If Posts Had an AI Written and Ghost Written Warning Label

You're doing curators a favor if you have a large heading that says the post was AI written or you Hired a ghost writer. I see this label, I skip.

Here’s a thought experiment on this network:

Put a disclaimer at the start of your post in bold headings telling people this post was AI written or you hired a ghost writer to do it. Check to see the accounts voting on the post and determine which ones are autovoting and the ones manually curating it. Follow up after 7 days to see how many views and retention time the post actually generated. Then ask yourself if you deserve more than what you’re getting?

Disclaimer: I still don't have strong opinion about AI generated art, I'm exploring the space. But AI written text for content or ghost written works on Hive are just meh.

I don’t know, maybe there’s an actual reason why people don’t put a warning label from the start. Mentioning straight out that their products are outsourced because it ruins the illusion that they put in the work. You wouldn’t want to ruin a brand you built by straight up admitting the work was never really yours. You probably lose some respect for your fave content creators if you found out bulk of the work that won your admiration wasn’t theirs, just their name slapped on it, and you bought into an illusion.

Ghost writers as a service are there because there’s a need for fakers or straight lazy creators to take the easy way out. Has anyone ever tried freelance writing jobs? I did, I can’t believe how much the pay actually sucks when I’m tasked to write an eBook while my work gets slapped by someone else’s name which they will keep the royalties and bought the intellectual rights but that’s how the ghost writing gig works. In the end, just their name/company/brand is enough to convince people to buy their stuff.

Have you ever heard about light novels not being 100% from the author’s work? Some light novel authors got big publishing their web novels from a popularity poll and publishing companies tasked their editors to polish the finished product. Now imagine working with an author similar to how a teenager writes their romance stories at Wattpad, full of errors on the grammar department but it clicked.

Behind every good author in some popular light novel is an editor that struggled to make a cohesive story and sentence out of the product. But the editor’s name isn’t the one being sold here, it’s the story written by the author that made it big.

I couldn’t be bothered with ChatGPT in writing my shitposts for me, I spent a few years as a ghost writer as a side gig required writing 6k words daily even during days when I’m sick doing it hard mode for pocket change. It’s not apparent that I’m a writer given how my atrocious grammar needs salvation but hear my shitpost out:

There’s less drive for me to impress an invisible audience that may or may not care about me or my content. It’s different from having an employer where I have to answer to criticisms about my grammar because I need the job. Some shitpost because they need the money, I shitpost because I need a hobby, we are not the same. For people that take their blogging seriously, don’t emulate my example as it makes your blogs better if you pay attention to the small details of your post (because this is where your potential livelihood comes from). I just blog for the hobby and thank you for the tips, let me know if you’re interested in supporting my OnlyFans.

Here’s a controversial take on ghost writing, I’m sure a lot of people will disagree. Hiring a ghost writer for your blogs is fine as long as you don’t get caught, on Hive. The whole point of hiring a ghost writer is slapping your name onto a product and try to fake it till you make it, but you’re totally responsible for the fall out once caught.

You lied or just didn’t want to mention you hired a service to make the post for you. I find it even inconceivable to use the excuse of forgetting to mention your posts was ghost written if the ghost writer fucked up and plagiarized.

If you already got a good following, consistent autovotes, and good network, why waste your reputation for a few dollars that you don’t even need? It’s more profitable to be trusted by the community than lose a face.

For people that are transparent about their works being ghostwritten, good for you, just don’t salt over curators that prefer to support authors that work on their own content. I don’t think it really matters if the content made by users are bad as long as they’re doing their best. A lot of the stuff posted on Hive aren’t even worth the votes that they’re getting (mine included but thank you for the tips) but I prefer seeing people try their best. Have you been actively onboarding Hive users?

I’ve seen people who post with a clear label they never blogged or written for content in their lives but still take a whack at the platform. A little encouragement down the road and there is a noticeable increment in their writing, sure money may have motivated them but without a community to encourage people to develop stuff they thought they couldn’t do, the platform and its existing community are already changing people’s lives at an individual level.

Personality and content sells but if the content wasn’t made by the personality that is selling it, then it comes off as fake and may lead to doubt of the personality being faked too.

Normal people don’t think about skill, presentation, and history when actively reviewing content they like. You see something that interests you, press like. And in a social media network, it’s not really about the content alone but the people you just want to support with your stake. You can make the best article about apples but I prefer to read about oranges and some people out there would rather vote on posts about grapes. You can post the best content on the subject I’m interested in but it would take a lot more to convince me you’re worth my 0.001$ upvote because I hate you. There’s a rational and irrational way people approach their voting behavior here.

Don’t get deluded with autovotes, maybe at some point someone got impressed by you and they just let their settings stagnate there but if the times have changed, maybe consider asking if you’re still worth the autovotes you’re getting. Never fall into the mind trap that you got big because you got a lot of your $ posts, probably just at the right place and time to be noticed. The platform isn’t going to fall into chaos missing your content. We’re all replaceable in the broader picture just like the old authors that used to be prolific “content creators” from the legacy chain, they left and life goes on.

Faking stuff will eventually lead you to getting caught and it only takes one oops moment to lose it all. It’s just not worth the trouble wasting away potential. Trust in a decentralized platform is a precious resource so people that take community trust lightly will eventually find themselves in a steep climb to get it back.

If you made it this far reading, thank you for your time.


I have done freelancing and so I can relate to the fact how it feels to have a name of someone else on content written by you.

You own nothing of it. The royalty is theirs. They are, at times dumb, but people appreciate them.

I agree that the trust of a community has greater worth than some dollars. I think it's about mindset. Some people come to earn as much as they can until they are caught. After being caught, they go on finding another method of cheating

The amount of effort they have to expend cheating people to buy an illusion could have been channeled into building a personality people don't mind supporting even with the imperfections. There's a lot of people that can't blog well here, and I don't really mind them earning a lot of rewards even with the lack of skill IF I see these people going out of their way and making friends with strangers, engagement and doing the stuff that makes this network socially active. That's more valuable that them posting content no one is going to look back after 24 hours.

Right. The connections we make are more worthy than the content we create.

These are the connections that benefit us in the long run

Don’t get deluded with autovotes, maybe at some point someone got impressed by you and they just let their settings stagnate there but if the times have changed, maybe consider asking if you’re still worth the autovotes you’re getting. Never fall into the mind trap that you got big because you got a lot of your $ posts, probably just at the right place and time to be noticed.

People who get auto-votes don't care about if their content is worth it or not. They rather post their shitpost every day and collect their paycheck. That is just how it is. Another day another cooking recipe.

That is just how it is. Another day another cooking recipe.

You got me there. Autovotes are good if you don't have time curating and want to keep supporting people here but it's human nature to get complacent and quality eventually dwindles down when they realized nobody is looking and they can make money for less the effort than they did starting out. There's a good chance most that need to here this aren't going to read it because of the post and go habit.

A good use for AI would be to detect if votes are auto or manual. ^^

You probably already detect some of them without the use of AI. Depends if you think trails are bad.

Some times, yeah I just mean something that'd help you out to save you from checking each votes/post yourself.

Biggest beneficiary of ghost writing on chain=chbartist 😆

Ah well, the only impression that lasted about the guy was his content wasn't good and it was inflated in my mental space. I don't remember the name but when it does get mentioned, the brand impression was just some account I found not worth supporting.

I agree the content was garbage but it was pretty apparent the account owner wasn't writing it because all the comments were completely different in style and linguistic skill.

I had a similar, but slightly different thought about AI. Similar, because I was thinking that just like pictures are expected to be sourced, a post or a piece of artwork should be as well (which is sort of what you wrote about).

Different, perhaps, because I think there are probably ways to use AI that are acceptable. I equate it with the idea that thousands of people, millions really, have access to the same ideas but only a few of those people actually bring those ideas to fruition, are successful using them, or make them popular. I think that AI written posts and AI produced art are probably the same way. Anyone (or many people at least) can now access AI, but only a fraction of those people will actually be able to do something of value with it.

Rather than ban it here, I think it’s a good idea to create a standard where we expect it to be labeled, and those who choose to support it can.

If the post is purely made by AI, there's less human element into it beyond the prompt and numbers. I'd support the human imperfections and those trying hard to better their stuff. That's why I can't really decide to the extent on how much I pro or anti AI art considering AI artists can also be good at digital photo editing and AI art has problems with minor details such as hands and feet. If a digital artist were to use these tools for concept art, and fix up some of the errors and added more to the generated art, there's more transformative value there than just churning out plain generated art.

If I were an artist that had created several pieces and learned how to program my own AI to generate an art with my style, would the end product still be just an AI art when from start to finish the bulk of the creativity has been fueled by my own art. This is the detail that makes me rethink my stance on AI art.

That’s an interesting idea, to input your art or writing and then have AI generate things that would be likely to make.

Personally, I don’t want to use it, and if I were to use it, I would like to hold myself to a standard where I edited or altered or changed the content in some way, but I’m still on the fence as to whether holding other people to the same standard is necessary.

If an amazing movie we’re made entirely by AI, I think people would still flock to see it.

We want to be entertained. We want to be moved. We want good content, and if AI can give it to us, why not support it?

I think AI will just alter the way we use social media sites like this one. In order to stand out from AI (the current version of it anyway), we somehow have to prove we are humans, which sort of translates to exposing who we are.

I’ve always tried to stay somewhat anonymous online, despite dropping personal details here and there in comments. I’m not inclined to take the influencer approach and include myself in most or all of my photographs and videos, but moving forward, that might be necessary. I think it will be less about the content and more about the creator.

If an amazing movie we’re made entirely by AI, I think people would still flock to see it. We want to be entertained. We want to be moved. We want good content, and if AI can give it to us, why not support it?

I don't disagree with this line of thinking.

AI will alter content consumption. There will be a market for AI content but the extent of its influenced would probably be extensive to the point that it's already everywhere just not that remarkable because of how much has been AI influenced. From business logos, to formal letters, and benign creative designs like infographic.

I'm relatively anon and only a few active users here has seen my face. I think it's a huge hurdle to be anon in a network that has everyone else revealing a piece of themselves and gain community trust faster for transparency so anons that make it big here tend to require a longer time to build that trust.

I agree. I think a lot of making yourself known here is done by grinding it out in Discord, too, which is something that I don’t like to do.

A lot of engagements are done on Discord because it doesn't charge you RC for low HP accounts that barely have a stake to work with. And Discord is where the kool kids are so it's a logical approach.

The RC issue. That’s something else that I hadn’t thought of. I got overwhelmed and stopped blogging here while a lot of these changes were implemented, so I often forget about things like RCs, etc.

I wonder how Peakd will work around that issue with their chat. Somebody has probably written about it. I’ll see what I can find out.

Have a good weekend.

I guess it has the same analogy with your ghostwriting gig for a pocketchange. I know some folks here who does all the effort at coming up with original content and just getting a penny or a dime. In my case, i write as a form of journaling and not totally for the monetary return. So for other people, the question is, is it really worth it?

the question is, is it really worth it?

I think it really depends on what the end objective is. If the goal was to make money and live off it, I don't think relying on Hive in the first place was a good decision but then I'm speaking from a place of comfort where I do don't need the tips. If one is really just doing stuff for $, they're wasting their time here if their posts aren't getting those big votes. I evaluate failure based on the set goals so yes, it's not worth it if they put in the effort without the reward and best to do their business elsewhere for their time.

I don't have the $ as a primary objective, it's like a side quest. I just want to see how far I can go doing shitpost and crypto as a hobby.

I'm finding it difficult to get my stuff seen right now. T-T my videos and some of my community posts get picked up, but lately, it's been like a ghost town on some of my posts that I've worked hard on. I know consistency is key but I see the engagement on posts that sometimes are just a few photos and a few lines and its disheartening a bit.

Factors at play that are beyond you control is trying to win the hearts of the people that you're courting attention from. If your niche isn't exactly the type that majority of the populace are into, there's not much can be done about it, the way to increase your chances is just being likeable enough that people would overcome the threshold to engage with you. A lot of the stuff people post here is something I'm not into, like how their day went, who they are working with, and what their interests are, none of that sort can convinced me to bother unless I like the person but if I do like the person, there's an extended effort to understand what their post is about and engage.

Then coming back to a realization that it was never my content that drew people to be interested in voting for me, I just happen to be at the right place talking to the right people at the right time. Or I'm just lucky. Either way, I wouldn't attribute my success to pure skill at socializing when I know I'm bad at it. But what I'd do if I want to get anywhere here is look at people who are succeeding at the stuff I want to achieve, what are they doing that I'm not and if I am doing it, what am I lacking that they have in pursuing the same thing.

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Yeah the ghostwriting aspect seems to be popping up a bit more of late. Are people paying others to write their hive posts? That’s weird lol. I can see a lot of people using the AI models to write their trash but paying another content creator to write their posts is odd.

I’m hopeful that people will adopt the disclaimer at the top or decline rewards or something but I suspect that’s not going to happen lol

Yeah the ghostwriting aspect seems to be popping up a bit more of late. Are people paying others to write their hive posts? That’s weird lol.

It's lucrative~ once the person builds a name and rep, they get the autovotes and cash it those autovotes by having someone else do the work while they focus on other stuff off Hive. It's an efficient money making machine with reputation as an investment. I bet a lot are doing it low-key but hard to prove especially if the real owner proof reads the style.

I’m hopeful that people will adopt the disclaimer at the top or decline rewards or something but I suspect that’s not going to happen lol

Because they know that transparency, no matter how much it's valued, isn't going to make them money and going the opposite way is being smart because doing the latter is like virtue signaling. We live in a society.

It might even be nice if one day people could just check a box to include metadata if a post contains: AI written, paid advertisement, product received for free, ghostwritten, not original photos, compensation received, and so on. Then each frontend on Hive could decide how they wanted to inform users if a post was written by AI and so forth.

On some platforms, I share my content on. I am required to make certain disclosures and it’s made easy with a checkbox if for instance, I received a product for free.