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Good afternoon Market Friday community!

Muy buenas tardes comunidad de Market Friday!

Some time ago I have seen in @tattoodjay's posts Market Friday participations and this week I set out to participate in it.

Hace algún tiempo he visto en las publicaciones de @tattoodjay participaciones en el Market Friday y esta semana me propuse participar en el.




Last weekend my wife was participating in a craft fair in the town of Dorrego, where she grew up and which is about 90 km away from our home.

El fin de semana pasado mi esposa estuvo participando de una feria artesanal en el ciudad de Dorrego, lugar en el que se ha criado y queda a unos 90 km de distancia de nuestro hogar.



My wife's hobby is crocheting and she is very good at it. Very neat and perfectionist to the point that she has unknitted almost finished garments or dolls when she notices some small detail.

Mi esposa tiene como hobbie tejer al crochet y es muy buena en ello. Muy prolija y perfeccionista al extremo que ha destejito prendas o muñecos casi terminados al notar algún pequeño detalle.



Several weeks ago she found out that in Coronel Dorrego, the city where she grew up, there would be a craft fair, so she set herself the goal of finishing a certain amount of amigurumis, garments, mandalas and even badges.

Hace varias semanas atrás se enteró que en Coronel Dorrego, la ciudad que la vio crecer, habría una feria de productos artesanales por lo cual se puso como meta finalizar cierta cantidad de amigurumis, prendas, mandalas y hasta escarapelas.



The event led us to travel to this city and show up an hour before the opening to set up the stand, which required some time to make it visually neat and to show all the products in the little space allotted.

El evento llevo a movilizarnos a esta ciudad y presentarnos una hora antes de la apertura para poder armar el stand, lo cual requiere de un tiempo para poder dejarlo visualmente prolijo y que puedan verse todos los productos en el poco espacio asignado.



Although sales were not as high as expected, the opportunity was taken to show the amigurumis, garments and other products by handing out the cards that were made to publicize their productions.

Si bien las ventas no fueron las esperadas se aprovechó la oportunidad para mostrar los amigurumis, las prendas y demás productos repartiendo las tarjetas que confeccionadas para dar a conocer sus producciones.

So much for my first #marketfriday!

Hasta aquí llego con mi primer #marketfriday!

Big hugs to all

Gran abrazo a todos

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Great to see your wife went with her works to the market. To bad the sales were low. Hope the cards make a change and people will contact her.
She makes beautiful works. Love the little fox. Cute.
Have a wonderful weekend! 👋🏻☀️

thank you very much for your kind words!

She will be very flattered!

The truth is that we knew that the fair would be complicated in terms of sales because in Argentina we are immersed in a deep economic crisis and with a very high inflation, but many times showing our work helps people to start following us on social networks and give us more visibility.

I leave you a big hug

You are so welcome @pablo1601 😁

Yes, do give her my regards.
I do understand and read / heard about what is going on in your country. It’s hard…
We have to do what we have to do. Hope she gets a larger following.

Big hug back 🤗 have a wonderful Sunday 👋🏻☀️

Comparto con tu esposa la pasión por tejer en crochet, me encantó todo su trabajo bellísimo 👏 felicitaciones

Muchas gracias querida @janettyanez !

La verdad que admiro profundamente a quienes tienen la paciencia y el arte para producir estas genialidades!

Vos también sos muy talentosa y trabajadora!

Abrazote querida @janettyanez

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thanks for the support!!

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Thank you so much!!

Thank you so much for your help dear @dswigle!

I have already left my post in one of your comments.

I think it is very important the task that you develop week by week stimulating the participation of the whole community.