WayForwardMachine - The Future?

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What an interesting way to educate people about a possible dystopian future of our internet and how valuable it is to protect the net-neutrality.

Imagine a "Ministry of Truth" could restrict access to websites or your social credit score would determine whether you're allowed to visit.


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Well, I went to the wayforward.archive.org website and typed in the search engine https://wayforward.archive.org/?site=hive.blog and guess what happened?

you got 100+ annoying pop-ups?

I really love every part of it. its quite interesting keep up the good work

Sounds very much aligned to the narrative of the 2025 agenda, I "wonder" if the same people are behind both.

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I always wondered what that was. I was on Archive looking at that but I didn't want to buy it so I could see the future. I love this.