I think I'm going to be joining in with the comments and having fun! hehehehe and engaging with people! hahaha

but I have almost 2k followers now LOLOL and that would take me some time to truly engage genuinely with them all - on top of the people I regularly try to support too. hehehe so I want to give this my support from more of a cheerleading point of view hahaha I'd feel bad if I joined in and then didn't have the time to commit fully to it. So I think its better to support those who can commit fully hahahaha

You can do it :) 2k extra comments is nothing for the queen of comments ❤️

hehehehe I will definitely give it my all hahahaha you know me LOL thank God I have some time to build up to it LOLOLOL

I have a colleague whose everyday mantra is "You can do it!".

I too believe in you, you can do it.

Boy do I love where this conversation was taking us! I'm exactly the same way! I hear it all the time... All about how "You can't do that." Or, "I can't do that."

But for me... Can't isn't a word now... I would much rather think about how can I do something than hear about all the way's that I (or someone else) can't do something!

When you program your mind to think inside the box... it gets weaker and weaker... But when you program your mind to think bigger than the box others (our yourself) want to put you in... That's when you start being able to do things that other people think are amazing, exceptional, and out of this world crazy! And your like... What? This is nothing!

Because when you let loose your mind can go to work thinking all about how you can do something!

...and then all the extra addsUP into the exceptional right!?

It sounds to me like you, @dreemsteem, and @wrestlingdesires are my kind of people!

Thank you for bringing your champion hearts to all things @Comet.Ranker you guys! ☄️

Much love and thank you for all your support... especially in the comments during Operation #Ping! 🤩

The word can't has stopped so many amazing discoveries! If only we didn't have those doubts, maybe more of the world's problems would be a distant memory. Thanks for tagging me, I'll go meet our new friend 🙌


@wil.metcalfe! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @wrestlingdesires. (1/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

All the more reason to do this thing DrEEMs! Don't let that Follower List scare you! Even if you only make it part way through the list... That's the challenge part of this! Not to mention your going to get a whole new level of momentum from this... Remember how much good came from #CometWeek?! Operation #Ping is going to be exactly the same... Only we have a predefined list of people who likely have been in stasis for quite some time! Personally... I can't think of anything better to do than wake some of these peopleUP!

So how about it?!

You in? 😉

Why are you getting zero outs?

You noticed my backslash hey?!

But which are you referring to?

The DV's on the translated posts for Operation #Ping? (Paid translations to!)

Or the THOUSANDS of troll DV's on EVERY COMMENT I make?

It's almost as if "someone" doesn't want authentic engagement on this blockchain... and if that's the case... we all gotta start asking why I think! 🤔

Hahahaha both, severe backlash everywere. I do undertand their thinking, you just failed to notice how they might interpret your proyect, and that is ok.

Is not authentic engagement if you have to make a contest to produce it :X

hmmm... I disagree. It's been very carefully designed to only reward athentic communication... and at the very least... at least I'm doing something. (Not to mention checking to see how many accounts have the lights on but no one home will be very valuble information to all participants alike.) Clearly there are a lot of closed minds... But that's alright. And personally... I don't really care what those closed minds think about this project. It's all to easy to sit on a fence post and sling mud. Anyone can do that.

So how do you measure authentic communication? Like the curation teams does it? Minimum 200-300 words + references to the text + no plagarism?

Or you have a more qualitative way to check the comments?

Good thing you dont care, that is better on the long run, But i would have go with a more Lmac or another system for the contest, it would have being a bit less of backslash.