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Hi everyone,

Here is an updated D.Buzz report of what I think should be fixed or added to D.Buzz, in chronical order, more or less (Rewards / @null).


1. Image Uploads / Rendering.

  • Image uploads don't seem to work well in the Philippines.
  • It could be due to poor Internet connections via Mobile Data, but it's hard to tell.
  • The image IPFS hosting service that D.Buzz uses (Fleek) might also be THE, or A cause, but it's obvious that image uploads (and rendering).. works far less with poor Internet connections.
  • The #LeadDev of @dbuzz (@aashirrshaikh) has said this will be solved completely, once #DBuzzLite is done.

The Rest of the Bugs:

A. Maxed Out Character Limit.

  • I posted a Buzz with exactly 0 characters left, but instead of properly posting to the main feed, the post is hidden, and can only be viewed from this link: https://d.buzz/#/@loving-kindness/c/g5ygaxynqah1541hnfcmvl or 3rd party front-ends.
  • It might be a bug that's related to D.Buzz not properly accounting for the title length.

B. Type Rendering is Too Slow.

  • Typing fast on D.Buzz results in the curser lagging behind the person's ability to type (Mobile Phone / Android). This results in the user not being able to see what he is typing, and once he tries to erase text, he accidentally erases too much.

C. Inaccurate Hive Power:

D. Broken Tip Feature.

  • The tipping feature might not be 100% broken, but it is not working well, and the Profile Pics don't appear properly when Tip is clicked. The site uses @BuyMeBerries by @martibis, so it would be good for the @dbuzz Devs to reach out to him.

E. Incorrect Profile Pics / Cover Photos.

  • If someone signs up to #Hive, from the D.Buzz website, and then switches the theme, and then clicks on the profile page in the upper-right-hand-corner-drop-down . . the profile & cover photo of the previous account logged in is displayed instead of the correct one.
  • I also received a report from someone else who recently created an account, and a similar thing happened with the incorrect Profile Pic / Cover Pic being displayed.
  • I am not sure if the other Bio info was also incorrect, but it's hard to replicate due to having to create an account for each test.

F. A Pocket Bug.

  • After a #Buzz is added to more than one Pocket, it's only possible to remove that Buzz from one pocket (from the Profile page) and cannot be removed from the individual-buzz-view [sample]
  • It should be possible to remove a Buzz from any of it's pockets with one click, but it might be good to only allow each Buzz to be added to a maximum of 3 pockets per user (to prevent long drop-down menus).

G. Another Pocket Bug.

  • A pocket titled "Teachers". was created here and it works on a desktop when clicked, but if clicked from a Mobile Phone (I had to slide to the right first), an incorrect pocket is opened.

H. Video Upload Bug.

  • Video uploads don't work when the video compression is set to H.265 and uploaded from a Mobile Phone (thank you for reporting @pinkhub).

I. #SoundCloud Bug.

  • When a user Buzz's the Profile Page of a #SoundCloud account to D.Buzz, it improperly treats the link as a video embed and does not render properly [sample]

Testnet Bugs:

  • The "-" (minus sign) does not work in the username field of the login page on https://next.d.buzz
    When the - character is typed, nothing shows up, so it's impossible for me to login (@loving-kindness).

Other Recommendations:

  • Add a button or drop down option to view all photos from a person's Profile (use other similar micro-blogging platforms as a reference in determining the best place to put that button, etc.).
  • Add a paid subscription model for users to gain paid followers . . this can add value if users are notified by email, text, or other methods, whenever people they subscribe to Buzz (that would be optional). At first, it would only be a way to tip their favorite influencers on D.Buzz but could later be used to offer a #Patreon alternative (Yes @coinlogic.online, great idea, thank you).
  • Avoid using a wrapped token model for the $BUZZ token, since wrapped tokens are prone to being hacked, and are affiliated with exit scams (there is a difference between custodial and non-custodial, #NotYourKeysNotYourCrypto).
  • Add ability for users to view buzz's from oldest to newest on a user's Profile.
  • Add a button, or drop down option to view all videos from a person's profile, combining all the 60 minute video uploads, with all video embeds D.Buzz supports.
  • If a user runs out of Resource Credits, prompt the user to create a DID that can be attached to their #HIVE account . . then Resource Credits will never be a barrier to post, and transactions can seamlessly AND/OR manually, switch back and forth between blockchain Buzz's, and DID Buzz's.


  • I recommend @dbuzz use the D.Buzz name logo for link previews instead of the incircled D.Buzz icon . . the former directs views to the domain name, the latter is just a mysterious icon for outside parties.

  • When the Web Dapp is downloaded to a Desktop computer the app title is named:

Micro-Blogging for HIVE

  • I recommend changing it to just D.Buzz

It's already correct on Mobile Phones (at least for Android).

  • Add the ability to cross-post to a secondary community, besides just the D.Buzz Community (@threespeak has this feature for their video platform).

  • D.Buzz used to remember the upvote strength each user used last, I recommend this be re-implimented so that users can easily upvote without having to re-adjust their upvote strength each time.

  • Withdrawing money from D.Buzz is far too hard, I recommend the platform integrate https://Blocktrades.us like https://Steemit.com and https://Hive.Blog did.

  • Create a bot that automatically claims the discounted ("free") Hive accounts that @dbuzz is entitled too, based on it's resource credits.

  • Add a custom Trending Hashtag section that shows trending hashtags limited to D.Buzz, instead of featuring #Hashtags from the entire blockchain.

  • Someday it would be good to add support for the 17+ other Graphene chains (except for Steem) and using https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/whalevault/hcoigoaekhfajcoingnngmfjdidhmdon might be a good way to do it.

Photo by Pixabay


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