Hello steemit! Any vegans around?

Hello! I am Marcela, I am 28 years old and I am a kitchen enthusiast. I like everything that is "home". I love cooking, reading articles and nutrition books and helping people adopt a healthy lifestyle!

I could tell you that I am a person like any other, with thoughts, desires, rewards, ideals, disappointments, everything that belongs to a human being.
I love people, nature, color. I like to look, to feel, to understand what surrounds me. I like to communicate, to listen. Every conversation makes me richer, teaches me and helps me understand how people around me see the world and the world is big, full of emotions, of smiles, of nature, of stories, but especially of souls.

In my posts, the world is reflected through my eyes, my mind and my soul, and I like to see what is better and more beautiful. So, besides recipes you will find many articles about health and nutrition, plants and animals.

I attended a biology faculty, and I gained valuable information about people's relationship with nature.
The relationship you have with the food you eat is related to the relationship you have with the surrounding environment, to the planet you are living on. If we do not respect the food, we will not respect the planet nor the nature, but we must be aware that they will not respect us either.

Once you start learning more about plants, communication between the body and the mind is improving, and also the communication with nature. You start to be more than you were before, to unite yourself with yourself, to rediscover yourself in another way. The clarity of the mind begins to function better, the intuition too, the emotional intelligence of the body and the subconscious become clearer and better heard.

The desire to write about this lifestyle came from the desire to show people how well they can eat without the need of food from animal origins.
My goal is to be able to create an entire community of people passionate about nutrition and veganism, or at least lessen meat consumption.

Before you tackle the change process, you need to feel motivated, to know what you want, what you do not want and to what extent you want it. I will share a bit of my experience with the veganism approach: I did not know much, a period of culinary experiences followed, doubts, exteriorization, trying to share veganism with the others, culinary chaos and the fight with scents in kitchens where meat was served.
But I had a small, furry soul at home, a female dog that always remembered me that her life was as important as a hen, a pig, or a human being, and I often asked myself the question: why do we consider some animals as friends, and others as food?

My dog’s name is Mia and for 6 years she has been a part of my family, I see her as a family member and I know that many of you are in the same situation of extreme happiness. A situation that some people do not know... Imagine that I did not really know what unconditional love meant for nothing else except me.

Imagine that a soul is waiting for you at home so dearly, we people forget to do this sometimes... this soul feels from a distance when you get home and is so happy that it runs out of breath, feels anyone who does not like her and irreversibly wins them over ... if someone told me that I was immediately going to see a doctor for any change, considering I don’t do that for myself ... if someone told me I was going to learn a language that does not have words, a language in which you care so much and you want to know her every condition, to care for her best ... if someone told me that I would make decisions depending on something small and furry with ugly breath ... if someone told me that this small soul is actually huge and that I would learn everyday something that is not said, but felt, I probably would not have believed it.

In conclusion I would like to leave you in the company of a wonderful child, Alesia, she is my niece and she loves any form of life!


Hello Welcome to Steemit wish you best of luck ! Glad to see more people like you


Thanks for reading! I am grateful for your encouragement

welcome to steemit @marcela, nice to meet you

Nearly everything you do is of no importance, but it is important that you do it.

- Mahatma Gandhi

strangely enough this is the best vegan related quote <3 since more than 90% of the world ain't giving any thought to what they eat :D still for the 10% (and this is me being really hopeful about the numbers) it's a life long quest even tho in the grand scale of things all of us aren't really that important :D it's the same as catching a fly and setting it free instead of squashing it :) the fly's lifespan is between 15 to 30 days, so what for you may be three weeks of not killing flies, for them is an entire lifetime <3 just think about it ... humans are not the first species to walk this earth and most likely won't be the last ;) so make your life count, if not by doing something great, at least by not harming other life forms :D

Great post. I'm a non-cook who can burn water boiling it, so please post some simple vegan / veg stuff.

Don't forget to read up on "keys" & passwords.
Basically don't log in with your "master key"
Use your private posting key.

TL;DR: You should have ALREADY saved your PASSWORD that was used to generate your keys
Next go to Profile >Wallet > Permissions and copy paste all FIVE keys to a safe place. (eg a text file on a memory stick)
The “OWNER” key is the ‘master key’, keep it VERY safe
Daily logins for posting should use your Private POSTING key.
Once you have copies saved, log out and log back in with USERNAME & your POSTING key
Hope that helps some.

Thanks a lot for your comment, that is some valuable info!

Welcome Marcela to Steemit :)

Welcome to Steemit

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The title reminded me the old Joe Rogan's gig

Have an upvote though

Thank you for the support, funny video :)

Great @veganfamily. Welcome to steemit from Aceh,Indonesia.

Ur welcome @veganfamily. Please folback me

sure, followed back :D

Hey , how are you ?
welcome to steemit. @veganfamily
following you now. :D
follow me back pls.

Thank you @thailand-funfun !
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Sure! There are many vegan on Steem! I think everyone is vegan they haven't realize it yet or denied their truth. Welcome on Steemit!

Great comment, thank you @teamsteem!

If by vegan we mean a person that doesn't want to harm other life forms, you're absolutely right! I mean, think about it, most of the non-vegans are just there due to miss-information (the chocolate milk commercial comes to mind, with happy painted cows smiling) since when we're free of opinions, in our child form, all of us would choose to play with the rabbit and eat the apple.

Great introduction. I've been vegan for 3 months now and loving it. Vegan lifestyle rocks.

Thank you @picklejar!

Great choice, it makes me really happy to see more people are adopting this wonderful lifestyle. I wish you good luck, and never give up :D

Welcome on board, Marcela. I'm not a vegan or vegetarian but I respect your choice. There are lots of vegans in this community. You can visit their blogs and have a conversation with them, you can search under the tag vegan. Have a good time here and you got a beautiful dog, Mia.

Thank you @firepower, Mia says: Hi !

Welcome to steemit @veganfamily! Also vegan, and a data-scientist, so a handful of my posts are data-driven reports on agriculture!

Thanks @somethingburger, glad to see so many vegans on steemit :D I'm really curious about your posts, looking forward to some interesting data, followed !


Welcome to Steemit @veganfamily. I am also vegan :). There are quite a few vegans on Steemit so you should feel at home.

Thank you for a very nice introduction post. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

Vegan here 98%. Working on dropping the occasional cheese :)