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My fellow Hivers,

I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get it done till today (the launch-time shifted the whole week), but somehow I managed to push through, hence I'm more than happy to announce the first NFT project myself and @linhsartjournal (aka. @artbunny) have been working on. 🥳🎉🐲

9872 Exclusive NFTs to Celebrate Lunar New Year 2022

Check it out: https://inji.com/lny22
FAQ: @inji/faq-for-lunar-new-year-2022-nft-event

This NFT drop consists of 4 art-designs with drastically different supply numbers, and each of those has different ways to get them.

  • One you can get for free, just by owning an inji account before the 18th of February (today).
  • Another one you can get for free just by purchasing 3$ worth of Credits i.e. for a Hive account.
  • The other 2 are a bit more difficult to get 💎


  • NFTs are exclusively minted on Hive > Hive-Engine (not on Ethereum or Polygon, I decided against this in favor of my favourite chain)
  • NFTs can be viewed on https://inji.com/nfts/inji or in your wallet - i.e. https://inji.com/@timo/nfts (Minting is fast, but there is an initial delay of ~10 minutes for the NFTs to show up on inji.com)

Below are the rules in detail:

You can claim them here: https://inji.com/lny22

The NFTs are not purchased directly, but given as a gift when purchasing Credits, which in return can be used for other goodies - currently "only" Hive Accounts & Premium membership, but I'm working on more.

And to celebrate the amazing people who're supporting inji from earliest of days: everyone who purchased from the shop before (i.e. Hive Accounts, Starter Packs & Premium Memberships) gets a bit of a headstart in the competition for the rarest Lunar New Year 2022 NFTs.

Check out the ranking at: https://inji.com/lny22

Another reason this drop is so special, is because it also introduces injis' very own "Credits" system, something you might already be familiar with - for example within Splinterlands.

Check out the shop: https://inji.com/shop

If you're familiar with the Lunar New Year, you might have noticed that the traditional festivities were on the 1st of February 2022.

Things took longer than expected, but Linh put so much effort into designing the art, plus we've been talking about launching our own NFTs for years now (and somehow Paris Hilton was faster than us...), so we had to launch it now - or never. 😜

If there are any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments!

With this said: I hope everything goes smooth and you'll all have as much fun as we had designing, drawing & developing it.


Nice, claimed the first two, going for me.


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Well done Timo and Linh! I hope it goes really well!

Thank you!

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Congrats on the achievement

One you can get for free, just by owning an inji account before the 18th of February (today).

I just logged in to Inji, where do I claim the free one ?

The 2nd one is currently only reserved for people who have created an inji account before. There are currently ~2000 accounts. In case not all of them mint them until the end of the event, I'll open up to everyone who registered during the event. I hope this is fair.

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You're sadly not eligible for this NFT, since you joined inji after the event started

Did I not create an account or join when I used it with my Hive account before?

Yes, exactly. Did you log into your inji account?


By the way, I'm still in the process of finding a good/balanced way of combining inji (non-blockchain accounts) and hive accounts. The newest implementation works by adding a .hive behind the name (similar to .eth).

So: https://inji.com/@pfunk.hive and https://inji.com/@pfunk

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I logged into Inji using my Hive account a few times.

You're sadly not eligible for this NFT, since you joined inji after the event started