Market Friday in Ukraine. New purchases for my garden: flowers, flowers, and flowers

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Hello, Hive friends!
I'm from Ukraine. I decided to join the #MarketFriday by @dswigle and share with you my thoughts and photos from local outdoor market in my village near Kyiv.


In the Kyiv region, people are gradually returning to normal life. The daily village markets work now (we call them 'bazaars'), where locals sell their own seedlings of garden plants and flowers.


I have been buying flowers for the garden here for several years. Recently, I stopped ordering garden flowers on special sites, and began to buy them from ordinary people in the village market. Because I feel special care and love in these flowers, such flowers also easily take root in my garden and give me joy with their blooms.


In addition, my regular flower seller will always tell me how to plant the flower properly, the best way to fertilize it so that the flowering is 'Wow'. I really like such 'small talk' with the sellers in our Ukrainian village markets.

Today I also decided to buy some plants for my garden. I want to add a little joy to my life in wartime, to support elderly people who grow plants.


Flower prices remained at last year's level. For example, a peony costs $ 5 - $ 25 per seedling
(depending on the variety), an azalea costs $ 30 per bush, and an aquilegia costs $ 4 per seedling.


So, I bought 5 irises for $ 2 per one flower, one peony (Many Happy Returns) for $ 6, and carnation for $ 3.5 per 2 little pots. I also bought basil seedlings for $ 1,5.

You can also buy a variety of vegetables and fruits at the village market, including the food from local farmers. But all fresh vegetables are expensive now. For example, fresh tomatoes cost $ 4-5 per kilogram, cucumbers $ 3 per kilogram, and young cabbage $ 1.5 per kilogram.


I like the atmosphere of the village market. Here you can often see bright characters, easily and effortlessly communicate with sellers, bargain, buy goods cheaper. I would even say that a special life is booming here, its rhythm is pulsating. I am pleased to think that despite the difficult times in my country, Ukrainians believe in the best future, buy seedlings and flowers for their gardens. Because, in the end, small joys of life are hidden in such trifles and daily worries.


Thanks a lot for your attention! Have a great weekend!


the flowers for sale look very beautiful and lush

Thank you for your kind feedback! 🌸

Який базар, як у добрі часи😀. В нас зараз він майже пустий

Дякую вам за відгук! Так, життя на ньому кіпить. Мені так приємно бачити на нашому базарчику серед продавців тих, кого вже знаю, у кого вже роками купую квіти, насіння, розсаду. Бо всі живі і здорові. Це найголовніше, що може бути сьогодні.

Thank you for your feedback! Yes, life in the market is in full swing. I am so pleased to see at our village market among the sellers of those I already know, from whom I have been buying plants and seedlings for years. Everyone is alive and well. This is the most important thing in wartime.

А я сьогодні тех пішла на ринок, і він був! Людей багато, але переселенці, обличчя не знайомі, але такі рідні🤗 Діалект український, але у кожного свій і одразу розумієш хто звідки приїхав, по діалекту

This is great to see - all the best !

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Waoooo... The pictures are so clear and pretty. What kind of camera please

Thank you for your feedback! This is a camera of a regular Redmi smartphone. 🙂