I'm gonna go ahead and shamelessly tag some previous HiveFest attendees to join in on this writing prompt. Every post made on the #roadToHiveFest helps the event and the blockchain by creating FOMO guys! Why don't you give it a try?! Even if you can't attend this year, your post will encourage others to attend this year ☺️

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Blocktrades will be on the lookout on the #RoadToHiveFest tag, so give this writing prompt a try guys! Let's get HiveFest FOMO started!

Yeaaaaaa Lets Goooooo! Just Gathering Memories and Files to create some Articles <3

Yo im in bro

No can do, @anomadsoul. Too many effing vaccine requirements and @michelios and I just aren't playing that game. Y'all have fun.

Doesn't hurt to make a #roadToHivefest post to start the hype among the community! Too bad you're not going, would've been great to meet again!

Just booked the hotel! Gimme some time, I have the best photos in cold storage 😉

Just saw your post, great memories man, I'm glad you're attending once more with Liliana!

I won't be there, but have the greatest of time, Eric.
Go Team Mexico, you can beat Team Germany in bowling! I BELIEVE haha

Oh man, that sucks to hear! Hopefully for 2023 we meet again then! Even then, why don't you make a post about your previous attendances so more people get why the hype is so big about this event! I'm sure people will appreciate your experience attending :)

Omg good times and I'm glad I was able go the last two times …. Big hugs to you 😀

Hopefully you join these post ideas again! It definitely helped break the ice haha, I hope we get to drink a beer one more time! Sending hugs :D

Damn would like to be there this time also. 🤔

Oh I guess we never met in person, have you been to a HF before? Nice! I guess we'll have to meet this time and share a beer! Make sure to check all the contests to win a HF ticket!

Never been to any HF before.

Oh, I thought so because you said "also". Good luck in the contests!

Right now, I'm the one who has around $10 in my pocket...hehe. AND living in Mexico...At least I can have a travel buddy maybe LOL. FOMO is HUGE for me this time. About as huge as for the 2019 one but maybe a bit more because I've been having detox symptoms since then...
A miracle is needed but I will definitely join in the writing prompts...Who knows. I've come this far...

Yo yo, 10$ is enough to go to next hive fest?? Right? Lol
Where are you in Mexico

Guatemala sounds nice be right now haha, $10 Hive would take me to 5 HiveFests easily man. Are you planning on going?

I would love too, I’m playing catch up currently, after Covid we shut the bar and I made some larger changes to make the property more cohesive.
We built an entire new bar and cafe at the roadside and converted the old bar into a retreat hosting space/home.
Not sure if my budget can stretch this year, but hopefully after another solid tourist season we can refill the coffers come for some hivefest fun!

Let's make sure we all get enough 10$ bills then to make it there :)

Heyyyyyy Mr. @buttcoins! How are you?
Haha, 10$ is what I had when I started getting excited for Thailand lol. Miracles have happened before.

We're in Playa del Carmen :)

Yeah, you should definitely join the write-ups! I'm also thinking how can I make it because this market and the fact that I have to cross the Atlantic yet again are two big factors haha
Are you still living in Playa? How are things?

Yeah, I'll join the write-ups because I never give up, and never say never...

Yup, the's killing me at the moment.

Yeah, we're still in Playa. I had been thinking that there are many
cheaper places in Mexico, which would make my life easier but it's quite an
undertaking to get there with the whole lot. So we're kinda 'stuck' here now.
Worse places to be stuck in hehe.
Other than the endless not knowing how to make things to the next month, I'm doing great. :D

Oh, and shared this post on Listnerds again...give it a bit more exposure.

Ahh, memory lane!! Cheers for the post. Loving all the photos and conspiring a way to come!

Man, I really hope I can make it this year. Fingers crossed that the market goes back up so that I can make it.

I'm already having FOMO and regretting the date change, if it was November I would be there 100%, right now in September I'm not so sure.

Does this mean you are going? - 'probably a stupid question'
HF7.., is that the official title?

Oh man, I'm still trying to figure out how to, but I am 50/50 at the moment... I take you are definitely going being so close! I'll do my best to be there and share another beer and a late night crawl with you man!

I think we are going.., will be with the missus this time so no beer crawls for me (I am shit at those anyway). Hope to see you there, and let's talk some this time?

I guess I see you both there....

... with a !BEER and so many talks about the "long time no see"

I think so mate, waiting for @roelandp to get the tickets open for purchase.

Hey @slobberchops, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Hey @slobberchops, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Highly tempted to go there this year. The other option just got deleted sure to the bear market and pushed back until next year. So this free time for Europe this year.

This would be your 4th in a row right? I think we've met on every one, although I can't recall Thailand (in general lol).

Actually i only been to Lisbon, skip Poland due to a trip to Canada and later on to Malta. Also it was steem last year and lots of uncertainty on the future, but now Hive looks stronger than ever.

I will try to go also, thanks for the reminder...Let's see how everything goes till then.

You know I’ll be there - for the hugs :D

The hugs make it all worthy, and you'll have the event right across your backyard isn't that right?

Damn! This got me nostalgic. Only went to the one SF/HF, but it was unforgettable. So, so glad I ended up in Krakow. So lucky, too. Me, I don't think I'll be heading that way this year, unfortunately, but I bet it will be a blast!

Yay! 🤗
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Wow, it looks like great memories! I would think to go too.

It would be cool if they did a virtual one as well for those that can't travel. I enjoyed it last year.

It took me 3 days...THREE DAYS! to write that post...Is there a thing like too many memories? Hahaha. I'll have to keep the next ones shorter...

@anomadsoul, thank you for mentioning me!

I will do everything to attend HiveFest 7 in Amsterdam. And, of course, I will use the #roadtohivefest tag :).