Got Me One of Them Expensive Hoes

Droppin Some Dough on a Hoe

Benjamins to Infinity 2.png

Sometimes nothing will get the job done like a good hoe. I haven't had one for almost 20 years! Hard to believe because I have needed one plenty of times, but its about true.


Mail Order Hoe


Well to be perfectly honest, I have an old one in the truck bed, but it is so old, it can't do much. I just use it as a reacher to drag stuff I can't get my hands on.


This is no cheap hoe. Oh no if you want that made in the USA top notch hoe, you got to pay up!


Hey at least I get a discount on my next purchase!

That is one sexy looking weld!


A special thanks going out to @dswigle coz she puts so much effort in trying to make Market Friday an enjoyable success every week!

I had to run to the store for some vital provisions. I mean these are the bare necessities needed for survival! However they were out of the third part of the OldGuy food triad!


Oyster crackers! How in the world is that possible. I mean we put a man on the moon, but just cant have any oyster crackers to buy. This country is really going down and fast lol.

Well at least this made me feel better. BTW there was a super cool pirate face in the watermelon, but now in the photo, I cant see it at all ☹️ I should have marked it!

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Every man needs a good hoe now and then !

It is pretty crazy the food that is scarce. Not like anyone is going to starve yet, but still. We are so use to great variety and having the food we want or need being available. It's pretty crazy and I can't help thinking that a good bit of it is being done greedily in order to drive up prices.

I like your profile pic!

You know humans need

  1. Air
  2. Water
  3. Oyster Crackers

Of course !

I love oyster crackers, but I resist buying them because I can't stop eating them when they are here. 🙂

I was updating the background and my photo and the background would change instantly, but the photo did not and I kept thinking I was using a wrong size or something and I finally gave up. I really wanted a different one, which I tried and tried and what you see was the last one I attempted. It still did not show when I walked away, but hours later when I came back, it was there ! So.... I guess I'll let it stay.

Oh yeah! If you're gonna get a hoe you better get a top dollar hoe!! :0D

Go big or go home I say :)

All the hoes!!

Looks like a great purchase @old-guy-photos 😎
Have a great weekend!

Thanks and I hope you enjoy yours as well :)

Thank you so much 😊☀️

Best hoe pics I have seen all day!

Thanks! I though she was a real looker!

I have a flat hoe and it is so good to use in the garden for slicing roots and getting rid of weeds.

It counts as exercise as well so win win.

If that garden tool had breasts, I dare say it would be perfect! 🙄

(I'm kidding... no hate mail please.)

If it had breasts I would sleep with it lol