A Look At SPK Miner Token LARYNX | Data on number of accounts claiming, locked tokens and top holders

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The LARYNX tokens have been available for Hivers to claim it since March 2022. It is distributed to Hive holders via 12 months airdrop. Each month users can claim it.

The thing is until now not much was able to be done with it for the regular user, except buy or sell it. The more techy users could run a node for the claim node where the data is stored for the token. Node runners need locked LARYNX to be in the top validators for the transactions and earn fees in for of the LARYNX token.


Since today, as announced in this post, users can delegate their tokens to node operators and start earning small amount of the main governance token SPK. The way it works is that both, the delegators and node operators earn a small amount of SPK.
A note that the SPK rewards at this stage are small. Don’t except to earn a lot when delegating the LARYNX tokens. More details in the post linked above. I’m personally running a claim node and you can delegate LARYNX to me or some of the other node operators on the link https://vue.dlux.io/me#wallet/.

With this said let’s take a look at some LARYNX data.
We will be looking at:

  • Number of accounts claiming LARYNX per day
  • Number of accounts claiming LARYNX per month
  • Daily locked LARYNX tokens
  • Cumulative locked LARYNX
  • Top accounts that locked LARYNX

The period that we will be looking at is from March to August 8th 2022.

Number Of Accounts Claiming LARYNX Per Day

Here is the chart.


We can notice that the usually at the beginning of the month there is a spike in the number of accounts claiming. This is due to the fact that users can claim once per month, and as we can see a lot of them are doing it at the first of the month.
When the claiming become available first in March 2022, there was more than 1200 accounts that claimed on the first and approximately the same amount on the second day. Since then we can see a downtrend for the first of each month, and again an increase for August with more than 1k accounts claiming on the first.

On a monthly basis the chart looks like this.


More than 4k accounts claimed in LARYNX in March, then a downtrend to 2.5k in July. August just started but it seems that is up to a good start, and it will probably be more than July.

A total of 6.2k accounts have claimed LARYNX token.

I was not able to get data of the claimed tokens per day/month, but until today there is a total of 33M claimed tokens for a period of five months. This is an average of 6.6M LARYNX tokens claimed monthly, and if we extrapolate for one year, that would be around 80M projection for total claimed LARYNX.
If we take in consideration that the available supply of HIVE was around 370M at the moment of snapshot in January 2022, this will be around 22% claimed tokens share. Its quite a low percentage that will leave a lot of unclaimed tokens that the community will later need to decided how to distribute or burn some of them.

Daily Locked LARYNX Tokens For Governance

Until today only the node operators were able to power up, or lock LARYNX tokens for governance.
Here is the chart for daily locked LARYNX.


We can see that at the beginning in March there is a significant amounts of LARYNX locked in governance. This is logical since that is when it started and prior there was zero locked tokens. There is some uptrend in June, and again just recently.

Cumulative Locked LARYNX For Governance

Here is the chart.


More than 1.4M LARYNX is locked for governance.
This represents a small share from the total of 33M claimed tokens, that shows that up until today there was no incentives for token owners to lock/power up the tokens.
We will revisit the data after later again to check how has the delegation option influenced the powering up of the tokens.

Top Accounts That Locked LARYNX

Here are the top accounts that locked LARYNX.


The @nathansenn account is on the top with more than 300k LARYNX in governance, followed by @empo.witness and the @speak-scc.

Note that this is data from yesterday and since today there is delegation option, a lot changes well be made.

As we can see from the above the number of accounts claiming LARYNX has been significant with 3k to 4k accounts claiming monthly and cumulative 6.2k accounts. The more owners the token has the better the distribution and the overall tokenomics. On the other hand, the amount of tokens claimed from the available is relatively low with 22% share atm. This means that there are whale accounts that are not into LARYNX and not claiming the token. The exchange accounts are expected to leave behind some tokens, but there are plus other large accounts that are not claiming.
The other thing that has been low is the amount of locked/powered up LARYNX. This is mainly due to the fact that until today not all the users that claimed were able to do it, but only the node operators. Will see how this will evolve in the future.

Small first steps for the SPK ecosystem but slowly it is taking shape. The task that system is trying to solve is one of the biggest challenges for decentralized online content.
I’m excited to be a part of the story, hope everyone else as well.
Kudos to everyone working on it!

All the best


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I'm glad I managed to double up my airdrop with a small purchase a week or so ago, looking forward to see this ecosystem evolve and put my larynx to use soon or maybe even set up my own node in the name of @ocd.

Good for you :)
I have buy orders since the beging. DCA for months.

I guess just few have been claiming the token (relative to all eligible) because it is fairly complicated (the claiming and staking process as well as the token economics). But still worth an attempt by the team!

Considering the amount of Larynx these guys have, I am still a baby :D

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Larynx is cheep now, with few hundreds dollars and some patiance everyone can easily come on the top

I wonder why some are not claiming their LARYNX to partake in this wonderful opportunity, I am excited about SPK Network as well.

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It feels nice and a wonderful idea to delegate the larynx token and I wouldn't hesitate in doing so despite having little amount at the moment

nice to see some excitement around the project, I think some have forgot it exists :)

6k accounts have not :)

good for them :P

Is the distribution of SPEAK tokens active? I have delegated my 16k LPs to your node for many hours but have not received any rewards yet 🤔

Give it some time

I have delegate my spk to you, can't wait to start earn🥰

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I have probably no idea that this exists, nice to see some excitement around the project.
am looking into it immediately.