City Girl meets the Farm Life


Hi there! I’m Aireen, born and raised in the great city of Cebu, who
moved to the middle of nowhere.


No one knows where I am right now. As strange as it seems, I live in a place where pigs and cows are greater in number than actual people. I live in Iowa. It is somewhere in the middle of America where you cannot dip your toes on the beach or climb a mountain either. It is purely vast farm fields. It takes about 22 miles to go to a town with a small-sized mall and about 4 hours to eat authentic seafood restaurant and some Korean grill. It gets pretty lonely and extremely quiet on this side of the world but what do I do when life decides for me? Nothing! but just accept it.


Let me take you back to my growing years in the Philippines. Just like a normal Filipino family, I was raised to be very close with my siblings and parents. My family is one of those kinds where you did not want to leave the house because home is better than anywhere else. Therefore, my life revolved around my family so much that I got ultimately dependent on my parents. I was 24 but my responsibilities were that of a 13-year-old teenager. Imagine how pampered I was at such an age. As a result, my maturity level was down the drain, but at that point in time, it did not bother me at all.


Fast forward to when I decided to work abroad, it was so exciting for me because I have always loved traveling and going to new places. It made me excited, but I got heartbroken right away when I found out that America is not what I envisioned it to be. The American dream was not as dreamy after all. When the glitters had faded away and it turned to tears and anxiety. The bubbly, confident, careless, and carefree soul of mine was replaced with silence, fear, and constant self-doubt. It was the most terrifying season of my life. I had to cry my eyes out as soon as I close the doors of my room every single time. I was thrown into reality and was forced to step up and mature as fast as I could to survive.


When the world experienced the covid pandemic in the year 2020, I experienced isolation roughly 2 years earlier than that. Thus, my life sure did turn 180 degrees. It happened so fast that I was not able to prepare and buckle up my seat belt for the unbelievable drive of my life.

It’s tough when you cannot go shopping anymore or eat out like you used to. These guilty pleasures of city life had quickly turned to cooking, washing the dishes on weekends, doing laundry, and more cleaning. Hanging out with friends in restaurants and chilling out with the family at home turned to nonstop FaceTime and phone calls to ease the loneliness of this new life I am in. What was once a noisy home turned to a deafening silence. I did notice another difference, there was no heavy traffic but why do I find myself wishing there was? Because at this point, I’d rather be stuck in traffic than see only 2 cars on the road if I get lucky.


The unexpected just happened and it blew out of proportion. I wish I had someone with me to hold my hand when all of this had happened, but I guess this momentous, life-changing event was and still is meant to be experienced alone.

Up to this day, I still couldn’t believe why out of the many places in the world, God placed me here. But dare not question the Lord for his excellence is far greater than anyone. So, I stand still prayed, and let him lead the way. After years of finding answers, and constant reflection on my life, I have realized that I am the only solution to my own happiness, and it is up to me to wallow in loneliness or celebrate my small wins in life. So, after 3 miserable years of life, I had a change of plan. And that plan was to smile and laugh often, forget about the bitterness of this world, and focus on what makes me happy.

I would love to let you in on a little glimpse of my life through my short stories, captured photos, and documented videos. I am going to write my heart out on every post I make. Smile as wide as I can in every photo taken and make you see and feel what life God has blessed me in every video I take.


I wish to write about my change of career from being a full-time Medical Laboratory Scientist to an Interior design student. Yes, I am a Medical Laboratory Scientist by Profession and I have been working as such for 6 years now. It is a great job by the way, but it is just not the right one for me, I guess. I would also want to share my love for family and traveling because why not. Who does not want to see new places and discover new things right? And maybe chit-chat a little bit about how difficult being in a long-distance relationship is. It sure is hard when you only get to see the love of your life once a year or twice if we get lucky. I will let you in on our travels as we meet halfway across the world just to be in each other’s arms. Most importantly, I would want to share how I found God and felt his presence during the most difficult season of my life. So let me take you to my pursuit in life. Journey with me as I show you how magnificent God’s power is as he sprinkles stardust into my life without me noticing. Because I could only see the loneliness and sorrow in this world before, yet little did I know that he secretly worked his magic within my heart.

Before I end this blog, I would like to share with you how happy I am to be able to write my feelings freely. If it weren't for @thegaillery and @brokemancode I wouldn't be able to discover this safe and fun platform. I'm glad I was able to attend @indayclara 's webinar. I have learned so many things from it. You guys are amazing!


Aireen Montana

Aireen is a citizen of the world. She lives in America and in the Philippines. She is much more than the number of stamps in her passport because her pursuit of happiness is not about acquiring things, it is about exploring life. Join her as you peek into her life’s snakes and ladders adventure but most importantly, talk to her because she wants to connect with different people with different walks of life.

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@poshtoken thank you for the repost! I appreciate it!

Welcome to Hive, @whimsicalsoul! What an introduction post 😢 got me teary-eyed for a bit. You have always been the most entertaining storyteller and I cannot wait to see you share your travels and stories here in Hive. I am amazed by the level of dedication that you poured into this intro post. I'm pretty sure that the other Hivers will find value in what you have to share about the American Dream, World Travels and also Weddings Abroad.

Good work Ai! Enjoy Hive ❤️

oh @thegaillery ♥️ you are so sweet. You have always been a blessing in disguise. You made my blogging dream come to life. Thank you for your endless support. You made everything easy for me. I will tirelessly continue to pour my heart in every post I make. You made me realize that the world of internet is not a scary place after all😊 I love you abs!

Thank you for welcoming me into this platform @hollowins. Happy to be here😃

You're welcome 😀

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thank you for stopping by @indiaunited. I will look into these as soon as I can. have a nice day!

Well, nothing, slowly get used to a quiet life ))

hi @uakulinar! you are right😊 It actually took me so long to accept this big change of my life. would you believe that I have grown to love it now. I hope to write about how I used to hate and grow to love the farm life. I wish for you to stay tuned and read my post about it😊 Thank you for reading my blog post!

Welcome on Hive and greetings from Austria!

Thank you @stayoutoftherz! what a coincidence! I am visiting Vienna Austria next month! I would love to ask for some tips on where to go visit.

Depends on what you want to see, culture, nature, things offside the tourist stuff, etc.
You can chat with me on the about it.

Welcome aboard @whimsicalsoul! Looking forward to your future posts! Seems like an interesting individual! 😁

Thank you @patsitivity. nice to hear from you.

Welcome on board and I hope hope you enjoy hive as much as possible

I must admit that I am enjoying every bit of it♥️

Welcome to Hive! Your story is inspiring. Adulting is scary and even though my responsibilities have been heavy at an early age, I am still afraid on where life will take me. You are strong and you handled all the challenges with Lord’s grace. Hope to read more from you! 🤍

hi @yanyan13 I am soo happy to hear from you!. I actually thought people just simply upvote but don't really read what I had to write. but you did so I thank you!

Yan, I want to tell you that 3 years ago, my mind and heart were filled with so much fear. It has consumed me in the most negative way you can ever think of but at one point, I had enough of it! I decided to tune down my fears and MAGNIFY my faith in God. I tell you with so much love in my heart that it has changed me for the better. Don't be afraid and trust in the Lord with all of your heart and you will be amazed of what He can do to you!

I am so glad to meet you yan! hope to talk to you soon.


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Welcome po sa Hive
Ako po ay taga Batangas

hello @guruvaj! I heard great things about Batangas😊. I am from Cebu by the way. Nice meeting you here in HIVE

Same here, happy to see more and more Pinoy blogging on Hive.

Welcome po sa Hive

Thank you for the warm welcome @cronus.arthfael

Hey @whimsicalsoul! This is @indayclara from the @ocd team. Congratulations and welcome to Hive!

It was a delight to read your introduction blog! You have a beautiful soul and had an amazing journey to self-discovery and self-love and we love to read more about it soon. I think a lot of people can relate to your life experiences just like me and would definitely find inspiration from your stories. Here are some communities I think would be great for you to explore: Pinmapple, Personal Development, and Hive PH.

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thank you @indayclara for all the tips. I am so lucky to have you and @thegaillery as my back bone on this plat form.

Welcome 🤗

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Thank you for the warm welcome! I will look into the website when I get a chance.

Welcome onboard dear.
Keep exploring hive😊

welcome to hive! 😘

what beautiful pictures you have shared with us.
Welcome @whimsicalsoul to the HIVE community.
May the successes continue

Thank you @pedroerami. I hope to improve my writing and photo edits. I appreciate you commenting.

Nice post and photos. I am also from Cebu City, Philippines.

I am so happy to meet people in the internet that are from the same place as I am. Nice meeting you @great-king

Welcome to Hive @whimsicalsoul!
I can't help but read your post with a heavy heart. I understand your sentiments, though not 100% but it's also similar to what I feel from time to time. It's hard living away from home.
I'm also from Cebu but since the pandemic happened, I was not able to go back.
When was the last time you went back to Cebu?

I'm so glad to hear from you @wittyzell. I am currently here in Cebu as we speak. I recently got married. How about you?

Aahh ikaw ata tong nag ask about binance US sa webinar last weekend..?
I’m in Japan now, and haven’t been home since the pandemic.
I could imagine mahal ang plete pabalik Cebu from US. Sakto?
Congratulations on your wedding!
Madala na nimo imo hubby to US soon..?

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I grew up just north of Iowa, in Minnesota. I suggest making time to visit Mankato and checking out the Maud Hart Lovelace tour. It should be especially picturesque as autumn leaves turn color.

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