Ready.... steady.... going to HiveFest7 in Amsterdam

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Back in 2019 I went to SF4 in Bangkok. That was a no brainer decision as many of my friends such as @travelgirl and @elizacheng and others from Team Malaysia were going. I even ended up sharing a room with @travelgirl even though we'd never met before and I don't normally like sharing rooms with strangers. We ended up having a great time.
Me, Eliza and travelgirl on a night out the local market for yummy food

This year I don't think many (or any) of them are going. Amsterdam is half way around the world from Asia, and I know many have family commitments which makes it difficult for them to make a long journey. Part of me really wants to go again this year as it's only an hour's flight away from UK, but the other half of me is so worried that I'd be on my own as I'm not a very sociable person, and I'm not a party animal (that's what Hivefest is for!!😀) Plus I've only just been to Amsterdam for holiday a few months ago.

I've got to know a few Hivers a lot better in recent years such as @sjarvie5 and @zirochka, and since I know they're both going, this would be the perfect opportunity to meet both of them. And I want to meet again those who I met for the first time in Bangkok like my Pinmapple gang and also the wizard @gtg who is so sweet, like a gentle giant. Plus, it would be nice to meet some others from Team UK. I hear a few are definitely going such as @slobberchops and @starkerz both I met in Bangkok, @steevc I've communicated with a lot but never met yet, @tdctunes a relatively new account who will be presenting at HiveFest, and @adambarratt a user that I haven't had any engagement in the past. So far, TeamUK presence may be bigger this year.
me and the Pinmapple team @lizanomadsoul and @martibis

me and the Wizard @gtg

Team UK, @rycharde, me, @slobberchops, @goblinknackers and @starkerz

I've been checking out the flights and hotels since HF was announced in June. Hotels are another thing that's been putting me off as they are so expensive! The official hotel cost like 500 Euro for a capsule room with shared bathroom, and with me being the fussy me, I don't fancy sharing a bathroom 😳. Hence the procrastination. I guess at the back of my mind, I knew I'd be going, I just needed that extra push. That push came a few weeks ago when @acidyo asked if anyone from the OCD team was going to HF and was willing to do a presentation. Without really thinking, I put my hand up. I guess that was what I needed, some commitment to make me go. There was no backing out now.

So now, I'm all ready to go to HiveFest

Travel booked - I will be flying into Amsterdam, arriving at 6pm. Now UK have Brexited, it takes us forever to go through immigration 😡 By the time I check into the hotel I guess it will be 8pm. Hopefully I can still make it to the opening drinks 🤞
Hotel booked - I managed to find a hotel for under Euro 500 near RAI which is one of the main stations. I figured it wouldn't make a lot of difference if I don't stay at the official hotel as the HF venues changes all the time. Plus I get a proper room and private bathroom here ✌️
HiveFest ticket - bought already. Bummer, I just noticed you have a chance of winning a HF ticket if you create a HiveFest card. Oh well, I never win anything anyway
HiveFest card - done. As I said I'm a bit shy, so I opted for my chocolate ice cream image
Presentation - I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to present yet. Hopefully I won't mess it up on the day
Other activities - meeting new friends, rekindling with old ones. Pinmapple may be doing something during HF which everyone can get involved in but you didn't hear it from me
Post HF holiday - hubby will be joining me afterwards for a short break so he won't feel so left out with me going to Amsterdam without him

Countdown starting now....... will I see you in Amsterdam?



Hooray! You are going, there's no way back ) I was hesitating also until ... was given a chance for presenting 😆
Sonia is happy too. And... in the worst case, you will not be the only person who is hanging around with a drink.😬


I'm really looking forward to see you and Sonia at last @zirochka. Must remember to pack Sweetpea's bags as well 😀

Sweetpea's bags, LOL. She must be like me hating to pack bags.

To be honest, the first part of your post made be starting to worry ) But I'm so glad you will go. I'm saying this, although I didn't have all tickets yet. This will be my last challenge on the road to Hive Fest.😆

Hopefully you will have a smooth journey over. Are directly flights available to Amsterdam or do you have to leave by train to Poland first?

There were direct flights but during was the air above Ukraine is totally closed, so I will travel to Poland. Even presidents travel by rails. 🙂
The thing is that our rails sell train tickets only 20 days in advance, and 10 minutes after start all tickets are sold out. 😬

Oh dear! Remember to to set your alarm for the time and maybe get some friends to help you get tickets as well to increase your chances

Done :)

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Looking forward to seeing you again @livinguktaiwan! Great to have the gang back together 😘

That be great Liz!!!

and was willing to do a presentation.

Brave lass, standing up there and talking. I did it once long ago, 200 people.., it wasn't that bad actually!

I figured most people don't pay attention to presentations, I could be speaking in Chinese and no one would notice 😄

It will be deathly silent, all eyes on you... looking for any signs of weakness.., sure you're ready? 😀

Have fun.

Comon on over for a holiday!!!!

One day I'll go UK again but going to wait for more stability in travel environment and policy for a while.

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Hey @livinguktaiwan, here is a little bit of BEER from @zirochka for you. Enjoy it!

Do you want to win SOME BEER together with your friends and draw the BEERKING.

Hello, dear friend. The post was interesting and worth reading and seeing. I hope you will go on the trip you like as soon as possible. Which country are you from?

I'll talk to my boss on Monday once she is back from vacation and when I manage to take a day off I will be coming too! I have an important deadline on Friday so she might be reluctant but let's see. If not, then I will at least come in the evenings :)

Yeah!! It will be leaving lovely to meet you as well Martina!

YAY! So excited to meet you both in person!

Will be great to finally meet you. I hope a load more people will be getting booked in the next couple of weeks. I know it's not cheap, but I feel it's worth going. I had such a great time at previous events.

See you in Amsterdam!

I guess most people will be waiting until the last minute to get the tickets. Look forward to seeing you as well Steve!

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Yes, you will 👍

This sounds like fun. The rest of us will be waiting here literally stalking your profiles to read everything (and I mean everything) that happens in Amsterdam. Unlike Vegas, what happens in Amsterdam doesn’t stay in Amsterdam lol. If an ant so much as breaths, you shall report🫡. Have fun you guys😊

Thanks. I think there's online stream that you can watch as well

Yay! 🤗
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You guys are lucky to be able to attend this special event.. I wish I were in UK too..hehe..

I was lucky that I was in Taiwan last time when it was held in Bangkok, and now I'm back in UK and it's held in Amsterdam, so no long travel required

Hey - great that you are going and it will be lovely to meet you!

I hadn't seen the competition to create a hive fest card and though my travel and hotel has been booked for ages I haven't actually bought my Hive Fest ticket yet so I'm going to have a go at that now... thanks for the tip!

My partner and our four year old son are coming too. I think they will be sightseeing around amsterdam rather than attending the conference but I hope they will at least come and meet a few people and get a taste for this thing called Hive I keep going on about!

See you in a few weeks!

Good luck with the contest!

It will be nice for you to have your family with you so you guys can still have some time together. Hopefully they'll enjoy the stay.

And look forward to seeing you as well!

Hi there @livinguktaiwan! Now we've 'met' ;)
Look forward to seeing you and everyone in Amsterdam!

Look forward to meet you as well Adam!

I wish I was able to go, but it just isn't in the cards. I am really jealous of all the people who get to attend. Maybe one year I will actually be able to make it over there! I don't blame you about the whole hotel thing. Never underestimate the value of a private bathroom!

Never underestimate the value of a private bathroom!


Or maybe one year HF will make it over
to America somewhere !

That would be awesome, but I have a feeling it would be far too expensive.

I was already pretty sure that I was not going to the HF as I have a very busy September ahead of me plus while Amsterdam is pretty close to my country, it definitely isn´t a destination for low cost travelers but the more familiar names are announcing they are going, the more I feel I might rethink my decision :D Would be great to meet you in person Pauline. Anyway, glad to know you are going. Seems like the event will be so much fun with so many great Hivers around :)

Why not try for a free HF ticket? You never know, you might win it!!!

I know you'll have sn awesome time 🙌 Do get plenty of pictures to share!!!



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I really enjoyed your trip i wish you a nice day

I haven't travelled yet!

hat push came a few weeks ago when @acidyo asked if anyone from the OCD team was going to HF and was willing to do a presentation.

I was looking forward to meeting @acidyo, finally.
Is he not coming?

Not that I'm aware of, or maybe he might turn up as another name and no one would know it's him! afaik only one person on hive has seen him

Enjoy your trip
Have fun at Amsterdam

Thanks Emma. How are you doing recently?

No way, that's so exciting. I can't wait to read your posts and see your photos from the meet up.

Those photos above are great too and helps put faces to names I am familiar with. I hope you have the best time ever in Amsterdam, it's such a cool city.

@livinguktaiwan Honestly I really want to meet great people at the hivefest meeting in Amsterdam, and I also really want to meet you and like other great people like @gtg and great people from hive in Amsterdam, I'm from Asia to be exact from Indonesia. 👍👍