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RE: 1500+ Hive Up For Grabs Just For Engaging Your Followers - Join Operation #Ping! ☄️

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@wil.metcalfe @Comet.Ranker

Like me, some new Hive Community Members may have these questions in their minds. I shall be very thankful to you if you explain these.

  1. I have only 9 followers, can I compete senior members in contest? Is ping applicable for commenting other members not from my followers list?
  2. I have 14 Hive Power (HP). I have ability of three Posts or comments daily, can I compete whales who can comment everyone?

Very special thanks to you for this wonderful social engagement contest. This contest is very helpful for New Members to Understand Hive Blockchain and connect with Senior Members.



Stay hungry and stay foolish and keep asking questions is my new year resolution! Those are some excellent questions ! Let’s wait for the #cometcrew and commander to kick in!

Very good questions right Praveen!? I was impressed with these (as were you I think)!

Your indeed correct. We all need to stay hungry and stay "foolish" if we want to continue to expand our capacity! I think of questions as opportunities to "carve out my canyon of understanding". The world is far wider and far deeper than can be fathomed. We should always be willing to ask and learn... and it doesn't matter how much we know! There's always going to be more to know!

And in the end it's not about what someone knows... It's all about what we don't know that makes all the difference!

Thank you for all of your support in the comments of these @Comet.Ranker posts! This has really helped my friend!

Along those lines...

I actually was wondering!

Do you have a list of people who might be pillars within the Indian Community here on Hive that you might be able to tag?

Telling even a few people directly here on Hive is a good way to get the word out! Sort of like putting a small match to the kindling of a camp fire... All it takes is getting the word out to a few key people and soon Operation #Ping will be ringing off the Hive walls!

I would appreciate any support (like this) that you might be able to give me!

We need more people from the Indian Community joining this round of Operation #Ping! ☄️

Talk again very soon!

Comet Ranker

If you are genuinely interested in engaging here, I think the limited resource credits won't be a problem for very long 🙌 This initiative could be very good for you. Do you have discord yet?

No. I don't have discord yet. After replying you comment Resource Credits (RC) level: 8% maybe. Then I wait for a day or many hours to post or comment any other that is problem with me now. I will try my best to increase HP.

Have you gotten a temporary HP delegation from If you are running out of resource credits, that should really help!

That would really help for sure! Thank you for jumping in here to help like this @harlowjourney! 🙏

I would also highly recommend that you get Discord. You can learn a lot there, and strengthen your bonds with other Hive members :) ...

I think that's a good use of Discord! I'm always a little bit sad to hear this though... especially when we have this blockchain sitting right here at our finger tips! Thank you for jumping in like this to assist your fellow #CometCrew @wrestlingdesires! 🙏

I didn't mean that he should spend less time here - but with his rc problem, comments are definitely an issue for him :(

Yup! Makes perfect sense! I’m glad you brought thisUP! This is going to be a little surprise… but for anyone joining Operation #Ping they will each be getting a 100 Hive Delegation from @Comet.Ranker! Your comment here really got me thinking… but hey! Keep this under wraps for now! I want to surprise everyone! 😌

That's SO AWESOME ☄️

This will guarantee that everyone has a good chance 🙌 I got my entry in - then of course got a couple more followers 😂

Oh, how I wish the snapshot would be taken when our ship launches!

That’s what I was thinking as well! Then new people can fly at the comments and have just as much fun as more mature accounts! 🤩

I wish I could but as is I have my hands pretty full!

Today I spent about 8 hours typing comments and registering everyone into the system! 😌

But the good thing is… we are good to go in 25min. (Category 1)! ☄️

Congratulations for boldly stepping forward @ziabutt3836! I have received your SignUP for Category 1 and logged your follower count into the @Comet.Ranker computer systems! We are good to go for a Category 1 launch on the 8th of January! Let me know if you have any other questions... annnnd! Don't forget to at minimum activate Boost 1 so that you can claim some Comet Tokens with every #Ping! These are currently valued at 1 to 1. 1 Hive for each Comet Token on Hive Engine!

Hi my friend! 😁

YES! And these are really great questions that your asking! I'm glad that you decided to ask them for the benefit of everyone (especially the new Commanders among the Hive ranks!) here. Much appreciated!

Ok! Let's take these from the top shall we.

  1. With a 1 Hive registration fee you are of course eligible! 9 followers isn't a whole lot to work with but you will at the very least be able to earn some Comet Tokens and the Operation #Ping Badge! You now have a base level of engagement for your social... It's all UP for here because now you can set some new goals based on what you learn(ed) from this round of Operation #Ping! So yes! You can participate for a total possible #Ping Back Score of 9. And No. At this time we are focused on #Ping'ing our Follower List. Buuuut... in the near future we may be targeting another list! 1 guess as to which one that will be!? 😜

  2. It's always tricky with lower amounts of HP but luckily you are NOT competing with whales. This is why I created the staggered launch with 3 different levels of participation! If you decided to join the #CometCrew you would be a Category 1 Commander and would therefore would be competing with other Commanders but none of which would have more than 100 followers.

I am confident that even if you were to join now that your account could easily double or even triple during Operation #Ping! Aligning yourself with other people who are aiming at the same objectives doesn't mean that the competition would be a limiting factor... In fact I think you would find that you would suddenly be a part of the #CometCrew and have a whole bunch of new and like-minded contacts!

Annnnnd as you know...

I am always very generous with all my efforts! I really do want t o set people UP to win and I want people to feel like they belong to something that's bigger 1 person by them selves. I really do want people to come together around the values and ideals that UPlift the human race! TOGETHER we can innovate new and better ways to human. TOGETHER we are better! By ourselves... we are socially disadvantaged and fragile.

Let's all lift each other UP one #Ping at a time! ☄️

I hope what I have said here helps.

Thank you for asking these questions!


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