Capitalizing on Bear Markets to Represent Hive: We're Building a Hive Village Experience and dApp Showcase at BREATHE! Web3 in Las Vegas

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As part of the @valueplan stable of promotional funding, we've been watching for opportunities to take Hive global with conferences and gatherings where the outside world can learn more about what truly decentralized web3 has to offer.


I'm excited to announce that we've been working on a full experience showcasing Hive at the BREATHE! Web3 convention, a major event happening September 13-15 in Las Vegas!

      Some of the biggest difficulties when explaining "Why Hive" are also some of its major strengths! Many of you know I'm pretty dedicated to finding ways to highlight those strengths for everyone, while working within some of the tricky situations that our unique circumstance creates. When you have no CEO, no founder, and no corporate ownership, it can be pretty tough to walk up to a major event or even to other businesses and expect them to be comfortable interacting with a quasi-anonymous founding member with no title from "a passionate global community." One of the other big hurdles is that events in North America are often driven by whichever corporate entity can burn the most money, and they can be absurdly expensive for very little return. For those reasons, finding the right places in the US to really work on brand recognition for Hive and Hive dApps has been an uphill battle. What most people forget is that during a bear market, Hive doesn't hibernate- this is when we thrive!


      With the economic and crypto spaces feeling the pinch, a lot of other chains and projects are being shaken out, are collapsing spectacularly, or are losing their dedicated teams. People who only know how to function in the bull market are struggling and directionless. There's a lot less noise right now, so it's an excellent time to stretch our funds further and start providing the world with some valuable signal. Hive solves a lot of problems, for all sorts of people with all sorts of goals. While our base layer is grassroots, community owned and developed and constantly driving towards decentralization, welcoming new users, developers, businesses and communities to Hive is a key goal. Conferences, conventions, and crypto-forward gatherings are a place we just really haven't had the manpower or resources to tackle- but this year I'm aiming to change that.

What is BREATHE! and what will Hive be showcasing?

      Check out this press release for the first of a number of pieces talking more about how Hive's community is at the heart of true web3 and for a quick overview of BREATHE! goals for the convention.

LAS VEGAS, NV - BREATHE! Convention has announced today that its “Center of the Universe Mainstage” sponsor Hive has established the Hive Village as part of its commitment to the projects involved in the Hive blockchain ecosystem.

Hive secured this Village by leveraging community funding to purchase individual exhibit spaces at BREATHE!, which allowed the ecosystem to give multiple projects exhibiting space directly on the Web3 convention’s show floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“At the heart of Web3 is the ability for everyone to move and engage freely while in control of their financial and social data, and the Hive blockchain was built with this freedom and growth in mind,” said Crimsonclad from Hive.

“As the fast feeless platform powering a growing expanse of social media, games, businesses and community hubs, Hive is thrilled to announce community funding covering the costs to bring a group of amazing projects and a Hive network showcase to exhibit at BREATHE! Thousands of attendees to this premiere event can visit the Hive village experience to discover the power of the Hive social blockchain and claim a unique username and wallet that unlocks an entire ecosystem of projects. Powered by a community, open to everyone, and truly decentralized, the Hive network is a blockchain where the users, developers, and businesses that are shaping our connected future are supported in building a more effective and more human decentralized web!”

The commitment of Hive to its projects came at a crucial time in Web3 history as developers, investors, and enthusiasts continue to look for a return in momentum that propelled massive Web3 innovations since 2021.

“This is Hive’s way of investing back into their own ecosystem, and they’re true leaders of blockchain for bringing to life such a simple but powerful concept,” said BREATHE! Co-Founder & CMO Stormie Andrews. “The Hive Village allows attendees to get the full scope of the Hive ecosystem, where revolutionary projects get direct exposure to Web3 backers and leaders that was otherwise impossible. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.”

Here's a point form list of key aspects of this event:

  • BREATHE! is a major convention event held in the Las Vegas Convention Center, one of the premiere gathering venues in the world
  • This web3 focused convention is centered on all things blockchain, NFT, crypto, defi, metaverse and more. One of the least recognized things about Hive is it's ability to power a fully interconnected ecosystem that covers all of these areas and beyond
  • Part of my negotiations with BREATHE! over the past month have been to take over a large portion of the branding and the floor space at the event, as well as to provide speakers and create onboarding opportunities for our network with the digital "swag bags"
  • We have secured over 800 square feet of floor space for seven booths: the largest being a main pavilion area that I will be creating to represent our base layer and governance, to showcase our full ecosystem of dApps and uses, and to invite attendees to sign up on the spot and explore our projects while sharing their experiences outwards on social media from the event
  • Six dApps from around the ecosystem will be represented and attached to the main Hive location to create a "village" where convention goers can explore a wide array of possibilities on Hive directly with the project teams that range from gaming to social as well as multiuse community infrastructure. The Peakd, Splinterlands, Liketu, Wrestling Organization Online, LeoFinance and SPK Network teams will be attending in person and working with me to create an awesome Hive village experience!
  • The keynote main stage where speakers from other blockchain ecosystems as well as related major brands and tech leaders (like Google) will be presenting will be fully branded by Hive. That means Hive's logo and info will be the backdrop for a collection of all of the talks and panels held at the center of the event showfloor and will be included in all recordings and streams
  • Hive will have two main stage keynote speakers included in the convention scheduling. I'll be presenting a talk on behalf of the Hive network, as well as another keynote by @aggroed
  • There will be a number of other branding aspects to the conference that Hive will be included in, which covers everything from press releases to physical items/conference literature and local Las Vegas promotions


How is @valueplan involved?

      As laid out in its scope for funding, major conferences and conventions are a big part of our focus this year, and we're specifically negotiating hard to make sure that we're stretching our funds as far as they can go. In this case, I am taking on a bulk of the organization, coordination, planning, graphic design, writing and other tasks to make sure that this event becomes a blueprint that I can help repeat with many teams for future success. The expectation is never that people should be unpaid or undervalued for their work, but with this and some of the other large events I am working on for this year, I will not be creating any line items for these tasks. All funding secured from valueplan will go towards event needs and costs directly. I have a lot of talents that I can contribute both for Hive and for all of our attending teams that will save us a fair bit over the course of this event!

      I believe strongly that we can present a professional and business minded event made better by the fact that we are an incredibly strong community, and all of my volunteer work supports this goal- it is very important to repeat and note: Valueplan does not pay any 'salaries', nor are any funding aspects of this convention going towards organizational overhead. I'll be creating a space where I can highlight all of the projects building in our ecosystem, as well as working on showcasing the capabilities of the base layer and the benefits of our governance. The dApp teams that are coming are also pitching in and deserve some big recognition; the blockchain will be providing the total costs for the physical space, the branding, building and outfitting of booths and the village structure, as well as for promotional materials on their behalf. Each of our project teams will be covering their travel and are making the time and effort to help me create an incredible overview of what Hive has to offer. As more events and opportunities are identified in the future, I'll be working with all of our dApp teams that are close locally to provide support and services representing the platform via all of the amazing things we do here.

It's daunting to go to a big new event that's working with some of the biggest names in the tech industry and say, "I'm quasi-anonymous but I'm a member of the strongest blockchain community in existence, and you need us at your event. We don't have a company, an address, or a CEO, but we have people shaping the world. Trust me, and give me a massive chunk of your convention to show you how."

      We've never tackled anything like this- specifically because it is really hard, but we don't know where to best direct our efforts until we try. It's a lot of moving parts, a lot of preparation, and honestly, just a ridiculously huge amount of work. I'm going to be reaching out to every dApp, to a ton of community members, and I'll be building a team out further to take this and some other big events as far as we can make it go. Using funds on behalf of the platform as well as all the people and projects building here is something that I will continue to champion, but I am probably going to need a bit of help. If you have thoughts, feedback, questions or comments, please let me know here or wherever you are comfortable doing so. As we get closer to the conference we'll be sharing more and more about the event from our official communication platforms!


One of my clients is a public speaker. I won't say I know everything that goes into a booth (or a multi-booth setup) at a convention like this, but I will say that I know it's HUGE and HARD. You have set a mammoth goal for yourself, and I respect you immensely for it. Good luck, and I hope you are a raging success!

I'm definitely nervous solely for the fact that it's important to me to provide value to our dapps and our overall brand- but you can't do it until you do it. I am lucky that we do have a talented ecosystem full of people to draw on, including a number of people who actually work in LV in this industry, so I just think we have to get this big first hurdle out of the way and we'll be able to streamline into more events with more teams and build out a stable of assets and experience we can provide~

I shall be as an avalanche, gathering momentum and mass as we get moving! Just ignore the bit about it being a natural disaster and focus solely on the inspirational lens 😂

I love that analogy! 😂 And it sounds like you're good at systematizing as well, which will make it much easier the second, third, and further times around. I shall be cheering you on from Tennessee!

A natural disaster for the legacy financial system.

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Ready to rock the house! WOOO!!


Looking forward to the WOO booth to show off how you can build amazing games, stable economies, and create social change across industries while championing the ability for players to truly own their assets.
No big deal, right?


Waiting for detailed highlights of the event when it's all done and dusted. Other than WOO and Splinterlands, which other HIVE reps will be there? 🤩 !PIZZA !KING

Great job King @crimsonclad, blitzzzz(6/13) is truly impressed by the amount of time and effort you put into creating this post. Keep up the good work!

We are so lucky to have you as a member of our community! @blitzzzz is sending you 50.0 BUDS as a token of appreciation for all that you do.

BTW! BUDS is the token of the hashkings ecosystem, you can use it to have discounts in all our games or stake it and earn rewards now!

For this round, joining Splinterlands and WOO as part of the gaming side of things will be:

  • PeakD and Liketu as examples of the diverse ways to approach presenting content and communities
  • LeoFinance and the SPK Network to show how you can build entire suites of dapps and additional infrastructure on a single base layer to link up multiple types of content, services and financial incentives.

There will be six booths for each of these teams, attached to one main long Hive pavilion where the rest of the ecosystem and protocol benefits and info will be showcased. I'll likely be looking for a few more Hive expert booth volunteers as we close in on the dates!

This is awesome, @crimsonclad! I did retail trade shows and conventions for 13 years so yes, it is a huge and ambitious amount of work, but it can also serve as a huge "tipping point" for a business/community/project! Exciting stuff!

And how cool to be able to stand up there, knowing that we're not just a brand new organization, winging it on just hopes and dreams, but a cohesive and proven almost 7-year old project!

absolutely! The decentralized space is rarely decentralized, and the more that it is, the more difficult it is to bring resources to bear effectively in a way that really highlights why decentralization matters. A mouthful and a half. Diving in on this and claiming our space among all of the other "new" and vc funded groups, as well as in Las Vegas itself which is incredibly ambitious about future web3 integration plans, is something I think it's really important to do.

If you have thoughts, tips, or anything else, please feel free to send them my way~

I'm quasi-anonymous but I'm a member of the strongest blockchain community in existence, and you need us at your event. We don't have a company, an address, or a CEO, but we have people shaping the world. Trust me, and give me a massive chunk of your convention to show you how."

if they don't understand that, are they really holding a Web3 convention? 😄

aren't you super correct! I will say, this is an interesting task for us, as the next wave adoption will be dApp, brand, and business driven. This is an interesting crossover of people looking for places to build, as well as people looking for new services- we want to show off that as a foundation layer, Hive is flexible and functional, as well as showing off that we have viable services and businesses already building here that have a loyal growing community that can be easily accessed with minimal integration. Almost all of the people they're dealing with specifically touch the trad-fi business or tech space in one way or another. It's an experiment, an opportunity, and a flex, to be honest, that the chain itself is coming in to show off the goods.

in the end it has to be done by apps. From what i seen of who is involved in this one, it will be a good representation of what Hive can do.

looking forward to see reactions of people there...

Sounds ambitious but amazing. It seems like a big project but one with a targeted goal and some of our best people involved.

Can't wait to hear more about it and see how it turns out. Great work crim. You're a rockstar .

Cheers! The impostor syndrome is kicking in hard, but I'm also pleased with some of the company we're already keeping with this year's events on the books, and there have already been some initiatives that have come of this, so really now it's just getting it done~ I suspect I'll definitely have a few calls for help out before we get there! 🖤

You're amazing. I am sure you'll look back with incredulity on what you achieve at Breathe!


Well, let's see how we pull it all off and then we can postmortem amazing levels 🖤 I have every faith in the tech and teams that we have to display. Working with a "traditional" conference company and "crossover" businesses and services in the space means that the biggest goal is tailoring our message to show why the values of Hive as a base layer are actually incredibly good both for builders and for their customers at any level of centralization that they choose to integrate. We know it, but we have to sell it, without the added benefit of an eye-wateringly exorbitant costly stable of mercenaries who will sell anything without conscience, compassion, or future-proofing in mind.

I've seen you work a room. I am absolutely confident you can bring all the conscience, compassion, and provenance requisite. I don't think anyone could better. Hive technicals are sound, but the people behind them, believing in them, that's the real treasure. You make it all worthwhile, Crim.

Typically, union labor is required when doing shows at the LVCC but not always. @dynamicrypto aka Troy Green is a Video Engineer/ projectionist and I am a Lighting guy/Head Electrician for the IATSE union that sets up stages at the LVCC. We can be requested if there is funding for truss, lighting and AV Work.

I cant wait for this! Perfect timing on my end esp since I plan on leaving vegas by the end of May.

Great Job Crim and thanks for all your hard work with Hive!

and a big thank you. Obviously we've been in contact off chain, and that shall continue. Love that you guys have jumped in with your knowledge without question or hesitation 🖤

If you will have room for me, @dynamicrypto has offered to get me to Las Vegas. I can represent @psyberx , the most advanced first person shooter game on Hive. Also, by then, we should certainly have Psyber-Decks released, so we'll have 2 games available. As far as the logistics, will you have tv's set up so I can hook up a laptop and play Psyber-X right in front of people? We can work on getting stickers, QR coded handouts, etc.

Your thoughts? I'll need to know soon enough that I can schedule vacation time and the hotel stay.

hey there~ the booth layouts are set, and I still have a lot of work to do on the electrical and visual tech layouts for the overarching "Hive base layer" pavilion. However, I'm definitely looking for flash reels/promo videos for dapps, as well as helping to put together promotional portals and landers with giveaways etc. so that we can push interested parties into the onramp that suits them best. If you or one of the team in charge of that want to shoot me a message anywhere, we can chat more about it as the main ecosystem of the hive pavilion will be broken into subgroups and highlighting all of the up and coming projects!

Do you do discord? I'm bawb the builder#8755 on discord

@crimsonclad The promotion of Hive worldwide has been a transcendental event and very motivating for everyone, little by little Hive is gaining space and has represented a great alternative to solve sovioeconomic situations in many families, from Cumaná Sucre state-Venezuela we are promoting Hive to the point that a group of Hivists have created a community in our state of Sucre. This publication is very motivating, in this sense I welcome it. Greetings and success. I take this opportunity to thank you for your continuous visits to my publications.

This should be fun :)

That is certainly the hope, though I suspect as with most conferences, I'll be business mode maniac goblin woman, get home and collapse out of exhaustion and then realize what an absolute blast it was, lol~

All that being said, I think "fun" is a part of and should be a part of Hive and how we pitch it. While I'm very not fond of the gimmicky wAcKy!1 influencers out there, one of the things that Hive does is teach people crypto values and concepts via the lens of activities that we enjoy doing- and that's a HUGE spread of what fun can look like. Businesses and people who capitalize on loving doing something AND it's benefits are the ones who stand out~

This is wonderful!

I am available to help your course anyhow possible from afar

I am impressed it's great to see hive getting promoted. Adoption is the next chapter, but like you said it can to tough to get people to but in when there is not a ceo and wo are built for and by a community.

This looks like a huge opportunity! I love the astronaut gif, by the way :)

Maybe @enginewitty would be interested in attending? I do know that he loves Vegas :) ...

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This is great! wishing you all the best in LV / Nevada!

Hive is one of the biggest platforms online and one of the best ways to earn cryptocurrency through engagement. I love it here

Great news, great work done and more to come. Looking forward to news of this event. A bright future for the entire Hive community.

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A great initiative

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this sounds awesome.... love to see where this all leads to


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Muchas gracias por las buenas noticias, poco a poco Hive creciendo, Dios siga protegiendo esta plataforma.

Wishing you all the best and I hope it goes smoothly!

Wishing you all the best and I hope it goes smoothly!

Wow! Sounds like an exciting, but mammoth task! I wish I had more tech experience to be able to offer my help. If there is anything I can do, please let me know! I feel a little lost with hive myself as I had to take a couple of years out due to ‘life issues’ so I’m still finding my feet again. You have mentioned some key points for me to look at too, so thank you for that. I can’t wait to see how it all goes!

The futures so bright.. I gotta wear shades.


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I believe everyone stay strong and keep the good ambition in this platform as it continue to update. I am waiting to see the new updated from you.

Excellent initiative, what a great job they are doing in North America to promote the Hive ecosystem. Here in Venezuela we are also working to promote the use of HIVE and HBD as means of payment in the entire economic sector, especially in the eastern part of the country. For example, we are a production house that works with HIVE musicians and we also accept our cryptocurrencies as a financing mechanism for phonographic works. A hug and much success 👍🏼

Here's hoping what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas -- putting this post in my Hive digest for this week tomorrow -- keep us informed!

We've never tackled anything like this- specifically because it is really hard, but we don't know where to best direct our efforts until we try.

About time of a SERIOUS marketing effort picking a promising promotional event eh?

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This is indeed a welcome development on the Web3 community and with the growing ecosystem of Hive, we will surely shines among the rest of Web3 players. Looking forward for a new learning experience from you, hope you share with us your experience after the event. Thanks a lot and good luck for the event.

maybe they moved the event to the world market center, LVCC is the world trade center here in LV, consider editing this part... & hope to see you there

BREATHE! is a major convention event held in the Las Vegas Convention Center

Will edit this post shortly, but working on an actual official one from instead as part of the last two week's stretch preparations- this one just not priority. The event being moved has created quite a nightmarefun logistical challenge for me with our assets and our team over the last little bit, lol.

I realize there are websites out there still saying LVCC also :P

I think I read this post late, from what I see, everything went well, we are always at your service.


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I basically never downvote, and never for content disagreement, so while I take from this you've got some beef being thrown at you, it's not from me. I'm a staunch advocate of striking a balance between everyone using their stake exactly how they see fit (which includes downvoting) and de-legitimizing downvote brigades or content policing, since we're an ecosystem designed for everyone to have a place to say their piece. Front ends and display granularity are my tools of choice for that.

There are many people who I agree with on some things, but vehemently disagree with on others- but at the end of the day, I can't control anyone else's actions, nor can they force me to do anything like downvote etc. So while I'm sorry I don't have a handle on what you're actually referring to, I also don't have any involvement with it; coming here to give me shit will hopefully at least be cathartic for you I suppose.

All I'm going to say is I know you are connected to them I have enough information so please just tell them to leave me and my friends alone

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My friends job is to track down scammers online and fraud and other stuff so I have plenty of information about a lot of people on Hive

I would love to attempt to try and better understand you or take a sympathetic position towards your stance, but since you can't articulate without attempting to be some form of authoritative and the weird associations you're trying to force on me, there's no reason to put the time and effort into that. I assume you mean wallet transactions that somehow on a public blockchain make you feel as though you have found 'secret' esoteric knowledge? I don't know who you're talking about, but if I had to guess I'm sure it is someone like GP, who I work with often via valueplan or on core development and bizdev liaison stuff. Believe it or not, I'm well aware that everything I do day-to-day is permanently and immutably locked into a completely transparent blockchain that literally anyone can see and can poll through more than half a decade's worth of purposefully documented history. Also, that doesn't mean I have any physical or extended personal connection to any specific people I've interacted with in that time, but I'm sure you're intelligent enough to realize that.

If the fact that sometimes I get sent funds to repay what I put out for Hive up front on my personal credit cards is your big magic connection, your friend is not doing a very good job of his fancy scam finding flex. If you think it's cool to come here and threaten doxxing or randomly attempt to intimidate anyone who's ever had any blockchain connection in an ecosystem where almost everybody has crossed paths with everybody else, don't be too surprised when I use my display granularity tools to selectively ignore that type of nonsense.

I am in this space to make sure that I never have the power to tell someone else what they can do with their funds, and that includes powering them down if they so please. I don't want to be part of a group that creates another entrapment structure for people's assets. It's also incredibly clear that from my start here I've been building my own assets, have never powered down and have had extreme transparency in my dealings. For someone who has an entire history of blockchain at their fingertips, and who can look back over more than 6 years of how I've conducted myself, AND who has a super awesome friend who's dug up TOTALLY real totally connected totally personal information from someone like me (who literally is a live streamer and keynote speaker sharing her public life with everyone on Hive) it sounds like we really don't agree on what crypto and permissionless software look like and that you're just flailing for people to be mad at regardless of whether or not they actually have anything to do with your issue.

It's not going to win me over, but it's not going to threaten me either, so don't expect further replies when this is the level of capability for problem solving you exhibit. The thing that cracks me up is I disagree with Azircon (oh look, I can check the blockchain for context too, neat) on almost everything and have lobbied for most of the recent changes that have happened with Hivewatchers scope, but go off. The amazing bonus is, I can't stop you from doing so, but I can also just use tools to make sure I never see any of it or lend it any of my attention or value! So in some ways, we could say this run in is a great example of what this tech is actually for.


I had some grief from that guy too as he was under the mistaken belief that I have something to do with HW. I know what hassle they get and that's why they stay anonymous. He seems to have calmed down now, but attacking the community like this did him no good.