Very interesting podcast with Balaji Srinivasan

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He talks about many aspect of crypto, social media and censorship that should be relevant to what we try to achieve with Steem.


some good stuff here

This is not worth the votes it has. My miniscule downvote doesn't do much, but puts rewards back into the hands of every other steemian for their efforts.

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Keep the good work.

I listened to the podcast, thanks for the recommendation but I don't think it was worthy of this payout.

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Thank you for the likwid service, I find it very useful.

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How much he must have paid ?

Paid, at a much higher price than now unfortunately.

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It's for the ratings, duh.

Performance art.

@transisto Someone could create a 'copy' of reddit for steem blockchain... and call it steemdit hahah.

I think the naming steemIT was meant to do just that.

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