Scholar and Scribe Community Highlights 7/3/2022

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Welcome to the Scholar and Scribe Community Curation Report! Periodically the posts that have been recommended for curation through the OCD community incubation program will be rounded up and added here for visibility and to highlight some of the talented authors participating in the Scholar and Scribe community.

We had a busy month with a variety of ongoing contests and events from the WOO Lore contest series to our monthly genre focused writing prompts to Tale of Two Pizza's ongoing contest. In our last Curation Report I asked readers to nominate their favorite 2 pieces from the curation list and WHY. @candnpg jumped in and grabbed the 10 SCHOLAR prize for participating.

Of course you can expect more exciting events and further developments as the community continues to grow and more writers find us! Make sure to check out the current collaboration with Crypto Shots to practice your lore writing and get some Scholar, Scribe, and Pimp tokens:

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On to some of the fantastic content being posted in Scholar and Scribe recently!

Once again the mix of submissions to the community cover a wide range, from short stories, poems, contest entries, and serial pieces. We've seen more authors find us over the last month and you'll notice some new names in the list below!

A brief reminder that posts from the same author can only be nominated for OCD curation every so often and posts that are more than 24 hours old don't qualify. Enjoy!


Thanks for the mention and tokens. I love all the range of content this time around.

well deserved! I hope to see some more of your posts in the community soon as well! !PIZZA

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Nice, the promotion of creative content greatly encourages people to continue producing!

It definitely does! Scholar and Scribe is focused on creative writing content so we see a lot of amazing stories and poems getting posted! Stop by if you are feeling creative ;) !PIZZA

Thanks for the recognition! :)

Of course! Keep up the amazing writing! I really enjoy your pieces and the story has been going on for a long time! Lots of respect for the consistent quality output! !PIZZA

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