The warm ambience of a street market

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I can't believe that already twenty days passed since I was wandering among the stalls of this street market in the city of Almería. Time flies so quickly and it feels like it was just a few days ago that we were on our journey through the south of Spain and later, through the neighbour country, Portugal. On the other side, the dates when the photos were taken prove a different reality, it was the first day of January. The Christmas lights were still decorating the city where we took an evening walk. Taking the main commercial street to go back to the hotel we passed by this street market.


Actually, we didn't know it would be there, the market. We were just following the navigation on the phone and knew that we had to go with this wide street. The surprise was nice, as the lights from the city centre continued here too. It was still so festive. A city is much more colourful on a dark winter night in this way. I can't deny that I find a lot of joy in these little details.


Those lights were extended between the palm trees, but also, every stall had a small roof construction with a smaller light design. It reminds me of snowflakes or deeply frozen raindrops. But the overall atmosphere on this street market was much warmer than ice or snow would provide.


A warmer ambience. No, not just because there were some cute items where you can burn incense sticks, but in general. The feeling that the whole event gave me was pleasant. But back to the warmth and burning stuff. So, these little burning houses that were handcrafted (according to the sellers) serve for burning essential oils and incense cones and sticks.


The cute little houses had chimneys, and although I am not sure if the smoke would come out exactly from there, the idea is excellent. I could already imagine a rural area, in winter, with just a few houses and smoke coming out from the chimneys. In this case even better, as the scent of the essential oils and incense is what we could be able to smell.


As in every crafts market, there were paintings and hand-painted items. Little boxes with nice blue covers, painted clocks, bowls, hangers, bookmarks, you name it. The sea is important for people living on the coast so many times the topic is the sea and its protection from pollution. The sooner we all realize it the better.


Tourism is one of the main income for citizens of coastal towns, however, once it used to be agriculture and fishing. The sea means life, inspiration, and health, a mass of salty water that connects places, coasts and people.



Many times we also see lather items. It can be very rewarding, to work with that material. You can express your creativity by making bags, wallets, belts, all other accessories, or shoes. That is what I liked a lot, the shoes that were made of leather. And coloured!



Something that I see for the first time on a street market. Manual coffee grinders! My family has one of these antique-styled manual coffee grinders. And if I remember well, they used it a few times for the purpose of grinding, however, it was showcased on the top of the kitchen furniture just for decoration. That was (and still is) a place for more antiques, like antique kitchen scales with weights. I always wanted to play with that, but you guess, I was not allowed to do that.


Anyway, we can measure the weight of food with more modern scales nowadays. Without any doubt, the chestnuts brought here were measured in a different style. Probably bought in bulk and brought to the market to be roasted. @nanixxx, this is for you. This is how the chestnuts are before they are roasted.


After being roasted, they are sold in small paper cornets. I bought this still in the city centre, by the Cathedral, before reaching the market.


They are hot so you have to take care not to burn yourself (if you don't have the patience to wait 😁). You have to peel off the hard skin, which cracks because they are slightly cut with a knife. One tiny drawback of eating roasted chestnuts on the street - your fingertips may become black. But it is a small sacrifice compared to the taste you get from this little treat.


The market offered a lot more. So many kiosks and different items were displayed here, in Almería that evening. The wide street with stalls between the long row of palm trees gave exactly that warm feeling that everyone should experience on a winter evening. Well, the lights, the chestnuts and the burning little houses helped with that feeling!



Great photos!
I like roasted chestnuts too.
I bought raw chestnuts and still haven’t fried them, for some reason they turned out to be tasteless raw 🤔

We also sometimes buy raw chestnuts and then try to roast them, but they are never the same as when we buy them on the street, already roasted. There is a charm in eating it on the street, hot.

Love those little houses for essential oils. I had a bigger one of those some years ago. I love the coffee grinders too. These are the pretty things that I love to buy and then I have no room in my house, cause it’s full of stuff 😂
Never tried those roasted chestnuts. I saw them selling many times, but somehow never tried 🤷🏻‍♀️

I know, for those things one needs space in the house. My parents manage it well, the house is spacy. :)

Roasted chestnuts - if you have an opportunity next time I suggest you try them :))

I shall try! Maybe next time I’m in France 😉

This street market bring a very warm vibe and good environment. First, I think it's only my local market where they still sell the Christmas stuff. It isn't that strange to be honest, as I run a small business in the house and I actually used to sell traditional Chinese costumes that people only used during the Chinese New Year.

You sell traditional Chinese costumes for the Chinese New Year? Nice :))
Christmas markets are celebrated in many places, I would like to visit one day some of the big ones, like those that are held during December in Germany. But this one was pretty nice too :))

There are street vendors here selling roasted chestnuts too, especially during the cold season. Never tried it, maybe on weekend. I am suddenly curious about its taste..

Maybe you can try them next time, I think you would not regret :))
And indeed, the season for them is while it is cold 😉

Hello dear friend @mipiano good day
I love this craft market, there are so many really beautiful items.
Here we also have the same customs, decorating a kitchen or living room with vintage items.
Enjoy the roasted chestnuts a lot, they look delicious
Have a wonderful weekend

Every craft market is interesting to me, there is always something new to see. Those "casita quemador" were so nice, and I haven't seen them before. The coffee grinders as well!
Roasted chestnuts - it's a must when I see them :D

Thank you and have a great weekend you too 👋

Recién abro los ojitos y escaneé tu post con mi vista de águila... que no ha levantado el vuelo 🤣
Anoche cuando volvía de un juego de béisbol en otra provincia (recuerda que soy fotorreportera) pensé en ti, que mis notificaciones no me habían avisado de nuevos post... Así que te traje con el pensamiento, jjjjj El Secreto. Me voy a despertar correctamente para hacer lo que tengo pendiente en casa y luego me iré a pasear yo también, que me diste ganas con este mercadillo.

Now, with a little more time and using DeepL. I imagine your fingers got smudged with the chestnuts, but as long as you carry wet wipes there is no problem. If you need a knife to open them I guess you were armed too 🥴😱
I love the ambience that incense and essential oils create. Look! I have one to weaken vampires.

Yo pronto tendré que cerrar mis ojitos... el día pasó volando, quizás tú me llevaste a más sitios, al paseo, al mercadillo, hacer cosas pendientes en casa. No se sabe, quizás me llevaste a un partido de béisbol también :D (sí, me acuerdo que eres fotorreportera 😍 )

Y respondiendo aquí al otro mensaje también, que chulo lo del essential oil, pero por qué dices que debilita los vampiros? Espero no encontraste vampiros en tu paseo hoy y que ahora tienes que luchar contra ellos 😂

Busca en Google qué le hace la verbena a los vampiros. No me encontré vampiros, sino a dos comilones @ylaffittep y @newnow497 que estaban paseando por la Habana Vieja.

Es una cosa de las crónicas vampíricas de Anne Rice. Llegué a casa y preparé comida para mí y para Chanel 🐶 porque en el paseo solo tomé helado y comí una cuña de cake. Vampiros... 😏, na. No me llaman la atención. 😆

A, vale :)) pues no se si decirlo o no jajaja, no he leido esta serie de novelas. Gracias a ti ahora me he enterado de ella :D


hace dos días.... y ahora resfiada... tiene conección alguna?

Not to worry, vampire novels don't have to appeal to everyone. Maybe it's just that my mother, who always wants me to take pills, gave me some cod oil vitamins and I took them for a week. Maybe they're bringing out the flu that had been collecting. It is a hypothesis. Or maybe it was when I went to that stadium full of people and they gave me something, God knows what. I can't stand the street.
Ice cream is something I love very much, how could it hurt me?

Bye... I hope to survive.

That's a LOT of people there on the station. Huuuuuuuuuuuu

I hope to survive.

You will. You must hahaha

Such a nice photo! 💙
I almost never do these self-portrait photos, my ones are so bad 😂

The coffee grinder is irreplaceable, if you have a willing volunteer for endless spinning - bingo! This market sounds more sentimental than usual ;)

I'm sending a couple of flakes with a warm chestnuts (:

Children could be good volunteers, what do they know what is endless spinning hahaha (ok, just a joke 😂 )

Flakes... flakes...? You mean... snowflakes? ❄️ 😍

I was that kid once, until I found out what wrist pain feels like (kao nagradu sam dobijala solju bele kafe)

Yes snowflakes :D

❄️ hope there are still snowflakes around :))

Interestingly I didn't like white coffee as a child. NOt sure when I started with coffee, maybe in high school or University already... I just liked to play with the kitchen scales (that was not really allowed haha)

❄️ hope there are still snowflakes around :))

Nah, all melted away :(

Coffee was forbidden fruit, but when grandma wanted to make me feel special and grown up she made some, with the well-known "porasce ti rep.":D

Scale is playing with the scales, hahha.

Scale is playing with the scales, hahha.

Always. It's our rule :D

haha, I know the porasce ti rep thingy 😂

But why they were telling us that? 🤣🤣 Ok, it has some charm, how to threaten a child in a nice way lol

Have no idea what the hell coffee has to do with tail, but it made me giggle every time I've been told. :D

Really warm atmosphere in this market, I haven't had a warm roasted chestnut in a long time, it must have been very tasty?

It was tasty!! Somehow the content from that little paper cornet disappeared too quickly from my hand haha

I saw a whale! :D

Now I see it too hahahaha
I just saw a lot of fish :D

Such a great surprise indeed, finding such a market. Great stalls and so much to see.
The hot chestnuts are such a well known thing in the winter in Spain.
I tried them, but not for me 😎
Have a wonderful Friday and great weekend ahead @mipiano 👋🏻😊

Chesnuts - saw them for the first time in Granada and letter started to see them everywhere - when travelling during the winter months. But, we don't have them a lot in our little town, maybe nobody would like to roast chestnuts and sell them.
Thank you Jackie and have a nice Friday you too 😇

That’s great you saw them first in Granada.
To bad you don’t have them much on your town. Who knows… one day.
You are welcome, thank you so much.
Happy weekend! Yay it’s weekend 👋🏻😊

Oh yes, it is weekend, already Sunday afternoon... Time flies sooooooooooooooooooo quickly 😱 😂

And now it’s the middle of the week (almost)
My internet is sooooo bad right now. I’m trying to find a solution, but none are fast hehehe 🤭
Hope your weekend was beautiful and you are enjoying the week @mipiano 👋🏻😊

Oh,the internet problem 😔
The other day, better say night, it was 01:30 a.m. I was reading your post, you mentioned the issue with the internet...
Actually I was trying to find out is there already a revelation about the destination hehehe

Still on going. I can’t do anything at home. We have ordered Starlink, our only option being this remote. Hope it arrives soon and I can be around like usual again. And start posting the last 2 parts.
Nope… haven’t posted about our destination yet. It does need photos… so can’t just tell. Hahaha 🤣 the anticipation… I sooooo want to tell already.
I will try very soon 🤞🏻🤞🏻🍀🍀

Enjoy the evening @mipiano 👋🏻😊

What a great Christmas market.

The smell of chestnuts at the markets is unique.

Thanks for the walk through the Christmas market.


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The chestnuts... they sell them mainly just during the winter, so I guess I have to wait one year to smell/eat them again...

Wow, one could see the spirits of the new year day without you indicating. The market environment look amazing with the artistic displays

Yes, sometimes the pictures speak more than words :D

Manually curated by brumest from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you 😇

The light on the streets really made the market to look more amazing and colourful.

Those lights indeed helped a lot. It gave a festive ambience 😃

Place selling good handicrafts, looks like a beautiful local traditional post. Thank you.

Thank you ;)

Anyway, we can measure the weight of food with more modern scales nowadays. Without any doubt, the chestnuts brought here were measured in a different style. Probably bought in bulk and brought to the market to be roasted

Were they cheaper at the market since they are not roasted for now??

They were just displayed there, as raw, but when you want to buy, they roast it for you. They (on the market) don't sell it raw (though they buy it raw

Wow😍love the ambiance on that place and its nice to roam around since it was not a crowded place.

I loved the feeling too, the lights and the whole evening we had. There were a lot of people but I tried to take photos of the stalls and items :)

Wow I really like seeing those mini houses, they are so adorable 🤭

Absolutely adorable, I loved them too 😍


The sea means life, inspiration, and health, a mass of salty water that connects places, coasts and people.

In Suriname it's the same with "water", which is why (Indigenous) villages settled near rivers: it provides food, drink, used for cleaning and is a means of travel. During and after colonization, most of the population also settled near the coast.

They are hot so you have to take care not to burn yourself (if you don't have the patience to wait 😁).

!LOL When I had chestnuts in December I didn't mind that those were piping hot, because my hands were "freezing" 😂.