Relationship between society and nature from a biological and environmental perspective

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From a purely biological perspective, nature finds us in a constant flow of energy, between what is and what is transformed, that is to say, between what we build and what builds us represents and is a reflection of the vastness of the universe.

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▶ It is obvious that the human species in society lives in constant dialectical interaction with what is external to its own bodily constitution, in this sense, that which surrounds us is also part of this human collective, conditioned by the forces of physical labor.

However, nature from a biological perspective is usually represented to us as external to our physical being, therefore, as long as we do not understand that the biological also exists then we will be solitary victims of a voracity, which for some is intrinsically human.

In this sense, the tools we use every day are the result of the transformation of nature through work, hence the relationship between society and nature is mediated by these tools, which allow the species to transcend physically, as they are an extension of the organs of the body itself.

Now, in terms of the production of the means of subsistence, society also produces its own biological relationship with nature, which is why, not only in a physical or labor sense, society also creates links through biological laws.

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This relationship is itself part of the process in which society develops from the purely physical, with its own purely biological internal nature, elements that interact to create inevitable imbalances, as in the case of the recent Covid-19 pandemic.

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This is really educative, thanks for sharing @agrovision

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Hello @agrovision what you put forward is interesting and a biological-physical vision that should not be lost sight of. Thank you.

Thank you, that biological-physical vision must prevail in these times of climate crisis.