

Thanks :)

You're welcome sir!

Excelente su post. Lo disfruté muchísimo. Los animales hacen de la vida algo más feliz. 🥰🥰

Walking always brings us different views. We can also find different birds, animals, grasses and even flowers and insects.

Indeed always fun one never knows what one will see

Look at the eyes of the puppy, It's saying something! This is one of the delights we get from walking, seeing cute and lovely animals enjoying their day as well.😊

Happy Thanksgiving. That little dog is so cute. I will have to make sure my wife doesn't see it. We have been debating getting a dog for awhile now but haven't taken the plunge.

Thank you

Lol good idea not to show your wife

The cold wasn't bothering him at all even with his short legs and being so close to the ground, and he was bouncing up and down and all around and was so cute.

Probably take do not take longer walks with him in the winter. Or if yes, then he can stand the cold well (this varies from dog to dog). It is visible that his owners take a good care of him. He is in a loving family.

Ohh yes indeed clearly he was well cared for and loved

Dawww. What a cute little doggie.

Happy thanks giving man! i wish you have a great day with your family!

Great photos you captured really well the ecency of those animals! really well done!

Thanks so much

Those water bird photos are pretty cool - my daughter liked them (but really liked the dog ones more, lol)

The dog was so so cute

Maybe the dog recognized you as a very good person and asked to climb into your arms!

Lol maybe your right

Awwww... Lovely creatures today @tattoodjay!... Thanks for sharing!... Best wishes to you, I hope your health is progressing well!....


Thanks 🙏


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Happy Thanksgiving!
I am grateful to have met you, @tattoodjay !

Thanks I to am great fun that we met

Happy Thanksgiving JJ, I do love animals and all the pictures looking absolutely beautiful. I do wish you an amazing black Friday and weekend ahead. Thank you for sharing :}

The best way to get more is giving thanks. It really worth the celebration. Happy thanksgiving. At times while we go on a different course, we meet some random stuffs that catches our attention. These animals and the positions you snapped them are really interesting I'm sure your walk on such days wasn't a boring one as reading this post reminds me of some beautiful animals I have seen but couldn't take photos of them.

The doggie is sooooo cute and the parrot 🦜 beautiful colourful 😎😉
Thanks for sharing these random encounters.
Have a great Thursday.
Happy thanksgiving 👋🏻

Hi @tattoodjay! Lovely little dog. The pictures are so spectacular, it looks like I'm looking at him through a window. I congratulate you